If people would just work more with me and not ignore my pleas, a lot more of our history could be pieced together.
My mother figured out who Carl A. Kruse is - she only knew him as Art Kruse.
So then her brain starts clicking away and she connected this Kruse family to her Uncle Chris Ehrichs who was the step-father to Harry, Carl "Arthur," and Ed Kruse.
Here are some Kruse pictures from our "Ehrichs collection" that are connected to Willis Kruse whose obituary is featured below.

Charley & Anna (Schroeder) Kruse - parents of Harry, Carl Arthur, Ed
Grandparents of Willis Kruse
Anna was a sister to John Schroeder and Bertha (Schroeder) Ehrichs

Back: Harry Kruse, Carl Arthur Kruse, Ed Kruse
Front: Chris Ehrichs, Marie Ehrichs, Anna (Schroeder - Kruse) Ehrichs

Marie Ehrichs was the daughter of Chris & Anna
Harry Kruse left home and never returned
Years later his children traced their roots back to Aspinwall and told the story how their dad, Harry, had changed his last name to Erlich.
Carl Arthur Kruse went by Art or Arthur Kruse all his adult life

Edward, Carl Arthur, Harry Kruse

Marie (Ehrichs) Hagedorn holding Charles Edward Kruse
Marie was a half-sister to Harry Kruse, Carl Arthur Kruse, Edward Kruse
She married Lewis Hagedorn and they were the parents of Robert, Roger, Mary Ann Brandt, Raymond.

Back: Bertha (Schroeder) Ehrichs, Annie Schroeder
Front: Ella Kruse

Anonymous -
I recently received an obituary with the return e-mail address of "volunteer contributor" but no name or other identifying information.
While I appreciate receiving Manning connected information and obituaries, I am very cautious with anonymous or unsigned sourced information.
For over 22 years I have protected the e-mail addresses and contact information I have of people who I work with. The only way I give out their contact information to another person is first getting permission. So you don't have to worry about me sharing your addresses/e-mails/phone numbers with anyone - without your permission.

I followed the newspaper name, at the bottom of the obituary, with an Internet search and found the exact same obituary, so I know it is fully legitimate.
I responded 2 times to the anonymous person, hoping that they would get back to me but so far No response. I am hoping they, or someone else in the family would be able to help me with military pictures and information for Willis Kruse - the former Manning citizen featured in the obituary.
I did not have Willis' name in my Manning Veterans' database, or any pictures, but I do have some school related pictures and information about him.

Even though he passed away 12 years ago, I'm going to make a tribute for him, like I do with every other Manning connected person who passes away (at least those who I find out about).
Maybe it will inspire a Kruse relative to contact me and help me with military information to use in the Manning Veterans' History Book.
I added more school information to his original obituary.

Willis Kruse

WILLIS H. KRUSE age 70, a fifteen year resident of Banning, California, passed away March 19, 2006.

Born on March 3, 1936, in Manning, Iowa. He was a resident of Bloomington for 25 years and recently of Banning, California, for the past 15 years. He was employed as a production clerk for 37 years, retiring from Alumax Alum. Co.

Willis served as an Airman Second Class US Air Force for 4 1/2 years.

He attended Iowa No. 8 Country School in Crawford County, and was a 1954 graduate of Manning High School; holding the fastest high school track record for many years, played football, and was a scout master in Boys Scouts of America.

Survivors include his spouse, Sharon S. Kruse; daughters, Debra A. White of Redlands, California, and Jennette M. Peterson of Yucaipa, California; sons, William A. Kruse of Edmond, Oklahoma, Robert W. Kruse of Banning, California, David G. Kruse of Mira Loma, California, James A. Kruse of Mesa, Arizona; brother, Arthur J. Kruse, Wisconsin; sister, Darlene Anderson, Iowa; 13 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild.

Preceded in death by parents, Carl Arthur Kruse and Amanda A. Jentzen of Manning, Iowa.

Visitation will be held on March 28, 2006, from 5-9 PM at Acheson & Graham. Funeral will be on March 29, 10 AM at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 12776 Sixth St., Yucaipa, California.

Burial will follow at Riverside National Cemetery, Staging Area #2 at 1:15 PM.

Back: Mike Miles assistant coach, Ronnie Frahm, manager; Wayne Vennink, Duane Monson, Junior Lake, Tommy Grau, Paul Vollstedt, Phillip Zerwas, Lowell Stribe, Willis Kruse, Jack Mohr, Art Zerwas, Larry Kasperbauer
Center: Dale Jansen, Larry Genzen, Bob Beisch, Roger Littell, Bob Froyd, Jim Kasperbauer, Jim Ramsey, Dennis Ramsey, Lynn Clark, Jack Wagner, Burton Sander, Warren Puck, Coach Kermit Tannatt
Front: Larry Witt, Roger Justice, Ronnie Hodne, Larry Zerwas, Jack Hansen, Jon Groteluschen, Leland Friedrichsen, Larry Lohrmann, Bob Horbach, Richard Popp, Larry Nielsen
Gerald Beck was not present when the photo was taken by Lyden Studio.

Back: Coach Francis Miles, Bob Neubaum, James Wingrove, Jack Mohr, Gene Kuhl, Phillip Zerwas, Thomas Grau, Pete Petersen, Allen Eich, Jack Wagner, Coach Tannatt
Middle: Claus Bunz, Roger Vollstedt, Willis Kruse, Larry Kasperbauer, Merlin Ramsey, Allen Vennink, Duane Monson, Artie Zerwas, Lowell Stribe, Richard Rix, Roland Meeves
Front: Wayne Vennink, Lynn Clark, Ronald Frahm, Burton Sander, Phillip Enenbach, Don Lerssen, Richard Mullennax, Jim Ramsey - student manager
Manning 7 Audubon 18
Manning 7 Guthrie Center 21
Manning 0 Manson 33
Manning 0 Carroll 26
Manning 8 Bayard 12
Manning 0 Coon Rapids 0
Manning 0 Scranton 20
Manning 0 Glidden 39
Manning 0 Manilla 27
Roger "Blackberry" Vollstedt
Allen "Goose" Vennink
Pete "Tappie" Petersen
"The click Barney" Bob Neubaum
Gene "Keyhole" Kuhl
Claus ?"Wingwing"? Bunz
James "Windy" Wingrove
Richard "Rich" Rix

Back: Ray Walder coach, Roland Valentine, Allan Eich, Pete Petersen, William Richards, Jack Mohr, Duane Monson, Wayne Vennink, Larry Gillespie head coach
Middle: Richard Mullennax, Willis Kruse, Dick Zerwas, Roger Nielsen, Roger Vollstedt, Deanes Rowedder, Russell Spies, Larry Kasperbauer
Front: Gary Nady, Fredric Dethlefsen, Merlin Ramsey, Robert Neubaum, Art Zerwas, Richard Rix, Alan "Goose" Vennink, Claus Bunz, Lowell Stribe, Kenneth Graves, Raymond Christensen

High School Facts

Iowa No. 8

1945 Iowa No. 8

Back: Lucille (Lamp) Boell - teacher
Third: Ardella Joens, Darlyne Thompson, Stanley Ewoldt, Arthur Kruse, Arlys Wegner, Vera Ahrenholtz
Second: Juanita Witmus, Larry Thompson, Donald Gene Ewoldt, Willis Kruse, Eugene Haberl, Darlene Kruse, Elsie Mae Humm
Front: Verna Witmus, Alice Jurgenson, Lyle Ahrenholtz, Janelle Miller, Billie Wegner, Elaine Ahrenholtz

1948 Christmas program

Back: Donald Ewoldt, Vera Ahrenholtz, Marlene Hargens, Marion Hargens, Willis Kruse, Joann Schrum
Fourth: Darlene Kruse, Elaine Ahrenholtz, Alan Hargens, Alice Jurgensen, Arden Hargens
Third: Elaine Ehlers, ??, ??, Hazel Jurgensen, Keith Hass
Second: ??, Alice Jurgensen?, Lila Hargens, ??
Front: Eleanor Ehlers, Kenneth Hass, Lowell Stammer, Annette Ehlers

Top: Evelyn Grundmeier - teacher, Jerry Hargens, Annette Ehlers, Arden Hargens, Eleanor Ehlers, Allen Ehlers, Joyce Handlos
Third: Larry Ehlers, Kay Hass, Kathryn Hass, Lowell Stammer
Second: Lila Hargens, Keith Hass, Darlene A. Kruse, Lyle Ahrenholtz, Jeanette Fabian, Kenneth Hass, Elaine Ehlers
Bottom: Gene Ehlers, Elaine Ahrenholtz, Hazel Jurgensen, Kenneth Ahrenholtz, Donna Rae Wegner, Alice Jurgensen, Harold Jurgensen

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