The end of the world!
Remember 1999 right before Y2K?
Some were warning about total chaos world-wide.
There was a concern that most computer BIOSes wouldn't know how to turn over to 2000 so they would revert back to "00" (1900) or "80" (1980) when the two-digit coding began for lots of PCs that left off the "19" and just used the last 2 digits of the year.
Now there were some very important issues that had to be addressed, and one thing we should have learned is to not get TOO dependent on technology, but I fear this aspect has been overlooked completely.

The more boxes I go through, the more stuff I find that I had completely forgotten about and in some cases, unfortunately did not make notes as to where/when/how I found/acquired some of these things. I think I found this next item and 2 others for Harold Schroeder and Arlo Dammann in the McMahon building as it was being torn down...or maybe in the old Greenbay Lumber building which was also part of the McMahon property.
No matter where I found them, at least I had the sense to grab them and save them - I doubt you'll find any others like this elsewhere.

What you have in your Manning collection/scrapbook/box/attic will help me with my Manning historical projects - you just don't realize it but when I work on something a person sends me I always find a nugget or two of history I've been looking for or never knew existed.

My cousin, Jon Ahrendsen, recently sent me 2 Carroll County Atlases. He took a few snapshots of family connections for himself and then forwarded them to me to show me some of the extras in the atlases.
The very first name in the very first snapshot caught my eye right away!
As soon as I saw Accola I remembered his name and that I was looking for proof he served in the military...lo and behold it mentions he served in Europe during WWII.
All I had in my notes is that Albert Claussen remembered that Wayne had served - no other information about him, other than his name that I had in the military database.

O. Wayne Accola
Wife: Eva (Ritchie)
Children: Clarissa, Eric
Member of Odd Fellows & Rebekahs
Served in Europe during WWII
Source: 1963 Carroll County Atlas
Now this may not seem like much but try finding information and pictures for over 1000 Manning connected Veterans, so this information from the atlas is a gold mine.
First, I did not know his full name. Now I know I need to search for "O" as his first name initial. But more importantly I know he served in the military.
The other clues will help in my search for more information about him - I have his wife and kid's names, his church affiliation, and community clubs.

Down below I write about my recent scans of things I've saved over the years. Here are a few military related items that I didn't know I had on this specific subject. When I found stuff years ago I didn't always take a close look at exactly what I had but just knew that they are things that need to be saved.
I had Robert Kerkhoff's name in my WWII list but nothing else...not until going through my boxes of stuff did I realize I had something about him. When I have nothing about a person or topic, then something is a major find.
Here is a letter Robert sent to Ben & Loretta Sextro and Eddie Sextro is mentioned in the letter, too. This is page 1 of a 3-page letter.

This letter was sent shortly after the Battle of Luzon ended on August 15, 1945, and probably was the reason why "Luzon" was not redacted by the censor.

I have 4 short newspaper articles about this next Veteran, and even though it is just an envelope, it shows his handwriting, location, and rank at the time.
All of these little items add to the pieces of the puzzle about a person.

Patrick Francis McEnany to Ernest Dee Sutherland - WWII

I got side-tracked for a few days when I needed to reorganize some of the "stuff" I've collected/saved over the years.
I decided to scan just a "few" of the items I seems I'm always scanning everyone else's stuff but never get any of my things digitized.
Here are a few items to take you down memory lane.

These first two envelopes had no letters inside but provide names out of Manning's past.
The first name Emmons was once a very prominent family in early Manning history. As soon as I scanned this envelope I sent it to one of the Emmons' descendants from out west who has been sharing Manning connected history with me. He was tickled to get this small piece of Emmons history.

From Orrin Emmons to Ralph Gordon Sutherland

From Fred Hassler in California to Ernest Sutherland
A ManCryCo (Manning Creamery Company) envelope.

From Ronald Masters, Manning chiropractor

Christmas greetings to the Seyller family

1950s Chamber Fair

Edward Henkenius Voc Ag Teacher 1963

FFA order 1963

1981 Centennial Cancellation - Coast to Coast

1981 Centennial logo - Manning Monitor

Sale of old school gym 1982

Rec Center membership renewal 1987

1982 Agriculture Appreciate Day in Manning

I've scanned lots of country school report cards but was surprised and tickled to run across something I had not scanned and frankly did not know existed.
These 4 cards show the tests my dad had to take/pass to graduate from 8th Grade in country school, so he could then attend high school in Manning.

Amos Kusel

The right side card was apparently the final testing in May of 1934 where he received his diploma.

Profile of Dave Kusel in grade school

I forget what year this was and who the teacher was but this profile was drawn in the new grade school.
An overhead projector light was shown against the student whose shadow was then projected on poster board that was hung on the blackboard.
Then the teacher traced around the shadow to make this image.
Next she cut it out with a scissors.
I'm guessing this was around 4th grade.
I'm curious if this was done when you were in grade school at Manning and if you still have your profile - those of you older or younger than me...

If you have items like I featured above - I'd like to get them to scan...that way they'll be preserved in my database.

Some will think "what a waste of time" - but they don't work with the community like I do and get requests for all kinds of recently where I was asked about the old Coke Mural that was on the south wall of the Corner Cafe.
Of course I knew there were at least 2 different Coke designs so I can let groups working on Manning history and restoration know about things they aren't aware of and can then make more informed decisions when they proceed.

The plans are to fully restore the old Coke mural in the near future.

So when I ask you for your old parade, school, community, family pictures to scan, I'll be looking for things like the mural that you wouldn't even consider or realize you have.

Coke Mural in 1948

2005 view

Did you know the old timers of German ancestry called this building "Eck" which means Corner...

1970s view of the newer Coke Mural

1960s view of the newer Coke Mural

1955 view of the Storz beer Mural

Storz beer Mural was there until at least 1961

1955 view of the Storz beer Mural

1913 view of "Banquet" Beer by Dubuque Brewing & Malting on Buhmann's Place

So again, I put out the plea to every Manning connected person to get me your old Manning stuff so I can scan those things and someday something I scanned in your collection may be requested by another Manning group.

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