I scanned these photos from the collections of Robert Vonnahme and former Rec Director Bruce Beasley.

April 23, 1989

April 28

May 9 - sewer

May 20

May 24

John Ohde, Lon Grau, Loren Clausen, Brad Kusel
Back: Dave Kusel with his camcorder, William G. Ohde

May 25

June 1

June 27 Dave Kusel & John Ohde

June 29 mechanical room

July 10

July 12

July 14

July 21 setting hollow-core concrete beams

July 21

July 29

August 1

August 17

August 18 Cliff Romey, Jim McLaughlin, Jon Hagedorn, Tom Wittrock, Curt Grimm

August 18

August 19

Setting the double-Ts

Closing in west wall

Insulated floor and rerod in place - ready to pour concrete

Some of the workers/volunteers: William Ohde, Kyle Hansen, John Ohde, Charley Croghan, Dave Kusel, Leo Rasmussen, Lon Grau, Brad Kusel

John Ohde, Leo Rasmussen

Karl Rutz painted the pool - if you ever used epoxy you know how dangerous the fumes are.

Dave Kusel & John Ohde installing the balcony railing.

Pool floor painted

Start filling the pool - Dave Kusel

Pool full

Pool party & open house

Baby pool

First swim meet

New swim lane divider lines: ??, Kevin Boyle, Joelle Puck, Robert Vonnahme, Ron Halbur

West sidewalks