June 19, 1903
Children's day was celebrated in fine style last Saturday by the Germans. At 1 o'clock the children all gathered at German hall and lined up for the parade which took place at 2 o'clock sharp. All in line it was a fine sight to behold, boys and girls all sizes but who were arranged the largest at the head and so on down until the wee small ones were very small, but the bright blooming faces showed they were all happy and enjoyed the march. They marched down Main Street and back to the hall and then the genuine fun began. As many as desired entered the contest of being blindfolded and turned around a few times then given a stick and try to hit a bell or cymbal in the middle of the floor.
The prizes were awarded as follows:
Rosa Fresk No.1
Kate Kellar 2
Maggie Hinz 3
Lillie Puck 4
Lillie Claussen 5
Minnie Stumpe 6 (Harold Reinke's mother, Ernie Reinke's grandmother)

Herman Hargens No. 1
Willie Hagedorn 2
Albert Stuhr 3
Frank Hinz 4
Rud Grage 5
Otto Hagedorn 6
Eddie Hass 7
After the award of prizes the dance followed and which the little folks enjoyed hugely. The German I.O.O.F. furnished the music for the occasion.