The location of the IOWA sign and trestle park is a very important historical part of Manning history.
Three railroads intersected in this area and many ag businesses located here.

Royal Doud Milling Company circa 1902
Royal Doud was Mamie (Doud) Eisenhower's grandfather.
There was an attempt to save this building when the Manning Ag Center business was razed but unfortunately it did not work out and everything was torn down.

A large steam engine powered the mill.
They would blow a steam whistle at noon and Art Rix recalled how it terrified him as a young kid.

View from the water tower - Methodist Church in the foreground.


1931 Fiftieth Anniversary of Manning

1950s view of the Manning Mill

Left to Right: George Opperman, Leroy "Tater" Dammann, Gale Moore, Wilbur "Casey" Karsten, Keith Hass, Kenneth "Red" Dammann, Otto Kruse

1970s view of the Manning Ag Center

1980s view of the Manning Ag Center

2001 view of the Manning Ag Center