Update to May 13 feature below.
Besides James sending me the Grau photo from New Mexico, the daughter of Clark Hershman came to visit Manning and bring me some more old Manning connected pictures and history to scan.
My family and the Hershman family are not related but we have a connection through my mother back to her high school days. During the week, my grandfather would bring both my mother and her sister from Aspinwall to stay with the Hershman family (they rented the second story rooms), then on the weekend he would pick them up and bring them back to Aspinwall...this is back in the days when people didn't travel very far or often by car and some people still used horses and buggies as a main mode of transportation.

Mother was 3 years ahead of Gertrude and 5 years ahead of Clark. Of course they took pictures like kids do - here are a couple of them at 913 Center.

Dorothy Ehrichs, Gertrude Hershman

Clark Hershman, Dorothy Ehrichs

Backyard view 1945

Most people do not understand why I'm so persistent in getting their scrapbooks, collections, and history to scan.
Some people have scanned some of their main/important family connected pictures but doubtful they've scanned them all, or scanned those pictures they don't know who the people are or the ones who are NOT related.
On the other hand, I scan ALL Manning connected pictures and history - I don't concentrate on one family history but all Manning families and know that most collections have non-family member pictures.
A perfect example is in the Hershman collection. When Kathy opened her packet I immediately saw a military picture I did not have and knew was not one of her family members. I knew who it was before even seeing the name written on back, and told her how excited I was that she had this picture because it is an official military portrait of him.
I've been in contact with a few Bingham descendants over the years but they did not have military pictures, especially this one.
I know most people won't care about connections my family has to so many other pioneer families of the area, but it is very important to me because it helps with my historical work by having various pictures of non-family members to share with those families and so I can compare to unknown pictures other people have.

US Navy - Dale Bingham from the Hershman collection.
Now I know most people will wonder why I continue to get so excited in finding a single photo, but then they have not worked on their community history for over 40 years and on a project that will feature over 1000 of their town's Veterans.
The military pictures I have for a lot of Manning Veterans actually came from a non-family member and not the Veteran or family member of the Veteran...people who served in the military would share some of their military pictures with their friends and families would also share with other families that would end up in scrapbooks.
It could be possible that you have the only picture left of a Manning Veteran - many people who inherit those old photos just end up throwing them away.

This is such a wonderful military picture of Dale...all I had are some snapshots of him with a couple of other Veterans but these official portraits are the best images to show what the Veteran looks like.

Now as to my family's connection to Dale - again it is with my mother...she and Dale were 1941 classmates and here is a picture mother has from high school.

Dale Bingham & Dorothy Ehrichs

Clark Hershman & Dale Bingham - previously the only military picture I had of Dale.

I never had the honor of meeting Dale in person but having worked with other pictures of him and Manning's history, I get to know thousands of Manning connected people as if I had met them in person.

I found another connection in the Hershman stuff I recently scanned.
I'm always requesting obituaries and funeral cards and there were several in the Hershman collection. As I opened one of the funeral cards, I immediately knew who this little boy was, even though he died 15 years before I was born.
I've listened to many stories my mother told me over the years and remembered the story about a little boy who she taught through a Normal Training class when she was a senior. She said he was a very friendly and well-liked little boy and would sit on her lap when she read to him...below is that boy.

Johnny McMahon
This picture came from the Mueller collection.

Here is the funeral card I found in the Hershman collection.

Clark Hershman was one of the Pallbearers and why they had this funeral card in their family stuff.

May 22, 1942 John Robert McMahon Dies While At Play
The sudden passing of John Robert McMahon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. McMahon, was a shock to the entire community. "Johnny" as he was known to his many playmates and adults alike, was afflicted with a heart ailment from birth. In spite of much effort on the part of his little friends, his teachers and his parents to protect him, he died at play on Saturday, May 17th shortly before noon.

At school John was popular with the teachers, his classmates and many others from the grades. On the street and at the store he had many acquaintances, both, young and old. He was a good boy in his home and found much enjoyment in reading and music and in building. His quiet nature and little deeds of kindness endeared him to everyone in his neighborhood. He will be missed by parents and children alike.

John Robert McMahon was born at Harris, Iowa, November 24, 1932, and leaves to mourn his early departure his mother and father Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. McMahon; his sister Mary Alice; his grandmother, Mrs. J.J. McMahon of Manilla; his grandfather, P.K. Paulsen, Sr. of Irwin and a host of other relatives and friends.

Funeral services were held at the Ohde Funeral Home on Monday afternoon at two o'clock with the Reverend Alexander Wimberly in charge. Burial was in the Manning Cemetery. Those acting as pallbearers were Clark Hershman, Dale Bingham, Harold Petersen and Ray Schrum.

teacher, Lucille Hubbard, Johnny McMahon, Superindendent, Amos Lee
2 pictures from Mary McMahon

Mary Alice McMahon -MHS 1947

Francis McMahon & Detlef Hinz
From the Voge collection

April 16, 1936 advertising

Bud McMahon - Goochs Best open house
Thelma (Doyel) Mohr, Lila (Mohr) Schroeder, Bud McMahon

Alleyway along the McMahon building

From the 1981 Manning Centennial book
The McMahon Feed & Seed store originated in Manning July 1, 1933; it was established by F.J. McMahon, better known to all as "Bud". Bud was born and raised on a farm near Irwin and graduated from Iowa State University. After several years as superintendent of schools, he came here from Ocheydan to go into the feed and seed business.
His business was composed of dealing in retail feeds and seeds, farm supplies, and animal health products. He also established an extensive blue-grass harvesting operation that extended from this area into Minnesota, North and South Dakota and installed his own seed cleaning equipment.
The first bushel of hybrid seed corn (then known as male corn) ever sold in the Manning area came from this store and was sold to Julius Hass. Other "firsts" include the first gallon of 2-4D; the first pound of DDT and Chlordane; the first aerosol insect bomb.
The feed store provided the setting for the pinochle club or game that lasted for 39 years and which had as regular players, Frank Gavin, Ben Welch, Albert Dietz, H.P. Hansen, Dan McGrath, Warren Timmerman, Vince Lyden, Gerhardt Voge, Ted Paulsen, Francis (Irish) Brennan, Albert Karsten, Dee Hinz, Bill Halbur, Karl Rohr and Bud McMahon. In 39 years no one was ever caught cheating and everything imaginable in such a game happened during the life of the "club".
In January 1968 Mr. and Mrs. Wade Mohr purchased the business and since it was so well known throughout the area they are still operating it under the same name. The store, located at 814 Third street since 1937, has grown in inventory and the Mohrs found it necessary to purchase the building formerly known as United Lumber at 817 Third street, the original site of the old Green Bay Lumber Company.
The Mohrs added bulk feed deliveries and became grain and livestock dealers along with the feed service. Wade has continued to operate grain and livestock trucks which he purchased in 1946.

1973 Bud & Elsie McMahon 50th anniversary
From the Larry & Doug Fischer collection

You may have noticed I keep listing where each picture came from...if it weren't for these families/individuals coming forward, so I could scan their collections, I would not be able to show you the extensive history I now have for Manning.

From the 1981 Manning Centennial book
Bud McMahon and wife, the former Elsie Paulsen, came to Manning in 1933 when Bud established the McMahon Feed and Seed store. They both were natives of the Irwin area.
Elsie attended the University of Iowa and completed her training as a registered nurse at Jenny Edmundson hospital in Council Bluffs. Bud graduated from Iowa State University and served as Superintendent of Schools at Ocheyedan before coming to Manning.
Two children were born to them. Johnny died at the age of 9. Mary Alice attended Iowa State for a year and then went on to graduate from the University of Iowa with high scholastic honors. In addition, she was elected to Phi Beta Kapp. She taught school in Iowa City and later at Independence. She married William Klotzbach, an Independence attorney. They are the parents of a daughter, Sarah, and three sons: Karl, George and John.
Bud will always be remembered for his work on the Manning Light Board. He foresaw Manning's growing need for more power - he made the application and led the fight to bring more power to Manning from the Fort Randall Dam. It is rather coincidental that a relative of Elsie's, Mr. Alfred Lage, led the fight in earlier days to get rural electrification to the farms in this area.
The writer of the song, "The Candyman Can" did not know Bud, but the title would certainly apply to him. Along with his generosity in handing out sprigs of holly and mistletoe and boxes of Stover Candy to his many friends and patrons at Christmas time, Bud had a candyman following of all the kids in northeast Manning the year around. On the McMahon's regular evening walks with Bud's pockets full of candy, their expected arrival was always met by reception committees along the way and many a little friend was made happy.

October 28, 1943 advertising

Another very interesting item I scanned from the recent Hershman collection is this 9th grade graduation program.
Take note of the cover page that has an American military plane...remember this was during WWII. Also notice the program themes by the various students...

1942 Ninth Grade graduation
I have quite a few different 9th grade graduation group photos but not for this one.
Hopefully someone will come forward with one so I can scan it.
I KNOW several people out there have this picture they inherited from a parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle - they just have to dig it out and get it to me...

These are the students in this class who served during WWII: Lyle Anthony, Bob Barsby, Clark Hershman, William Hoffman, Robert Lake (KIA), Robert McGrath, Don Mohr, Don Nickum, Harold Schmidt, Howard Schumann, Harold Smith, Orrin Welch.

I won't go into each of these Veterans - only Clark Hershman for now since this is about his family...BUT I would appreciate it if family members/relatives of these other Veterans would come forward and get me pictures and history to add to each of their stories.

Clark Hershman in Leghorn, Italy

Clark Hershman with Higgy

Clark Hershman (middle) White Sands, New Mexico

1960 Ft. Walton, Florida, Elgin Air Force Base

Clark served in the U.S. Army during WW II, from 1945 to 1947, and later served in the U.S. Navy Reserves from 1947 to 1952. He was employed as a weapons specialist at the Rock Island Arsenal from 1951 until retiring in 1982, and traveled extensively during the Korean and Vietnam Wars as a member of the Army Weapons Command.

Here are some fun pictures that show a few of Clark's schoolmates.

Donn Kelsey & Clark Hershman

Top to bottom: Donn Kelsey, Dale Bingham, Clark Hershman

"The Termites" 1939 - note the Bullpups T-shirt

Back: Vincent Lyden
Middle: Donn Kelsey, Pat Sullivan
Front: Bob Johnson, Norman Arp, Don Livingston, Clark Hershman

Back: Dale Bingham, Ray Schrum
Front: Clark Hershman, Pat Sullivan, Ken Jensen (shirtless), Bob Johnson, Vincent Lyden

Pat Sullivan, Norman Arp, Bob Johnson, Clark Hershman, Vincent Lyden
Bob Johnson has an apple stuffed in both cheeks which gave him the silly look.

Charles & Minnie Hershman 913 Center Street

Charles & Minnie come back to Manning for one last visit.

Clark's daughter is looking for someone who can ID all of the Hershman family members in this picture.

Charles Hershman - back row far left

I hope this feature will encourage more Manning connected individuals and Veterans to come forward with their pictures and history so I can scan them and add it to my Manning Historical Digital Preservation Database.

I never know where the next Manning information will come from around the US and also never know where that history I receive will lead me and May 13 was no exception.
A few weeks ago I was contacted by James from New Mexico. His mother purchased a framed picture at a thrift shop...she wanted the frame. When they took the picture out of the frame they could see the name Lyden Studio, Manning, Iowa. Fortunately on back there were names written: Emma Grau, mother of Amandus Herman Grau.
So James searched the Internet and found my web page with Grau information and was gracious enough to send the picture to me...there are still people out there who respect history and don't just throw it away.
Amandus & my grandmother, Ida (Grau) Kusel were 2nd cousins.
Emma was a Kracht and married Grover Herman Grau. I have their wedding picture but did not have this individual picture of Emma.

A third cousin of mine on the Grau side worked on a detailed Grau family history years ago, so I checked out the information she had on this Grau family...to my complete surprise I found out that Amandus served in the Navy during WWII - another Manning connected Veteran I did not have in my database.
It is always great to find another Manning Veteran to add to my ever-growing list...but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of him and only the barebones military information from my cousin's family tree database and his tombstone.
My cousin's information stated Amandus & his wife are buried in the Manning Cemetery but there are no headstones with their names and the city database has no record of them. One of my volunteer helpers found them for me and they are buried in the Denison Cemetery.
I'm laying out this little feature story and hope that their 2 daughters or other cousins of this branch of the Grau family will come forward to help with Amandus' military history and pictures.

After reading more of my cousin's information I noticed that Amandus' brother, Walter, served during WWI at Camp Cody in Deming, New Mexico.
The picture James sent me was found in Silver City, New Mexico, which is around 50 miles from Deming, so this is possibly how the picture of Emma ended up in New Mexico.

Another one of my historical helpers recently found this information about Amandus...
He served in the US Navy/Marine Corps from May 7, 1943 to January 2, 1946. He remained in the Naval Reserves for several years after WWII. Other records show that he left for overseas duty on December 1943 and returned on June 1, 1945. Amandus was a Lt. Commander on the USS Phoenix.

Emma (Kracht) Grau - photo that James sent me from New Mexico.

Cleva & Amandus Grau - Crawford Heights Memorial Gardens, Denison

Grover Herman & Emma (Kracht) Grau - parents of Amandus, Walt, and Robert.

Hopefully someone will find this story about Amandus and come forward with pictures and information - especially military...
I sure hope this won't be another Manning Veteran who will just fade into history with only his name on a tombstone, but pictures and information about his service to our country in the future Manning Veterans' history book.

GROVER HERMAN GRAU the youngest son of Detlef and Sophia (Sachleben) Grau was born on January 12, 1873, in Davenport in Scott County, Iowa. As a child he moved with his parents to Crawford County, Iowa, where they settled on a farm. After a few years they moved to a farm near Manning. At the age of nineteen he became a clerk at P.B. Stouffer's Drug Store and two years later he entered a partnership and purchased the business changing the name to Lewis, Grau and Metzger Drug Store. Later the partnership dissolved and in 1914 Herman moved his family to Denison where they owned and operated the Denison Drug Company.
He married EMMA KRACHT of Westside on April 11, 1895. Emma was born in Scott County, Iowa, on March 25, 1872, to August Peters and Catharina (Shippman) Kracht. Grover passed away on a Tuesday in 1918, at the age of 45. Emma passed away at her home on February 8, 1960, at the age of 87 years, 10 months and 14 days. Both Grover Herman and Emma are buried at the Manning City Cemetery in Manning, Iowa. They had three sons: Walter, Amandus Herman and Robert.

WALTER GRAU was born on November 7, 1897. He graduated from Manning High School in 1915. His parents moved to Denison and Walter entered the service in 1916 and served until 1919 in the medical branch of the U.S. Army, at Camp Cody, Deming, New Mexico. He married NETTIE MOORE of Botna. Nettie was born in 1902 and passed away in 1968. Walter was retired and living in Walnut Creek, California at the time of his death in 1982. Nettie is buried in the family lot in the Manning Cemetery.
Walter and Nettie had one son WALTER CHARLES GRAU.
(NETTIE'S Grandfather Joe Moore fought with the Union Army during the Civil War. Her Great Grandfather Gilbert Moore died a prisoner in Andersonville Prison in Georgia. After the war, in 1876, Joe and his wife Martha and their nine children moved to Iowa from Indiana)

AMANDUS HERMAN GRAU was born in Manning on June 6, 1905, and moved to Denison in 1915 when his father purchased the Denison Drug Company. He attended Denison High School and was graduated from the University of Iowa School of Medicine in 1930. He did graduate work in surgery at Harvard University, Cook County Graduate School, Chicago and at the University of Vienna, Austria. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and received the Bronze Star for meritorious service while under fire.
Amandus married CLEVA (EMMA) MILLER. Amandus passed away in 1969 at the Crawford County Memorial Hospital following a long illness. Amandus was a member of the Crawford County Medical Society, the Iowa State and American Medical Societies, the American Academy of General Practice and the International College of Surgeons. He was also a member of the Presbyterian Church, the Masonic Lodge, the Shriners and the American Legion. Amandus and Emma had two daughters, Kay and Ann
KAY GRAU married THOMAS SPOONER - California.
ANN GRAU - California.

ROBERT KENNETH GRAU was born on January 11, 1909, married, and was a doctor in St. Paul. He passed away in October of 1959.

I'm so proud of my family's generational history in Manning...basically all of the main branches moved and lived here.
Because of this I'm fortunate to have so many intertwined connections in the community. It seems everywhere I turn, I find some connection I have to other Manning families which allows me to create and show so many little historical aspects of Manning's past.

Coming in a few days will be another story about my family connections and a picture of a WWII Veteran I did not have...so stay tuned!

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