I continue to have people e-mail me to help with picture IDs shown here on my web pages and also asking me about pictures and/or information I may have on their families.

This is what I always hope will be the result of having Manning pix and history shown on my web pages.

Many times I can help those people with information and pictures but when I ask them if they have old pictures and information, it sadly goes silent much of the time.

I know that sending me their pictures and history can be a hassle and there are concerns with their pictures getting lost or damaged or not returned, but it should be quite obvious by visiting my web pages that lots of people are sending me their pictures from around the U.S.
If I wasn't returning things or stuff was getting damaged or lost - word would get around very soon. Since I've been receiving and returning family collections for over 20 years through the mail with NO problems, I've got a very good record.

Here is another reason why I need to go through people's collections. They will start picking and choosing things they think will interest me and not realize I'm looking for any and ALL Manning connected pictures and history.
I'm now finishing scanning the Lamp collections of pictures and this last bunch is a gold mine for me. There are military pictures of men I did not have and one picture showed me that he served in the military BUT his obituary mentioned absolutely nothing about it.

So I hope by showing even more military pictures, that this will encourage people who are hesitant in sending me their stuff, to work with me so I can find even more "Manning treasures."

This first Veteran below is the son of John Ewoldt. John served during WWI and is buried with his wife in the Manning Cemetery. I don't have any pictures of John but have just a little military information about him from his obituary - he served overseas.
His obituary states that he moved with his family to Denison in 1940, so Iven did live in the Manning area for a while. Either way, I would still include Iven in the Manning Veterans' history book with the family Veteran connection. Now I hope someone in the Ewoldt family will send me information about Ivan's service.

Iven Ewoldt

For this next Veteran, I had no pictures until finding this one in the Lamp collection. I have a little military information from his obituary, but hope a family member will send me more information and pictures.

Freddie & Phyllis (Fiser) Hansen
Freddie - son of John & Mary (Lorenzen) Hansen

This last Veteran from the Lamp collection surprised me.
I have an obituary for LeRoy Hansen but there was no mention at all about him serving in the military.

Then I checked to make sure this wasn't a different LeRoy Hansen, but sure enough, Margaret Lake was listed as his wife.

Another military connection is that Margaret's brother, Robert Lake, was KIA in Germany during WWII, so I definitely want to include LeRoy in the Manning Veterans' book, but I hope that a family member will come forward to help with military information and more pictures.

LeRoy & Margaret (Lake) Hansen

The Lamp collection is extra fun for me to work on since they are related to me too.
Here are some other connections the Lamps have here in Manning.

Clara Jensen - married Vertus Lamp

Ed & Laura (Friedrichsen) Lamp

Elda (Rothfolk) Barten

Roger Barten

Dorothy (Ewoldt) Dettbarn

Linda Dettbarn

Myron & Dorothy (Ewoldt) Dettbarn

Donald Ewoldt

Dale Koester

Minnie (Stumpe) Reinke, Jessie (Lamp) Voge

Gerhardt Voge
grandson of Joseph and Agnes (Wiese) Lamp

Wiese brothers - not sure of order: Rudolph, Adam, Frank

Harry & Louise (Lamp) Koester

Back: Joanne Drees-Dunkerson, Eunice Koester, Lucille Boelle
Front: Elverda Schwitzer, Amelia (Westphalen), Hubert

Iola (Taylor) Stammer

Joe & Alice (Guth) Lamp

Julius & Eunice (Lamp) Koester

Clara Kruetzfeldt, Adele Jensen who married Harry Kruetzfeldt

Louie & Lucille (Lamp) Boell

Lyle & Joyce Karsten
children of Lester & Florence (Lamp) Karsten

Back: Joe, Louise
Front: Marvin, Rose
Marvin - son of Joachim & Agnes (Wiese) Lamp

Max Hansen
son of John F. & Hilda (Hueschen) Hansen

Velma Hansen

Walter & DeLoris (Lamp) Sonnichsen

Dale & Luella (Ahrendsen) Koester

not sure of order of the brothers: Jessie Lamp married Henry Voge, Hubert Lamp married Amelia Westphalen, Gerhardt Lamp married Minnie Hansen, Herman Lamp married Amanda Koester

Minnie (Hansen) Lamp

Charlie Lamp

I'm not sure if these people are related to the Lamp family or were friends of the family

Jane Heithoff - daughter of Ray & Sally (Sporrer) Heithoff

Joe & Anna (Muhlbauer) Hugeback - seated

Evelyn Wanninger - daughter of Wolf Wanninger

Lena Mohr - daughter of John & Ida (Lage) Mohr

Did you know that the Lamps first lived on this farm before moving to the last location where Darlene Lamp lived along 318th Street at the south edge of Manning?

1957 - guess whose farm this is today...

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