Gaining experience in front of the camera and in public performances.
I won't be featuring the backgrounds of everyone involved with the Hillside Splash project but I thought I would show how one of the volunteers of Manning gained public experience at a very young age.

In 1982, local Manning cable began and Orval Fink approached Dave Kusel about showing videos of community events on local Channel 2.
As programming expanded, local citizens and school students were approached by Dave to help as camera operators, interviewers, talk show hosts, news, and much much more.
In 1988, when Jodi Riggert was in 6th grade, she and a sidekick were added to the school news team.

Jodi (Riggert) Ramsey
Channel 2 photos provided & Nancy (Stoberl) Stammer

Jodi Riggert, Dave Kusel, Stacey Hey

Jodi interviewing Heather Hass

Jodi interviewing Joe Stein

Jodi Riggert & Stacey Hey performing in a school play