There is nothing unusual about this picture but it has an interesting background.

Walt & Shirley (Ehrichs) Schramm June 6, 1948
It came from Donna (Ramsey) Maasen. She recognized the Ehrichs name written on back and knew my mother was an Ehrichs.
Shirley Ehrichs taught at Hayes No. 7 and stayed with the William & Willetta (Kruse) Sander family during the school week. So she became good friends with this family and invited the Sander family to her wedding where they either took or were given this wedding reception picture.
Now I've scanned most of my aunts pictures, but this is an new one to me.
It was taken at the Ehrichs place in Aspinwall, after being married at the old Lutheran Church in Manning.

I often write about the interconnections found in family collections of pictures and how people interact with so very many of the citizens of a community.
If Shirley had not taught at that country school then the Sander family would not have attended her wedding and have a picture of the where 71 years later it was found in Donna's family collection and then sent to me.

As a teacher, Shirley interacted with a lot of students and their are pictures of some of them.
See if you knew/know who they are and who their children would be today.

Hayes No. 7 country school

Arlene Mohns

Judy & Marlys Sander

Lyle Meyer - Wayne Jahn

William Mahnke

Adlyn & Betty Beermann

Charles & Edwin Beermann

Cleo Weller

Corrine Sander

Dennis & Kenneth Frahm

Unknown first names

? Mahnke, ? Weller, ? Mohns

Shirley Ehrichs 1948

Shirley Ehrichs, Geniece Jahn

Shannon & Ronald Mahnke

Mardella Friedrichsen

Back: Shirley Ehrichs, Arlene Mohns
Front: Kenneth Frahm, Cleo Weller

Back: Shirley Ehrichs
Front: Betty Beerman, Shannon Mahnke, Mardella Friedrichsen

Ronnie Mahnke, Judy Sander, Wayne Brus, Shirley Ehrichs

Wayne Brus

Wayne Jahn

Ethel Rowedder, Geniece Jahn, Minnie Syring, ? Frahm

1948Back: Charles, Shirley, Wayne
Fourth: Ronnie, Kenneth, Dennis
Third: Edwin, Shannon, Mardella, Arlene, Corrine, Betty
Second: Cleo, Marlys, Wayne
Front: Judy

Picnic May 18, 1948

Back: Luella Mahnke, Hilda Weller, Bernice Mohns, Leona Beermann, hidden Eunice Friedrichsen who is holding 1 year old Marcia Friedrichsen seen in back row, Ella Rowedder, Norma Frahm, Clara Ehrichs
Front: Shirley Ehrichs, Willetta Sander, Luella Brus, Minnie Syring

Edwin ?, Mardella ?, ??, Marlys ?

May 12, 1946

Back: Fern Weller, Joan Rowedder, Lyle Meyer, Charles Beermann, Shirley Ehrichs
Middle: Wayne Jahn, Betty Beermann, Shannon Mahnke, Arlene Mohns, Mardella
Friedrichsen, Corrine Sander, Adlyn Beermann, Edwin Beermann
Front: Kenneth Frahm, Cleo Weller, Marlys Sander

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