Having the "patience of Job" is how preserving history actually works.
It doesn't come quickly unless someone else has previously worked on it for you...
Diane (Dammann) showed this picture to her aunt and she was able to ID many of the students.
I posted this picture some time ago and just now Diane e-mailed me with the information.

I'm sure more people can ID pictures and answer questions for me and just won't get involved...but sooner or later someone comes along and helps me.
The sad thing is, it won't be many more years before there won't be anyone old enough to answer my questions and ID these old pix because they will no longer be living to help.

SO NOW is the time to help me if you or a relative of yours can!!!

Iowa No. 2 country school

Back: LaVerne Hass, Bennie Otto, Helen Hass, Melvin Hass, ??, Elmer Otto
Center: ??, Malinda (Otto) Dammann, ??, Alberta Lamp, ??
Front: Milda (Otto) Malone, ?Meggers?
This picture came from the Voge/Lamp collection I've been working on for several months.

This is what makes preserving history exciting, even when I get IDs for just one picture...for some pictures it has taken up to 4 decades to find the IDs or for someone to come forward, but well worth the wait - problem is time is running out fast!!!

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