I'm looking for pictures of skaters/skating at the Mid-Town Roller Rink (VFW hall).
I'm especially interested in pictures that show the old entrance from Main Street - down the steps into the building.
What brought on this new project is when I purchased this sticker on E-bay. It came from Massachusetts and I always wonder why/how old Manning stuff gets spread all over the US.

From the 1981 Manning Centennial history book:
In July 1948, the Manning VFW post purchased a roller rink at Fox Lake, Minnesota, and Ramsey Trucking moved it to the intersection of Second and Main streets.
A contest was held to name the rink and the name "Mid-Town Roller Rink", submitted by Ronnie Timmerman, was selected.
The skating rink was managed by Glen Jensen, Elmer Schelldorf and Ralph Hagedorn and operated until 1951.

Mid-Town Roller Rink

Note the "Fast Skating Not Allowed" sign to the right

Skating "monitors" Roger Vollstedt & Dean Vollstedt

Joyce Strathman after returning home from the rink

Carol Sanders, Charlotte Paulsen, Diane Rix - I think this is the VFW rink

Back: Dean Vollstedt, Roger Vollstedt
Front: Phyllis Branning, Lowene ?

1957 baseball team

Back: Coach Ray Standerwick, Larry Rowedder, Carl Saunders, Allan Fonken, Robert Horbach, Bob Laverty, Larry Zerwas, Joel Grundmeier
Front: Ronald Timmerman, Victor Schwiesow, Larry Nielsen, Jon Groteluschen, Dick Popp, Vernon Wagner

I checked but don't have any individual or graduation pictures of Ron Timmerman, his sister or parents.
Ron died in 1987 and his sister, Dorothy Evans died before this.
Their parents were Fred & Veronica Timmerman.
Fred "King Cob" use to haul corn cobs to Carroll with his trucks. It was a sight to see. He had all of the extensions he could put on his truck and then put a row of snow fence above that. His trucks would lean going around my Uncle Melvin Kusel's corner (Parker's Corner) and up the hill. You'd think they would tip over but I don't think he ever had that problem.
He had a small farm with house, small barn and sheds that was located along Railroad Street.
When you drove through the Milwaukee underpass from Nameless Street you could see the house. I don't know if his family ever lived there but I remember it well because it was just east of the old "Doc" Bill Hagedorn farm that we purchased in the early 1960s.
When the Timmermans sold that farm, a Parker descendant bought it back - it was originally part of the Parker farm, along with the Hagedorn property we later purchased.
My uncle Melvin Kusel was farming the Parker land at the time and we helped him burn down the old buildings, take out the fence, and clean up the place.

1966 Fred Timmerman house just north of Railroad Street

Warren Timmerman on the running board with his Uncle Fred Timmerman in the car.

If you have old Manning pictures and just don't want to bother digging them out and getting them to me to scan, then please reconsider...
Please e-mail me if you are willing to work with me on Manning history and sharing old pictures and documents.

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