June 29, 1900

One week ago today was observed as German Children's day in Manning. As has always been the custom, at about two o'clock p.m., the children, over 200 in number and ranging from five to twelve years of ago, formed in marching order and headed by the Manning band paraded north on Main to Third street, thence east to Center, south to Fifth, thence east and to the opera house, where they entered the different prize-winning contests. In the target shooting for boys only: Hugo Jans captured first prize, giving him the title of "King" for the coming year. Robert Radeleff won 2d prize; John Kruse, 3d; George Dammann, 4th Willie Kusel 5th; Henry Kuhl, 8th; George Albert, 7th.
In the girls' contest, Minnie Tollgaard won the "Queenship;" Amanda Hinrichs, 2d prize; Anna Hansen, 3d; Augusta Hagemann, 4th; Annie Schroeder, 5th; Bertha Steen, 6th; Phalia Jans, 7th.
The evening was devoted to dancing and merry-making in general.

Note by Dave Kusel: Willie Kusel above was the son of Herman Kusel - Herman being a brother of William Kusel, who were sons of Friedrich George Christian Kusel.