All School Reunion
The All High-School Reunion Committee had a couple false starts in determining the exact date but has finalized Memorial Day Weekend 2020.
The alumni reunion will be on Friday night (May 22nd) at the Hausbarn-Heritage Park.
Plans are in the making for another downtown event (Party on the Bricks?) on Saturday May 23rd.
Pass the word to all of your friends/alumni to make plans to be in Manning for the All-School Reunion next year!

Have you ever been to your own high school reunion in the past?
Time flies by and waits for no one.
Just like becomes history tomorrow - will you be a participant or sit on the sidelines?

So if you haven't seen your classmates and/or your hometown since you graduated or for a very long time - 2020 is your chance to resolve this issue...
Dozens and dozens of Alumni have passed away since the last 2 all-school reunions - 2020 is your chance to meet schoolmates, relatives, and friends...maybe for the last time.
So make your plans now.
Many volunteers will be spending countless hours preparing for this event for YOU.
These area citizens are following in the footsteps of thousands of volunteers of Manning's past who have made this such a great community.

June 19, 2010

They were kids then, and now are Alumni.

Wayne Jahn (May 6, 1934 - September 13, 2010) with his grandson Zach IKM-Manning 2009.
Wayne graduated from the 8th grade at Hayes No. 7, then went to work with his dad on the farm.

Pam Kusel MHS 1965, Dave Kusel MHS 1975, Marge (Kuhn) Kusel MHS 1941, Karla Kusel MHS 1964
Marge Kusel (October 28, 1923 - March 8, 2017)

All-school reunion June 19, 2010

June 20, 2015 Party on the Bricks All-school reunion

Tim Rowedder MHS 1983 (May 5, 1965 - August 30, 2016)

Alumni of all ages

Just imagine the history
That's touched them in one hundred years
They've resonated with laughter
Likewise have been washed in tears

Students who became soldiers
As they marched off to fight wars
Most luckily came home again
To the farms, factories, and stores

The horses that pulled the plows
And wagons with people, and freight
From early tractors, cars, and trucks
The improvements have been great

Hardworking business people
Who have called Main Street home
Progressive in their thinking
Knowing they were not alone

Folks that came together
For religion and education
Participating in parades
In our heritage celebrations

Lots of changes in the future
Next hundred is just as long
But as for Manning's Main Street
It will be standing strong

Craig "Spitter" Moeller

Get your reservations in now - before the rooms are all booked up for the 2020 event.

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