May 29, 1896

Monday of this Week was a gala day with our German-American boys and girls in Manning. Ever since its organization, some ten or twelve years ago, it has been the established custom of the Manning Schuetzen Verein society to designate some day in May of each year as children's day. On these occasions the society always sees to it that the children are well entertained. It provides, at its own expense, plenty of refreshments, a band of music for them to march and dance by, and also target-shooting for the boys and jug-breaking for the girls. In these contests, prizes are given out to the ones making the greatest number of points. The result of Monday's contest is as follows:
TARGET SHOOTING: First prize, August Reinholdt; second, Willie Wunrath; third, Emil Miller.
JUG BREAKING: First, Dora Loptein; second, Minnie Steen; third, Alvina Kaiser.
At 1:30 p.m. about two hundred children, it is estimated, formed in line at the opera house and, headed by the Manning band, paraded through the principal streets of the city. They were all "in their best" and presented a very attractive appearance as they marched in a uniform body along through the streets.
They appeared as dignified as kings and queens. After the parade, the children repaired to the opera house, and, after a couple of hours spent in contesting for the prizes, they occupied the floor until supper time in a go-as-you-please dance. At 7:30 p.m. they again congregated at the hall and enjoyed the same source of amusement until 10:00, when the old folks took possession of things, and children's day was at an end.