Albert & Minna (Borkowski) David home 330 Second Street
Note the banner with star in the bay window which was honoring their son, Hugo David's service during WWII

Hugo, Clarence, Emil, Alfred David - all brothers

Hugo David

Hugo David

Hugo & Fyrmith David

drawing from a German friend Hugo made while serving overseas during WWII

The signature of this artist on front is hard to read. The first initial of the man is "R" or "P" and then his last name starts with an "F" but from there is a guess...
It could be "R. Frahm"

On back of this drawing was typed:
My name is Alan Kent David
I arrived January 20, 1947
I weigh 5 lbs, 13 oz
My parents are Hugo and Fyrmith David

At the bottom Hugo typed:
My personal artist friend sent us this etching (Germany) Hugo gave this drawing to his niece, Gloria, before he died.

The details of this item are unknown.

According to his obituary, Hugo was drafted into the Army in 1942, he served in Germany and was discharged in 1945.
Hopefully other family members will be able to provide more information and pictures about his service.

January 2000 Neal, Heidi, Hugo David, Alan, Brenda

Alan David 1964 college graduation