Preservationist - different than historian or genealogist
Many people are confounded with my requests to have them send me their old pictures, documents, and history...
There are many reasons why some people don't want to send these items to me, which I won't go into now.
Some offer to do the scanning and then send me the digital files they create.
99% of the time they do not properly scan things and they don't have over 20 years of experience doing this or the professional software and equipment I have.
So the results are below par. This is not meant as criticism but is a fact that they just won't generate the quality digital files I want.

Some people have already scanned their pictures and documents, but again, 99% of the time they will be low resolution and improper scans, for what I'm looking for as a long-term preservation.

People who know me and introduce me to people from out of town will say I'm the local historian and genealogist.
Until recently that is how I would describe myself, but what I do is way beyond a historian or genealogist - I'm a preservationist and genealogy and history are sub-categories of preservation.

The big distinction is that most genealogist concentrate on their specific family, and a historian will tend to concentrate on a more defined subject, but as a preservationist I want to gather all kinds of history and genealogy for the Manning area.

Just like the Manning Veterans' history book project I've been working on officially since 2008 and began gathering pictures and history using my web page since 1996 - my plans are for a two-volume book and will be one of the most unique military books for a community. It won't be just a book with a picture then name, rank, and serial number of a Veteran but connections within a family with Veterans and all kinds of pictures, documents, memorabilia, etc. Sadly, I'm struggling to get Veterans or families of deceased Veterans to come forward - a book where the emphasis is on the whole collective of Veterans who lived in the Manning area and the military history of this community...which is also VERY unique.
Here is a unique picture that will be featured in the Veterans' book (the full story about it will be included in the book).

One of the IKM-Manning senior players, who is joining the military, came up with the idea to carry out the US flag during the introductions on Senior Night. He first asked the coaches and then his teammates about the idea, and they all agreed it was an excellent way to show added respect to the US flag, those serving our country, and the Veterans of the US.

The big distinction in my type of preservation is that I digitally preserve pictures, documents, and history in high resolution, which is the best long-term way to preserve our history.

People who have inherited those old family scrapbooks, documents, and history may scan quite a bit of what they have but they will probably overlook items that don't interest them or fit the main subject matter of their work.
My idea of preservation is also beyond the digital images and documents but to preserve our "Heritage" and the memories of our Pioneers who built this great nation.

Another problem with those old collections people have is that many of the pictures are not identified and the family members won't know who the people are and/or take the time to identify them...whereas many times I may know some of the faces or will be able to find someone who can ID the I have a nearly endless database of names and history to look through and maybe figure out who some of the people are.

Below is just one example of why I want to do my own scanning and go through people's collections - and not have them pick and choose what they think I might be interested in.

How many aspects of Manning history do you see in this document?
Below are a few of the major aspects I see in this document. I'm so tickled to find this piece of history in the Enenbach collection I recently worked on that was sent to me from Nebraska.

The first historical aspect that caught my eye was the Ral-Mars letterhead...something I have not run into before.
The next thing is Ralph started promoting the 1981 Manning centennial back in 1976.
I also like the very clear signature by Ralph...DO YOU have scans of your parents/grandparents signatures? Most people don't think about this aspect of genealogy and history.
Another interesting piece of history is "Typewriter" repair...something most kids today have no idea what it is, and was a very important tool used in the past to document our history and a major way to communicate.

Obituaries are a very important way to document the life of a person, but as a preservationist I think more should and more can be done to honor and preserve the legacy of a person.
This is only possible when people share the pictures and information they have with me so I can digitize their things and preserve it in the Manning Historical Preservation Database.
Something that I hope more families will be seeking to become a part of - the history of Manning.

Recently Ruth (Musfeldt) Younie passed away. Her obituary tells about her parents and family, where she went to school, and some of her activities...but let's see what else we can find out about Ruth in my database.

Ruth M. Younie

Funeral Wednesday March 28, 2018, 10:30 AM at St. John Lutheran Church, Pomeroy, Iowa
Visitation Wednesday March 28, 2018, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM at St. John Lutheran Church, Pomeroy, Iowa
Burial Wednesday March 28, 2018 at Union Cemetery, Pomeroy, Iowa

Ruth M. Younie - age 89, of Pomeroy, passed away Friday, March 23, 2018, at the Accura HealthCare Center in Pomeroy, Iowa.

Ruth Marie Musfeldt was born August 14, 1928, in Manning, Iowa. She was the daughter of Herman and Lydia (Asmus) Musfeldt. Ruth attended country school and then Manning schools beginning in 1938 and graduated with the class of 1946. After high school, Ruth attended the Iowa State Teacher's College in Cedar Falls and then taught country school at Hayes No. 6. On June 1, 1947, Ruth married Donald Younie at the Zion Lutheran Church in Manning. To this union, three children were born, Paul, Martha and David. The couple lived in various locations in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Ruth worked several years at Gurney's Seed and Nursery in Yankton. Don passed away on May 18, 1994. Ruth moved from Yankton, South Dakota, to Pomeroy in 2001 and entered the Pomeroy Care Center in 2015.

Ruth was always very active in her church, wherever they lived, including St. John Lutheran Church in Pomeroy. She enjoyed sewing, gardening and feeding and watching the birds.

Survivors include her son, Paul Younie of Little Falls, Minnesota; daughter, Martha (Dean) Holtorf of Pomeroy; grandchildren, Mark (Lynn) Younie of Harley, Matthew (Chandra) Younie of Storm Lake, Scott (Heidi) Holtorf of Houston, Texas, Sara (Jason) Knox of Iowa City and Megan (Kevin) Hauswirth of Havelock; ten great-grandchildren; three great-great-grandchildren; brothers, David (MaryAnn) Musfeldt and Evans Sam Musfeldt; sister-in-law, LeeAnn Musfeldt and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Don; son, David; great-grandson, Caleb Younie; brother, Tom Musfeldt; brother-in-law, Gordon Younie; sisters-in-law, Judy Musfeldt and Madlyn Younie and special friend, Curt Johnson.

1946 MHS graduates: Norman Arp, Marvin Bogatzke, Jean Blum, Ruth Brady, Leota Carter, Shirley Coleman, Madlyn Cramer, Mary Jane Dales, Norma Dau, Zona Gail Duff, Lucille Genzen, Margaret Hammer, Marian Hoffman, Mary Jacobsen, Donna Belle Joens, John Keane, Alvin Kuhse, Mildred Lechtenberg, Loretta Lerssen, Ruby Lohmeier, Edward Meggers, Betty Mincey (salutatorian), Donna Fae Mohr, Franklin Mohr, Ruth Musfeldt, Delores Rix, Donna Rowedder (valedictorian), Donna Schacht, Norma Jean Schrum, Marie Sextro, Delores Wagner

1946 former students: Billy Addison, Jimmy Barnes, James Bingaman, Ruby Book, Eula Mae Bradshaw, Donna Jean Cramer, Sarah Diamond, Evelee Furgason, Merlin Gosch, Joanne Grundmeier, Delores Hargens, Robert Hinners, Alvin Jansen, Carl Lake, Alvin Lohmeier, Bobby Matchett, Lyle Mersman, Patrick Miller, Leo Nielsen, Betty Lou Olbertz, Duane Olbertz, Donald Petersen, LaVonne Pittman, Mary Qually, Phyllis Soppe, Laura Mae Schieffer, Leslie Stahl, Mary Lou Weinhart, Marie Wells, Ray Wiley

Ninth Grade Graduation
Back: Marian Hoffman, Betty Mincy, Jean Blum, Eddie Meggers, Sara Diamond, Ruby Book, Alvan Kuhse, Joanne Grundmeier, Leota Carter, Marie Sextro, Bill Addison, Ruby Lohmeier, Margaret Hammer, Norma Schrum, Betty Olbertz
Middle: Shirley Coleman, Lucille Genzen, Zona Duff, Norma Dau, Delores Wagner, Franklin Mohr, Virgene Ruhde, Alvan Jansen, Donna Schacht, Kenneth Pfannkuch, Donna Fae Mohr, Ruth Musfeldt, Madlyn Cramer, Loretta Lerssen, Mildred Lechtenberg
Front: Norman Arp, Mary Jane Dales, Duane Olbertz, Donna Rowedder, Robert Hinners, Ruth Brady Hiatt, Mrs. Ida Beck (teacher), Patrick Miller, John Keane, Donna Jean Cramer, Marvin Bogatzke, Donna Belle Joens, Mary Lorraine Jacobsen

Ruth in school

Tom Musfeldt MHS 1954

Evans Sam Musfeldt MHS 1959

My mother reminded me of Ruth's mother, Lydia's other siblings
John and Martha (Wenzel) Asmus children: Lydia, Verna, Marie, Merlin, Helen, Alma, and three half-sisters: Pauline Jorgensen, Amanda Ewoldt, Ann Boyens

Marie & Verna Brady

Alma "Tootie" Asmus

Merlin "Buddy" Asmus

Amos Kusel, Lyle Arp, Merlin Asmus

1937-38 FB season

Student Managers: Roy Schoening, Wayne "Jack" Schelldorf
Back: 18 Duane "Tommy" Bartels, 26 George "Oppie" Opperman, 19 Amos "Messy" Misselhorn (Captain), Coach, 12 Harold "Horse" Nickum, 25 Richard "Dick" Ohm, 13 Grant "Sleepy" Grundmeier
Middle: 28 Arnold "Ichabod" Juels, 21 Gene "Yenze" Claussen, 15 Lyle "Red" Arp, 29 Francis "Frisco" Zerwas, 20 Alvan "Hans" Hansen, 17 Amos "Keezil" Kusel, 14 Harry P. Hass, 23 Raymond "Snaky" Joens, 24 Merlin "Heel" Asmus
Front: 22 Amos "Pickel" Rutz, 16 Wayne Accola, 11 Merlin "Percy" Welch

Manning has always been known for the nicknames of its citizens and the FB team above is no exception.
I always wondered why Amos "Skip" Lohmeier would call me "Keezil" until Rita Zerwas (Mrs. Francis) gave me this football picture years ago that had the names and nicknames written on back.
Skip was 6 years behind this group but knew them all quite well.
I always visited with Skip a lot and would ask him about his son, Randy, who was ahead of me a few years in school.

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