July 6, 1958

Formal dedication of Manning's new $60,000 swimming pool was in good hands Sunday, July 6, 1958, when Governor Herschel Loveless did the honors. In the above photo, the governor is cutting the ribbons under close scrutiny of band members in the foreground. Standing beside Governor Loveless is Mayor Leo Bruck, who introduced the speaker. Seated in the background are Art Rix, Dr. Robert Dappen, Henry Grelck, Eugene Zerwas and Herman Frahm. More than 1,000 persons attended the pool dedication.

Pool dedicated by Governor
Elements were favorable Sunday when Manning dedicated its new $60,000 swimming pool with Governor Herschel Loveless guest of honor and principal speaker for the day. More than 1000 persons were on hand to view the program and near the governor's talk.

Preceding the ceremonies at the pool, Governor and Mrs. Loveless were honored at a dinner in the Virginia Cafe arranged by Francis J. McMahon and attended by 40 businessmen and their wives. Iowa's No 1 family also attended services at the First Methodist church in the morning and heard a sermon by the Rev Lester Moore.

Among out of town guests at dinner were Sen and Mrs. Alan Vest of Sac City and Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Wederoth of Carroll.

Starting the program at 1:30, Manning's High School band, directed by Eddie Fischer, played several numbers.

Local patriotic groups conducted a flag-raising ceremony. Ceremonial teams of the VFW and Legion staged as ceremony as a flag, presented by the VFW post, was raised by Commanders George Pfoltner of the VFW and Clarus Heithoff of the Legion.

Mayor Leo Bruck introduced the governor, who spoke briefly and cut the ribbon formally opening the pool. Special trampoline and diving acts were given by Jerry and Rusty Kohler of Gadsden, Alabama, recognized as No 1 performers in the nation and headlining attractions at many sports shows.

Seated on the speaker's platform besides Governor Loveless and Mayor Leo Bruck, were Councilmen Eddie Fischer, Eugene Zerwas, Herman Frahm, Willis Puck, and Henry Grelck, as well as Lester Rowedder, former councilman. Dr. Joe L. Loucks, who was mayor when the swimming pool project was launched, and pool committeemen, Denver Haase, Art Rix, and Dr. Robert R. Dappen.