I've come across some Schroeder pictures that I'm getting help with confirming the IDs and trying to figure out who some of the unidentified people are.
Most of these pictures are connected to the Joachim & Christine (Hansen) Schroeder family.
If you can confirm/correct some of these IDs and know who the unknowns are please e-mail me ASAP.
This is the family I'm referring to and the pictures below it are the ones we need help.
Back: Thomas (1874-1956), William (1876-1935), Cornelius (1880-1914), Friedrich (1887-1969), Louis (1871-1963), Joe (1884-1983)
Front: Henry (1878-1952), August (1885-1983), Christina M. (Hansen) (1847-1926), Joachim L. (1847- 1939), Caroline (1882-1972), Herman (1890-1973)
The picture was taken circa 1907.
A daughter, Margaretha, born in 1872, had died in 1902

On back was written Verne Carlson - son of Henry Carlson who was the stepson of Bill Schroeder 1923
William's obituary shows that he did have a stepson Henry Carlson

Dora Schroeder - Tom's wife - Ferguson Studio in Denison

Fred & Adele (Marquardt) Schroeder's wedding November 19, 1912 - Lutheran Church in Denison
Attendants - her brother Frank Marquardt and his wife to be, Minna Ploog, married February 19, 1913.

Albert Joens

Written on back: Tom Schroeder kids - Henry & Kenny
J. Henry and Cornelius, the sons of Tom Schroeder's brother Cornelius.
The girl is the child of Dora & Tom Schroeder - Luella Adela Schroeder
We are not sure where the name Kenny came from - a nickname for Cornelius or just an incorrect name.

Tom Schroeder - Ferguson studion - Denison, Iowa

unknown kids - Buchan Studio Worthington Minnesota

No studio or other information

Written on back Tom Schroeder - Fred Schroeder & wife
A guess is that this wedding photo was Dora and Cornelius's wedding in 1910.
Dora was married twice, first to Cornelius, then to his brother Tom

Unknown WWI Veteran

If you can help with information/corrections - please e-mail me at your earliest convenience.

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