March 19, 1925

View of Manning's Proposed Swimming Pool
The Manning Chamber of Commerce together, with American Legion is fostering the building of a swimming pool in the City Park which will be one of the most sanitary and well-built pools in the state.
The pool itself is approximately 120 feet long by 60 feet wide and is equipped with a sanitary filtering system which will keep an adequate supply of pure water in the pool at all times. The water is passed through these filtering tanks before it empties into the pool and after a short period of use it will again be drained through the tanks where the same process of purification is used by means of chemicals. The water is constantly as pure as drinking water.
The pool itself is built of high-grade, concrete which will withstand any weather conditions. During the winter the pool can be used as a skating rink. The Chamber of Commerce and Legion are using every effort to make this project a certainty. They have made several applications to various cities and towns having swimming pools and have found that pools have proven satisfactory and beneficial in places where applications were made.