The building in the background is the present day location of Cliff's Place in 2018.
Unless you follow my web pages and read my historical articles
you probably aren't aware of the many amazing historical events that have occurred in Manning...

Japanese Midget Submarine HA-19
October 1, 1943 on Main Street - one of the Japanese mini-submarines captured during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

This sub was put on tour across the US to help sell War Bonds and raise money for the war effort.
Some of these Manning kids would now be in their early 80s to early 90s - I wish someone could ID a few of these faces.
These amazing pictures are the only ones I know that exist.
Millie Horbach took these pictures and she let me scan them in 2004.
When she died - I have a good idea that these and most of her other pictures were just thrown away.