Will Glahe "Clarinet Polka"

If you have old Children's Day pictures and want to get them preserved in Manning Historical Preservation Database - please e-mail me.
I always like to scan different era pictures and from different locations on Main Street.

Children's Day - Kinderfest
Unofficially the oldest consecutively running celebration in Iowa.
How/when did it begin?
In 1884, Der Manning Schuetzen Verein officially adopted this annual celebration where one day each summer the Children of Manning would play together in the community.
I have notes from 1882 & 1883 where a day was celebrated each year in the summer for the children and in 1881, they had a community "Turkey Trot" where the whole community celebrated one day in the fall, with fun activities for the kiddies...so depending on how official a person wants to be, Children's Day began in 1881.
It has been called various names over the years, with "Turkey Trot," then officially going to "Kinderfest" (children's festival), and then to a more unofficial Plattdeutsch name "Kinderball" (children's ball) to "Children's Day" from the 1950s through 1980s and then back to "Kinderfest" to follow the more traditional identity.

Now some may wonder what a Schuetzen Verein is - a Marksmanship Club or Shooting Association.
Manning originally had a large wooden structure called the Germania Hall, constructed in 1884, it stood just across the street to the east from Casey's General Store and was built by the Manning Schuetzen Verein.
It was also known as the Manning Opera House.
It burned down in 1925 and was replaced in 1926 by the brick building that was later called the Firemen's Hall.

Many of you may be aware of the "Five Mile House" northwest of Manning, which is still active today as a Schuetzen Verein, but there was also the "Three Mile House" that was 3 miles north of Highway 141 on West Street. It was also a Schuetzen Verein.

Intersection of Elm Street and Highway 141 - Germania Hall marked by the red letter V
Just to the south of 141 and out of view would be the right-of-way of the original Milwaukee RR.

North end of Germania hall

Germania Hall marked by the black letter V

Firemen's Hall - note the Schuetzen Hall stonework

The Lawrence Welk band played in this building...

More than ever, we need to get back to more traditional events where people actually interact and communicate in person and as a community.
I know thousands of adults today have very fond memories of Children's day when they were kids. If you live out of town or state, you should consider bringing your kids/grandkids to enjoy the day and help keep this very important celebration going.

Kinderfest will be held on June 16, 2018, which is also Father's Day weekend.
Monetary assistance is requested and can be sent to the First National Bank, % Elissa (Rutz) Riesburg, PO Box 325, Manning, IA 51455.
These funds will be used to offset the cost of entertainment, rides, and prizes.

Anyone interested in a booth is asked to contact Maria Muhlbauer 712 269-5396 or mmuhlbauer@outlook.com
They ask that you not use Kinderfest as a primary fundraiser for your organization or group but donate a percentage of profits back to Kinderfest.

A raffle fundraiser is also used to support Kinderfest so family or child oriented prizes and gift baskets are being sought as donations. Ashley Singsank and Elissa Riesburg are in charge of the raffle this year. 712 655-3557 or elissa@fnbmanning.com

I hope this year they stop throwing out candy from the floats so more kids will walk in the parade and not stand on the sidewalks!!!
They may have to go back to giving free tickets or something to get the kids to participate in the parade.