When people work with me, so much more Manning history can be shared with everyone and archived in my database for future reference.
Shelly just sent me the obituary of her great-grandmother Anna Signall. I had her great-grandfather's obituary and several other family members but it is nice to have Anna's obit in my database now.

I know some people think I'm a pest and even obnoxious at times trying to preserve Manning's history. Over the decades different people/groups have come and gone here in Manning and elsewhere thinking they were now the "historians" but after a few years it gets old to them or different people replace the original members of an organization and they move on - never looking back at the history they once thought was so important.
I often wonder what they were given and gathered from different Manning connected people that they didn't bring my way to scan and add to my database - and now what they had is gone.

So if you have been contacted by me in the past and have not yet responded or brought those pictures and historical items to me to scan, please do so now...before it is too late.

I do not want to keep your things, so you will get them back and then you can give them to a local organization if that is your desire, BUT get them to me first.
If you are just going to throw your old Manning pix and history, then I'll keep them for now and then hopefully I can put them in a future Manning Museum.

Shelly Greving found out her grandfather Signall was born in Manning and wanted to know what I might have on the Signall family...she posted a message on my guestbook.
She will be surprised to find out that she has a lot of Signall relatives in Manning's past and this family was one of the Pioneer families of this area. Her grandfather Philip and great-aunt Nellie Signall graduated from MHS in 1900.
Here are the other Signalls who graduated or attended Manning schools.
Jasper MHS 1892
James Signall was the 8th grade teacher in 1904
Arthur & Thomas - former MHS 1911
Willie - former MHS 1913
Albert - former MHS 1914
Frances & Paul - former MHS 1915
Eileen & Howard MHS 1928
Florence MHS 1932
Phyllis MHS 1936
Marita - former MHS 1942

I have 7 Signall obituaries linked on my memorial web page.

Edward Signall married Ann McCann in 1865. He came to American from England in 1854. They moved to the Manning area in 1880.
They had 9 children - only the names of the 6 living at the time of his death are listed in his obituary: George, Robert, James, Charles, Philip, and Nellie.

This very famous picture shows the return funeral procession of Charles Signall from the Catholic Cemetery back to the Catholic Church in 1911.
Charles was a brother of Philip.

I always talk about the myriad of connections that I have in Manning. The Signalls attended the same country school as my dad and my grandmother Grau and their family members did - Ewoldt No. 2 - so the Signalls knew my family quite well.

Ewoldt No. 2

Washington No. 4 circa 1936

Back: Luella Martens, Clifford Tank, Eileen Signall (teacher)
3rd: Maxine Bauer, LaVonne Fischer, Leonard Martens
2nd: Donna Mae Fischer, Norma Jean Fischer, Betty Lou Bauer, Norma Tank
1st: Stanley Fischer, Della Rohde, Donald Rix, Delores Rix

May 2, 1894 Manning School

Back: Charles Wiese, George Bailey, Peter Puck, Ray Sutton (MHS 1896), Professor O.G. Olson, Oliver Freetly, Ed Breckenridge, Adolph Schoening, Professor S.E. Garrett Third: Rosa Radeleff, Laura Karstens, Effie Parish, Mamie ?Shar?, Ella Kenyon, Lena Koepke, Ethel Ingledue, Mary Sprinkle (partially hidden), Peter Jones, Charlie Signall, Aurel Moser, Robert Sutherland, Charlie Parker
Second: Alva Franke, ??, Grace Shepherd, Agnes Kinney, Clara Hoft, Eva McMurray
Front: ??, Agnes Blakeslee, Nettie Freelove, Mabel Dailey, Grace ?Turk?, Minnie Wiesman, Mila ?Wierner?, George Radeleff, Ed Denny, Ed ?Arens?, Charlie Koepke

Manning High School notes
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