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I have scanned this family picture before from the Mike Lamp collection but this one in the Voge collection was in nearly perfect condition. It obviously has not been looked at or handled much over the years. It is very hard to find such clean old pictures like this and a joy to scan. I only had to spend about 20 minutes cleaning up the small marks and blemishes.
I just love these old family pictures...they are from an amazing period of Manning area history.

For such clean originals and historically important pictures, I generally make very high resolution scans. I set the target image at 34 inches by 300 DPI and save it in TIF format which makes for very large file - 218 MBs. My reasoning is someday, someone might want to make a large blowup print of it and with this super high resolution and a professional printer, it will look as good - probably better than the original.
One thing I will do someday is to isolate Jessie and Agnes' faces and lower the brightness and add a little more contrast so they won't be overexposed.

Lyden Studio - Lamp family

Back: Edward, Frank, Marvin, Vertus, Hubert, Herman
Front: Gerhardt, Joachim (Joe), Jessie, Agnes (Wiese), Charles

Here is a very common image of old pictures I scan. There are several large scratches and lots of little scratches and marks that will probably take me several hours to digitally repair someday. When I don't have time to repair the picture, I save it in TIF format and a higher resolution. That way when I save the changes of the digital repair process, I won't lose any quality because of the uncompressed format of TIF files.

Gus & Maria (Carstensen) Koester wedding December 1, 1897.

Besides old historical pictures, I always like to find pictures from my era. Here is a 1975 classmate of mine and his younger brother - grade school pictures.

This is why I prefer to go through family collections...they might assume I'm not interested in newer pictures or some other item of history...I prefer to make those decisions.

Kent Wiese, a MHS 1975 graduate

Kyle Wiese, a MHS 1978 graduate

I ran across this picture of one of the Farrell families.
Farrell is a name that has disappeared from Manning. I do have some Farrell pictures and information but no Farrell family member has come forward to share pictures and information with me.
Warren Farrell served overseas during WWII. I have no pictures of him and only limited information.
Ed, who is pictured below, possibly served in the Spanish American War. Gerhardt Voge remembers Ed saying he was a prisoner of war and was dragged behind a horse as torture.
Now I have no other references to Ed's service and would like to find out one way or the other.

Ed & Theresia "Tracy" (Wiese) Farrell - Lyden Studio

Another point of interest is that Ed & Tracy were Gerhardt Voge's Godparents.

If any Farrell or Farrell relative has old family pictures and history - please e-mail me so I can get your items to scan and add more history about this family name in the Manning Historical Preservation Database.

While these are rare to find, I have scanned several other Manning & Hayes Township ribbons from other collections but this one is in very good shape.

1882 Manning Schuetzen Verein ribbon - front

Back side of ribbon.

Now for those of you who are "German challenged," the Manning Schuetzen Verein was the "Facebook" of early Manning history, but people actually got together to socialize and compete in person.
It was basically a gun-shooting club - a marksman club where they competed with guns and targets, and you would think a bad combination but also beer drinking.

While I'm sure somewhere throughout history some members of these Vereins accidentally got hurt by gun discharge, but I've never found one case where someone died from gunshots or where some nut started shooting up the club.

Kinderfest, for decades, had a rifle/target contest for the boys and there was a plain old gun club in Manning for many years. Knowing these facts of history convinces me we need to bring back these gun clubs, so kids and even adults today can learn gun safety and proper use and maintenance, and respect for these weapons.

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