I continue to work on the Manning Veterans' history book project.
A Kruse descendant from Wisconsin has been sending me pictures and information about her grandfather to scan.
I always find something new, unusual, and interesting with every Veteran I work on...and this WWI Veteran's story is really unique but not all that unusual.
Here is a brief story for now about Claude Kruse...

Claude Kruse on the right

"Claude Kruse died September 27, 1918, with honor serving his country"
There is one BIG problem...he lived to be 73 years old!
August 19, 1950 - Jake (Claude) & Ruth Kruse on vacation in Chicago, Illinois, during Ruth's birthday

Here is what we know about this horrific mistake made by the military:
Claude Kruse was fast on his feet so he was a "runner" who delivered messages while serving in WWI. During one of his "runs" he was hit by German shrapnel. He was severely wounded and was marked as dead. Later, when the dead were being collected, someone noticed he was breathing. He was treated for his injuries and lived to be 73 years old, although he walked with a limp the rest of his life.
His family was erroneously sent the death certificate, and we don't know how or who eventually officially corrected the error.
Just imagine the anguish his parents would have gone through thinking he was dead and how relieved they would have been to find out he was alive.

Fortunately the granddaughter was told at least some of this story...just think if she had not been told and this information would not have gotten to me for use in the Veterans' book...I may have run across records that showed Claude had died and then never would have looked further to actually find out he had survived.
To make things more complicated he later changed his name to Claus and then went by Jake, so even if I had found him I might have not realized that Claude & Claus/Jake were one in the same person.

This is why more Manning connected living Veterans need to come forward so I can get their stories recorded as accurately as possible before all of their information is lost.
I have run into other recorded errors about Manning Veterans...Ralph Hagedorn's discharge papers had a wrong medal and wrong mission listed on his discharge papers.
Fortunately I found his copy that he corrected, otherwise if I would have gotten a copy from the county courthouse, I would have used the wrong information for his write-up.

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