I temporarily stopped working on the Voge/Lamp collection and scanned a small collection from the Kuhse family.
We need help with IDs for this Manning Creamery bowling team.
Lyden Studio photo

Back: "A", Shirley "SJ" (Stahl) Frahm, "Doc" ?Anetha Graves?
Front: Deloris "Dee" Kuhse, "Lynn"

No Creamery team names listed in this newspaper article

Here are some pictures and information in my database about the Manning Recreation Alleys which were in the basement of what is now Cliff's Place at 417 Main Street.

To L. Schelldorf from Jack Vest who operated the alley at this time

Back: Arnold Brus, Don Massen
Front: Luella (Kahl) Brus, Betty (Koch) Maasen

Helen (M. - last name initial) bowling

1957 Mueller bowling team

Back: Ben D. Joens, Lyle Joens (son of Bill), Bill Petersen, Leo Wuebker
Front: Paul Volquartsen, George Erps

1957 Part of PE class was taking turns setting the bowling pins. Darlys Vollstedt in front then Ruth Ohde.

The first Manning school annual called the Philosophian was in 1907 which dedicated the new brick school that replaced the original 1883 wooden school.
Then in 1935 the first Comet was published. The next Comet was published in 1939. They both featured Freshmen through Seniors for those 2 years.
Then with the outbreak of WWII, no year book was published until the war ended - instead non-bound Spot Lites were printed for each class.
Here is the 1941 Spot Lite - final edition.

MHS 1941 Spot Lite - final edition

Over the years I have been looking for Spotlites that were published on a weekly basis, plus the final year-end editions. I have never had time to scan the ones I find but hope to someday - my first & main goal is to get them before they are thrown away.
If you have Spot Lites please do not throw them away but get them to me. If you want them back then let me know and I'll see how many you have and if I already have some/all of the ones you have...if you don't have very many I will find time to scan them so I can get them back to you.
These historical publications are hard to find and probably are thrown away by most families after their parents/grandparents pass away.

Deloris Kuhse was a member of the MHS class of 1941...this was back when people fully understood patriotism and showed it in just about every way possible.

Jr Sr Patriotic Banquet May 7, 1941

Banquet program

Deloris' 25th class reunion program inspired me to make this patriotism feature below...
Hopefully it will inspire more Manning Veterans and families of deceased Manning Veterans to contact me so I can get their military pictures, information, documents, etc to use in the Manning Veterans' history book.

MHS 1941 25th reunion program

Here is why I emphasize patriotism to the younger generations of today.
It's not that the WWII generation of Veterans are more important than the Veterans of any era, but consider the number of Manning citizens who served and died, including in the MHS class of 1941.
These 1941 members served during WWII: Dale Bingham, Frank Bliefert, Leonard Frahm, Betty Grelck, Virtus Hargens, Lyle Hoffmann, Leola Keat, Robert Kuhse, Elmer Meyers, Daryl Mohr, Alice Musfeldt, Harold Neal, Warren Petersen, Robert Ramsey, Robert Rostermundt, Norman Rothfolk, Ruth Schelldorf, Gene Strathman, Roy Struve, Keith Wunder.
As far as we know, Pauline (Cramer) Graves, Rozora (Kuhn) Schroeder, Dorothy (Ehrichs) Kusel, and we think Robert Rostermundt are the last living members of MHS 1941.

Their superintendent, Amos Lee, served during WWI
Their teacher, Elnor (Vannote) Detlefsen's husband, Heinz Detlefsen, also died while serving in WWII.

Daryl Mohr MHS 1941

Daryl Mohr

Ohde Funeral Home - Daryl's body was re-patriated after the war

Lyle Gene Strathman MHS 1941
Awards Day at MHS

Lyle Strathman, Dorothy (Ehrichs) Kusel, with Virginia (Greteman) Wiese lying on the ground

Lyle on corner of Main & Third Streets

Lyle Strathman - temporary burial site in Alaska

Max & Heinz Detlefsen - Max also served during WWII

Heinz "Cotton" & Elnor (Vannote) Detlefsen

Heinz in his flight gear

Margraten U.S. Military Cemetery near Vaal, Holland

Permanent burial site of Heinz Detlefsen

So when there are complaints today about all kinds of injustices, maybe these modern day complainers need to take a little history lesson to realize things really aren't as bad as they want everyone to believe.

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