Israel update
Even though the Israel family in general is mostly connected to Manilla, there are some Manning connections.
I now have Arthur & Frederick's obituaries, sent to me by the grandnephew.
We have both helped each other quite a bit by SHARING information.
Every little tidbit helps immensely with my research.
Below is some important information that helped me connect to Manning history.

Three of Rev. F.C.'s children married at Trinity Church in Manilla: Lydia married Leo Voss; Arthur married Edith Fink, and Dorothy married Lester Davis.
Edith married two Arthurs. First, she married Arthur Israel on September 6, 1942, at Trinity Lutheran in Manilla. They had two children together, Allan and Sue.
Arthur Israel died in 1952, while the family lived in Harvey, Illinois.
Edith remarried Arthur Mitchell in 1958, and Art adopted the two children.
Frederick Israel, Sr. was born September 5, 1855, in Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany.

Edith Fink - sister to Orval & Ethelyn Fink
Ewoldt No. 9 country school

Back: Ruth Struve, Edith Fink (teacher)
Third: Roy Struve, Harold Christy
Second: Jeanette Stangl (peeking around), Patty Surridge (hand around), Marjorie Struve
Front: Mary Kay Stangl, Pat Stangl, Mary Barsby, Bob Barsby

Letter from Edith Fink to Roy Struve

Click to read the letter

Orval Fink

William Fink - father of the Fink children

If Roy Struve would not have shared his pictures and letter I wouldn't have been able to create this special feature...which started because of the pictures I scanned from the Rowedder collection below.
Also, Orval Fink, in partnership with Art Rix, were 2 of Manning's early historians in whose footsteps I followed and I often use scans from their pictorial display which is located in the Manning Library.

I keep showing these special stories and pleading for people to get me their old pictures and history so I can scan and add to my database and then be able to show even more interesting historical connections here on my webpage.

So many people who work on their genealogy and history concentrate on the branches of their family tree and some old pictures, but the all too often forget about preserving old letters, documents, and all of the little tidbit items.

This is why I show the letters, envelopes, little memorial cards...all sorts of non-traditional historical items that usually get or have been thrown away.

It never ceases to amaze me at who will contact me after finding my web pages.
I received an e-mail from the grandnephew (from Ontario, Canada) of Pastor Frederick Christ Israel, who was pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Manilla, from 1926 to 1952.
When I first read the e-mail which mentioned Trinity Lutheran Church, I was assuming it was in reference to the Trinity Lutheran Church that we moved to the Heritage Park from Lincoln Township in 2006. There was also a reference that Pastor Israel's dad may have been a director at the Ohde Funeral Home - again which would have been in Manilla.
Not until I searched my immense database did I find the answers...It just so happened that I scanned Leroy & Winona Rowedder's collection last year.
In that collection was this picture with just bare bones IDs, but it made it clear that Pastor Israel was located in Manilla.
I asked my mother if she knew the Israel family but she only recognized the name. Then when I mentioned to her that one of the groomsmen was Roy Jahn, she immediately told me that she was confirmed with I compared his wedding picture to the confirmation picture and sure enough it is Roy.
According to the notes I have the other groomsman is a Jahn and one of the wife's first name is Lois.

Thanks to Lois Peters, I now have the names of the couples in the wedding picture.

Pastor F.C. Israel in the middle - and of all things they took the picture next to the church sign.

Roy Jahn, Clifford Joens, Lois Jahn, Arlene Bandow - April 21, 1946

So please help out if you can on the Israel family - this is one of the main reasons why I have maintained my web page since 1996.

All of this was made possible because Linda Rowedder let me go through their family scrapbook and pictures...I scanned around 400 pictures from that collection.

How many other bits of history like this are out there in collections connected to Manning that I have not scanned?
Do you have any Manning history/pix/documents? If so then please e-mail me.
Your stuff will help someone in the future - either through my web pages or the Manning Historical Preservation Database I continue to build.

Leroy & Winona (Jochimsen) Rowedder

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