I'm always watching for picture postcards I don't have scanned that are for sale on E-bay.
Right now there are quite a few for sale, but none that I don't already have at least one if not several scans from originals.
There are also 2 that are listed as Manning but they are not.

When E-bay began I could get post cards for only a few dollars, but that obviously has changed a lot now.
Fortunately I had been gathering old Manning postcards and scanning them from local sources for decades, so I haven't had to purchase many off e-bay, but once in a while I'll see a postcard or old Manning photo that I don't have.

If they are reasonably priced then I might bid on them.
I also may purchase some of them even if I already have scans or a hard copy original, if they have information on back or are in better condition than the scans I already have.

Someone recently purchased a reprint copy on e-bay of this first image (shown below). What they purchased wasn't the original postcard but a reprint made from the seller's scan of an original postcard.
Years ago I scanned an original postcard of this image but it is not the high resolution I make today, so hopefully someday I'll run across another original postcard of this image.

I have several scans of the image of the second picture (shown below) but would like to have the person who purchased the one on e-bay send it to me to make a high resolution scan of it...I assume a Manning connected person purchased it.
I may run into another original postcard someday to scan but I'm also interested in scanning the information on the back of that Mueller corner postcard recently sold on e-bay.

So if you are reading this request - please e-mail me so I can work it out to get that postcard from you to scan. I do NOT want to keep it but scan it with my professional scanners/software.

By the way I have scans of many different angles and years taken at the old Mueller intersection on Main Street - and also from the 5th Street intersection shown below.

By the way, if anyone has old Manning postcards - and you are planning on throwing them away, or selling them - please consider letting me scan them first.

If you have old Manning postcards but want to keep them, I still would like to scan them...even if I might already have scans of some of them.

And to make it perfectly clear - I do not make money off of the scans I make or the history I scan and add to my database.

My historical preservation projects have cost me thousands and thousands of dollars over the last 45 years, and anyone who pays attention knows I share my work freely - no ads to annoy you with, and no logins to pay for on my web pages.

All I ask in return is for people to share their old pix and history with me so I can scan them into my database.

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