Update to Manning town baseball teams:
For one summer I was a member of the Manning Blue Sox. The team manager was Dr. Robert Dappen.
We had wool uniforms with gray shirts and pants w/blue socks and sleeves.
Some team members were Dave Peters, Dick Bowers, Alan Fonken, Tom Bennett.
Team membership was sort of fluid as I recall. At one point we had a pitcher from Templeton who was really fast.
Dave Peters handled the major part of our pitching load. We played various other town teams. I remember at least one road game in Denison.

Jay Musfeldt

If anyone has team and/or game/random pictures of this or any other Manning town team please e-mail me.

Dave Friedrichsen and I are looking for pictures and a name of the Manning town baseball team that played in the late 1950s.
He also remembers being at one of these games in 1957 where the announcer said they were going to shut off the lights so everyone could watch the Russian satellite, "Sputnik," cross the dark skies of space.
Then he remembers going to a burger place across 141 where they would get an ice cream cone after the games.

Oh, if only Kenny Dethlefs was still living, I'm sure he could tell me all about it.

Saunders Cafe 1956
Later on this business was expanded into Saunders' Steak House with a motel.
It was located on the north side of 141 and down the hill a little ways to the northwest of the ball diamond.
Don Zubrod's car wash stands in that area now.

Does anyone remember Charles "Pitts" Gruhn and his train collection?

He lived upstairs at 313 Main and Dr. Bruce Fenchel, dentist, was on the other side of the second story. I happen to have this picture scanned from the Peters collection. Cynthia Genzen remembers her dad being friends with Pitts and why they have this picture...unfortunately it does not show the train set/collection.

Charles "Pitts" Gruhn in his upstairs apartment.
I'm wondering if that is an animal skin on the wall that was stretched out and painted with the image of a girl holding a basketball with an M on her shirt.
I'm sure that got thrown away after Pitts died but boy would it be interesting to know if the M and girl were representing a Manning girls' basketball team.

Princess Cafe 406 Main where the Plaza is now

Pitts Gruhn with glasses on, then Robert Kuhl & wife Bertha (Vollmer) Kuhl - circa 1929.
Pitts would have been around 42 at this time and worked for the Kuhls for years.

I know there are more pictures out there somewhere - the people who have them probably don't know they have them or know exactly what the picture is of, but if I can only get more people to bring me their old collections/scrapbooks/boxes, I'll probably find a lot more Manning history...just like I'll bet someone has a picture of Pitts Gruhn's train collection.

All you have to do is dig out those old collections and get them to me - I'll do the actual work of scanning, identifying, and preserving...

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