Even more Lage/David pictures
I almost always find non-relative or distant relative Veteran pictures in most old collections...many times the only military pictures I have of a Veteran came from non-family collections.
Here are a few that came from Ardith's collection.

Bill Sinow WWI

Henry Mohr WWI

Ben Wenzel seated - standing was identified as Henry Mohr
Unfortunately many pictures are badly damaged like this one.
Fortunately the cracks aren't across the face which are much more difficult to digitally repair.

Wade "Bud" Mohr WWII

Walt Lage & "Bud" Mohr on the Lage farm playing football

Merle & Donna Schade

Merle Schade WWII

1931 Manning 50th Anniversary - along Ann Street just north of Third Street.

I have quite a few float pictures from this parade but this is a different one I found in the Lage/David collection.

I already had these first 2 pictures scanned from other collections but they were lower resolution scans, so I made newer higher resolution scans.
Fortunately I was able to previously get all of the names for these 2 pictures.

Amos Lohmeier, Jim Ansorge, Frank Miller, Sam Wiese, Lyle Schrum, Eugene Shipp

Back: Coach C.W. Steneker, Jack Peters, Glen Anthony, Don Mohr, Alvin Jansen, Robert Lake, Donald "Tossy" Nickum, Allen Grave Cliff Hacker, Harold Schmidt, Howard Schumann, Ken Pfannkuch, LeRoy Rowedder, Verne Koch
Middle: Donald "Cuda" Teal, Bob Addison, Don Meier, Amos "Skip" Lohmeier, Jim Ansorge, Gene Shine, Harold Juels, Ken Jensen
Front: Lyle "Junior" Schrum, Melvin Kusel, Donald "Bonnie" Joens, Ivan Opperman, Willys Wunder, Dick Morrell, Gerald Schroeder

Back: Bob Koch?, Clark Hershman?, Don Mohr, Jim Ansorge, Walt Lage, James "Bud" Schrum?, Harold Juels, LeRoy Rowedder, Coach Bill Steneker
Front: Howard Schumann?, Amos "Skip" Lohmeier, Frank Miller, Sam Wiese, Lyle "Junior" Schrum, Eugene Shipp?, ??

I have only run into a few team baseball pictures by Lyden Studio and this one is new to me...and I need help with IDs - this is my best guess so far.
If you have any old Manning sports pictures like this - please let me know so I can add them to my database and we can hopefully get all of the names for the players before it is too late and no one living will be old enough to ID them.

I had 5 other previous scans of this next picture but wanted a higher resolution scan. Unfortunately the other pictures had no names listed except for one picture that had 3 students identified. It was the 1919-20 school year - grades 7, 8, and 9.
The reason this picture was in Ardith's collection is because Clarence David is somewhere in this picture. After completing country school, he only attended the 9th grade in Manning and then went to work.

If by chance you have this picture in your collection please look to see if there are names on back.

Alice (Lohmeier) Grau large red line with Reba Curtis right in front of Alice.
Alice Patton to her left marked red.
Helen Wiese just behind Alice Grau with red line.
We think that Clarence David is in the 2nd row on the very far left.

I continue to find some of the most amazing and historically important and priceless images taken during an era long-gone and unfortunately completely beyond the comprehension of present day younger generations - and just one reason why these types of pictures need to be preserved and shown to people who are constantly complaining about things in their life such as the recent attack on several Christmas songs as being controversial in their minds.
I'll guarantee they would have a major and dramatic attitude adjustment if they had to work like my parents' and grandparents' generations did to survive.

Here are 3 farming pictures - with more other old topic pictures coming...

Hopefully a David relative will recognize someone in this picture.
I'm fairly sure the cream can (large metal container) was used as their source of drinking water while working.
I also see a glass jug - I wonder if it had some "spirits" in it to "wash the dust out of their mouths" once they finished threshing?

Clarence & Alfred David disking.

Disking corn stalks

I'm hoping a relative or descendant will recognize this man.
I'm fairly sure this picture is from the David family and not the Lage family collection.

I've scanned around 100 more pictures in the Lage/David collection and then in a small packet I see a WWI Veteran picture. I immediately look on back to see if it is identified and hallelujah it was...It is Robert Rudnick and I didn't have any military pictures of him and only his grave stone information.
This is the story of my life's historical work - I have to look through thousands of pictures over decades before I finally find a long-lost Veteran picture hidden away "In plain sight," it's just that few people know what I'm looking for...
People may laugh at me getting so excited with finding just one picture but unless you've spent 4 decades preserving Manning history it will be hard to understand.

Robert Rudnick
1896 - 1969
Iowa PVT Company D 9th Infantry
Robert Rudnick is buried in the Manning Cemetery.

This picture will take many hours of reducing the metallic sheen and correct the exposure of the face but well worth it for a 100 year old picture, but most importantly to honor another one of Manning's over 1000 Veterans.

For those of you who are related to the David/Rudnick/Wenzel/Friedrichsen/Schade/Borkowski family trees, PLEASE keep checking back.
Once I get the David stuff scanned I'll be posting a lot of unidentified pictures. While Ardith was good about identifying her pictures, she had so many and the last few years of her life she couldn't see very well, so there are a lot of pictures with no information.

Ardith wrote how tickled she was when she got her first bicycle in 1941.

It is so sad at how many pictures I run into that are unidentified in basically every family collection I work on...Especially when I find very old family portraits that are in very good condition and great quality prints.
I'm trying to compare family traits from the pictures that are identified to see if anyone in this picture resembles a David/Borkowski/Friedrichsen, etc. look.

Even more troubling is that the family collections I never get that don't end up being thrown away for a while will only increase in the number of pictures unidentified...basically because no one will take the time now to ID at least the ones someone living will still recognize - a never ending cycle of pictures stashed away until it is too late to get them identified.

I'm not sure if these 3 students are MHS graduates or maybe graduated in Audubon and were friends of Ardith (David) Lage, so I need help with IDs...




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