"Easter Parade" Perry Como

I've been taking "Bunny" pictures since I got my first digital camera in 1995 and started posting them on my webpage that I built myself in 1996.

As the digital technology kept improving I have been able to get much more detailed close-ups with much sharper images, and once in a while I capture one of those "memorable" shots of people. This picture just about made me fall off my chair...it is just a riot. Most kids this age either react in terror or just ignore that "white thing." But this boy is really "with it." He not only is aware of something unusual holding him, he was not afraid, but kept reaching out with curiosity...smiling along the way.

If you don't think this is just one of the most hilarious and cute pictures of how a little child reacts to something new then you need to rethink life!
Now I'm not talking about myself and patting myself on the back for "such a great picture I took," but it is such a great thing to realize that I am able to capture simple events like this that someday the young children will be able to look at from a time they won't be able to remember...this is what history and documenting our society should be all about.

I just couldn't wait to finish working on all of the Bunny pictures, so I'm posting this image now.

Be sure to check out this boy. I took a series of pictures that show the various stages of his reaction...it is simply great.

The Easter Bunny visits the Manning Plaza April 20, 2019

Rita (Nissen) Saunders