I continue to scan the Voge/Lamp/Koester collection I ran across some country school pictures. One of them had all of the students identified, which is quite rare for old pictures.
The names add so much to the picture.
The other school picture had no names - there would be one or more of the Koester kids in the picture, but hard to guess who they might be.
The more interesting aspect to this picture are the flour sacks used to as part of their costumes for some type of skit/play.
I was able to read the company name on one of the sacks so I searched the Internet and found out the mill was located in Waseca, Minnesota.
Iowa No. 2

Girls: Elsie Boyens, Emma Boyens, Margaret Boyens, Elsie Schwiesow, Elsie Pruter, Ida Koester
Boys: Louie Koester, Johnnie Schwiesow, Andrew Boyens
Grace Griffin teacher
Ida Koester wrote: "I started school March 17, 1907 and finished June 15, 1915"

May 1934 Iowa No. 2

Back: LaVerne Hass, Bennie Otto, Helen Hass, Melvin Hass, ??, Elmer Otto
Center: ??, Malinda (Otto) Dammann, ??, Alberta Lamp, ??
Front: Milda (Otto) Malone, ?Meggers?

It was so typical years ago for things to get reused (recycled) for other purposes.
In this case the teacher didn't go out to buy costumes but made them from used flour sacks for teaching purposes.

Page 107 of the Manning Schools history book

Here is a souvenir booklet from Iowa No. 2

Front and back covers

Pages 3 & 4

Again, I put out my plea to anyone who has old school and country school pictures and history...especially those old Souvenir booklets, which have the teacher, students, directors, board members, etc. listed...a gold mine of history, plus the year it was printed.

Please dig those things out and get them to me so I can digitize and preserve them in my Manning Historical database.

As you can see on the pages of the Souvenir booklet above, deterioration from the acid in the paper, and a type of mold is breaking down the paper as noted by the orange spots.
I can digitally clean this up but someday the booklet will be so badly ruined by those splotches it won't be worth scanning and repairing.

Totally amazing historical event captured in 1918. Even more exciting is the fact that Ida Koester, one of the students who attended this school, wrote down the names of the students, year, and what the event was.
The first picture is definitely going to be used in the Manning Veterans' history book. It shows how people showed their patriotism and pulled together to support the WWI troops.

1918 Iowa No. 2 school patriotic program

Art Kruse, Ed Kruse, Henry Schroeder, Wilber Anthony, Herbert Kuhl, Ed Meggers, Harry Koester
Wilber Anthony later served in the Army during WWII.

All of the students dressed up in nice clothing for this school program.
Leona Evers - teacher

Another piece of the Manning puzzle for me is that Ida wrote her teacher's full name...all I had was L.G. Evers in my database but now I know that her first name was Leona.

A sad fact of ignorance is that some people today will gasp at the sight of kids holding guns at a school...not considering that the dads, uncles, cousins, and older brothers of these students were overseas fighting for the freedoms of the world.
Also ignorant of a time when young boys also used guns to hunt for food for the family, or shoot a coyote or other predator that would kill their farm animals.

Children's Day today is vastly different than what it was for the community during the early years of its history.
Many mothers/grandmothers made very fancy dresses for the girls (to a point of competition) and they would get new shoes. The boys would get new shoes, socks, pants, and shirt which had to last them for special events for a whole year, until the next Children's Day.
Travel was limited so everyone made their own fun with events like Children's Day.

Koester kids heading to Children's Day - circa 1916

1916 Iowa No. 2 school program - Patriotism was a constant theme

I scan thousands of pictures and unfortunately most aren't identified. I've spent decades showing them to various family members and the older generations in Manning but now they are deceased.
Back in 1996 I had big hopes that I would get endless help with these pictures by showing them on my web pages. For about 10 years very few Manning connected people were online and by the time they got on the Internet, there were endless distractions for them to spend their time on.
But I continue to preserve Manning's history and from time to time I find scrapbooks identified and it is fun to not have to spend time trying to figure out the who/what/when/where/why of the picture.
Below is a perfect example. Most baby pictures are not identified or explained. This one has the names, the year and the occasion which makes the picture so much more interesting and especially historically important because of the extra information...all thanks to Ida (Koester) Wunder who took the time to write in her scrapbook.

A big problem is that these old black paper albums had a white chalk type marker that came along with the album. For some of the albums I've worked on over the years, I was no longer able to read the writing. I can just read the writing in the Koester album by using a magnifying glass and change the angle of the page to the lighting. Sometimes it helps that I know the names of the era/area.

Amanda & Harry Koester baptism - 1918
Don't you just love that old baby buggy?
It would never pass the safety police today - how did anyone ever survive???

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