The Lage collection is so vast - even though I've been working with Ardith Lage for decades to scan the Lage/David stuff, I'm finding all kinds of pictures I had not seen/scanned before while going through her stuff one last time.
Ardith would have probably been able to ID these pictures and give more perspective but without her now, my only hope is with someone her age and grew up with/around her to help me.

Update: more interesting and fun pictures...
As I go through the various plastic tubs, scrapbooks, envelopes, etc I find old and interesting pictures buried or mixed in with general modern day pictures - one of many reasons why I prefer to go through people's collections. If they decide what to bring to me, they'll inevitably miss those historic treasures I'm looking for.

I know it basically goes on "deaf ears" but I'll ask again for help with IDs...

Girls can have fun too!

Edna David in the middle

Edna David & Lena Borkowski

Ila Grimm & Ardith Lage
Zion Lutheran Kitchen Band 1966

Back: Fern (Struve) Jensen, Ida Musfeldt, Marlene (Anthony) Jahn, Dorothy Kusel
Front: Ila Grimm, Helen Weible, Neva Hinners, Lydia Musfeldt, Frances Fielweber, Ardith Lage

Zion church group 1985

Back: Marge Kusel, Rachel Steinke, Genelle Kienast, Nellie Witt, Ruth Schroeder, Irene (Meggers) Genzen, Judy LeBahn, Vernetta Hass
Front: Helen (Wegner) Petersen, Rozora Schroeder, Dorothy Beck, Lavonne Puck, Gladys Milkert, Elda Ehrichs, Ruth Hansen

MHS 1975: Dave Kusel, Johannes Plessing (AFS from Austria), Brian Lage

This picture was taken on the north balcony in the old Fireman's hall.
Brothers of the Brush 1956 Diamond Jubilee

Back row: Walter Lage, Gale Moore, Louis Puck, George Erps
Front row: Jasper “Jap” Ward, Floyd “Mac” McCammond, Gerhardt “Gabby” Lamp, Don Maasen
Winners in the beard contest were 1st Gabby Lamp, 2nd Jasper Ward, 3rd Gale Moore

Lance Lage, Bobbie Johnson with his 1956 Brothers of the Brush beard.

One of these gals is Mary Ann Rothfolk (on left?) - the other gal unknown

Paul Behrens

Interesting sticker coupon on back of the Behrens picture
These are the "Little" things I'm looking for that most people will miss...

Harvey Kienast on the south end of the old Zion Lutheran Church along 2nd Street.

Lucille (Genzen) Pfannkuch - unknown location
It also shows the wonderful Paper White Birch that once lined the parking -
only to be destroyed by the birch borrer.
Then replaced with American Elms - later destroyed by the introduced Dutch Elm disease.

Even though I may have scans of the exact same or very similar pictures, I'm always looking for better/cleaner/less damaged pictures to scan.
I also have professional scanners and equipment now and over 22 years of experience, plus very large hard drives to store very high resolution scanned files - here is a 20 year comparison difference. So once again, I'm so glad that I was able to go through the Lage collection and find another picture of Wesley Lage in his uniform.

Scan of Wesley Lage over 20 years ago

New scan that also has the wonderful military border by Lyden Studio

Please e-mail me if you can help with IDs and information.

Lance & Brian Lage Christmas circa 1960

Lincoln Township on the Bobenmoyer hill - not sure where this is

Probably Lincoln No. 9 country school in the bottom
Ardith on right - she attended both Lincoln No. 5 and 9
Only one Bobenmoyer attended Lincoln No. 5
But all of the Davids attended No. 5 and only Ardith attended No. 9

Unknown lady & town

Confirmation at Trinity Church - Lincoln Township

??, ??, Ardith David, ??

??, Wesley Lage
Note the 2 large American Elms in the back right - wiped out by the Dutch Elm disease in the 1960s

Either Linda Burns or Linda Keesey - Ardith had a questionmark on back.

Written on back "At Ann Struve - August 1951"
Laura Lage, Ann Struve, Mrs. John Umland, Minnie Lage

Gertie Gruhn - daughter of Martin & Gertrude (Vogt) Becker
married Fred Gruhn and they later lived in Spirit Lake
Four children:
Dorothy Detterman lives in Milford, Iowa celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary this past summer
Donald Gruhn
Marge Lindquist
Becky Dockstader

In the Lage house on the farm

Back: Gladys Mahnke?, Leona (Karsten) Brus, Christina Ranniger, ??, ??
Front: Alice Karsten, ??, Lisetta Derner, Laura Lage

February 12, 1954

Back: Minnie (Moeller) Sinow, Lisetta (Sinow) Derner, Laura Lage
Middle: ??, Ardith Lage, face half hidden, Iona Derner?
Front: Laura Derner holding Linda, Arletta Derner, Amanda (Moeller) Sinow

Back: John Derner, ??, Melvin Sinow, Milton Sinow
Middle: ??, ??, boy?, ??, Walt Lage, Herman Lage
Front: Lyle Eich, ?little boy?, ??, Roland Derner, Wes Lage

Sheryl unknown Kindergarten 1958

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