"100-year old letter from WWI uncovered
Christine Spall found the pencil-written note while sifting through a box of her late husband's belongings.
The letter dated February 27, 1918 and detailed a message from Airman Henry Walter Spall to his second son Horace Henry Spall"

WWI letter

I often hear these same comments from people who I bug about their Manning family history...
Christine Spall: "When you are younger you just don't think about it, you don't think to ask, and I don't remember anyone of my kids asking: 'what did grandad do in the war?'
"I wish I had asked my parents more now."

It was brought to my attention that this letter from Spall has been posted all over the Internet recently.
While I'm very happy for Christine "discovering" this letter, I didn't realize how unique it would be to so many people online.
For several decades I have been asking people about letters written home by the Veterans in their family...
Below are just a few examples of digital scans I have made over the years.

Now my reason in showing these examples is not for "bragging rights" but to bring to the attention of Manning Veterans and the families of deceased Veterans that I'm looking for letters written home during service so I can scan them and use samples of them in the Veterans' book.

BUT also so these letters will be digitally preserved in my database...that way when the original stuff gets thrown away or deteriorates - they'll still exist digitally in the Manning Historical Preservation Database I'm building.

I realize there will be some "private/personal" information in SOME of the letters but there will certainly be a few letters I can scan that will have information about the service and nothing embarrassing.

Sadly, some wives threw away ALL of the letters their husbands wrote home, because they didn't want the "lovey dovey" parts read by anyone else.
It will sound harsh but this was really shortsighted in destroying ALL the letters that are/were historically important.
So hopefully the children/grandchildren won't hold back all of the letters from allowing me to scan some of them, because just a few may have personal information about a family member.

So besides the pictures, information, medals, documents, discharge papers, etc. to scan, please bring me some of those letters written home to use in the Manning Veterans' history book.

1918 letter from Ernest Dee Sutherland to Donald Sutherland who founded the First National Bank in Manning and also served in the Civil War

WWI letter from Gerhardt Lamp in France to Hubert Lamp

February 2, 1945 WWII V-mail from Daryl Mohr to a friend
Daryl was KIA May 13, 1945, on Luzon Island

January 1, 1944 WWII page 2 letter from Heinz Detlefsen to his brother Max
Hinz was KIA November 8, 1944, while flying his Mustang during a mission over Germany

Letter from Melvin Musfeldt to Ken Jensen's parents during WWII

V-mail from Gerald Schroeder to Ken Jensen WWII

A very unique envelope that a V-mail message was written on - from Wilmer Ranniger to his parents WWII

V-mail message from Wilmer Ranniger to his parents WWII

WWII letter from Amos Rutz to his brother

1955 letter from Ray Christensen to his wife

I hope by showing some samples of letters written home during military service will encourage more Manning Veterans and their families to dig out and bring me their military historical items to scan...

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