If you are Norman Gosch's daughter who happens to read this message - please e-mail me, the 2014 e-mail address I have for you bounced back.

Three people so far have e-mailed me about some errors they saw in the Kroeger feature below...
I know a lot of people today won't take the time to "read" so I'm going to repeat this comment/request again at the top of this feature.

If you find errors or think I have an error in my information - PLEASE e-mail me.
Another thing unique about my historical database and myself is that I don't think/know I'm always right.
Some people will later tell me they didn't e-mail me about an error because they didn't want to hurt my feelings...to the contrary, I tell them I'm mad at them when they don't tell me about errors I have.

This is a big problem on those ancestry/genealogy websites that "charge" you for the privilege to share all of "your" hard work on their sites so they can make money. When the first commercial ancestry site started back in the mid 1990s I used a guest login in. After finding a ton of errors submitted by one of my relatives, I never went back.
Way too many genealogists/historians "KNOW" they are right and even get mad if you question their facts.

Now I realize there is also a lot of accurate and good information out there on various websites - I just prefer to share it freely, with NO logins, passwords, and NO charge/Ads, and I'm open to being corrected.
This is the big difference in my web page work compared to most other sites.

I'm going to try again to show people how unique my historical work is (this is not about bragging but to get more people convinced to get me their old pictures and history to scan).

For the most part, people who work on their family genealogy, will skip right on by old pictures they or a relative have in their collections that are NOT related to them. Generally those non-relative and unidentified pictures just get thrown away or put in a box that gets hidden away and forgotten about.

Over 30 years ago I figured out that I was missing out on a lot of Manning area history/pictures by working ONLY on just my family genealogy.
I had noticed how there were so many non-relative pictures in my own family collections and other family collections of the area I had been looking at, that I wondered if those Non-family, Non-related people might have some pictures of my relatives.
Almost without exception, I end up finding at least one picture, if not more, of my relatives in other family collections I work on and scan, who I have no relation to.

Please follow along below to see how many family connected pictures I have for the Kroeger descendant who very recently contacted me by e-mail and is looking for family names highlighted in bold below.
Now I realize this feature story will appear to jump around a lot but it really shows how interconnected the Manning Family is and why I work on it, RATHER than my own specific family history.

The most important aspect is how many different family collections I've scanned that had pictures of her family...some who are related to her and others that have no connection to her, other than way back those families were friends/neighbors and shared a lot of pictures. So please note whose collection each picture came from.

So by scanning any/all Manning family collections I can get my hands on over the last 23+ years, I now have a non-specific and the broadest database of a community's history.
I am not "historically prejudice" in that I want to scan any/all aspects of Manning history - NOT just one topic, subject matter, or family.

Here are 3 scans sent to me by the Kroeger descendant. She is looking for help with IDs, so if you can help please e-mail me.

Ohrt family

Back: Hans, Henry
Front: ??, Magretha, John Timothy, Wilhemina, ??, Dora

Minnie (Ohrt) Gosch children

Not sure of order: John Hans, Otto W., Ella Dorothy, Emil Herbert

This next picture is Henry Kroeger and I'm trying to determine for sure if the picture further down below of the man with the hogs is also Henry Kroeger.

Henry Kroeger

Biehl, Ohrt, Kroeger, Gosch, Oeser, Fonken
These are some of the Manning family names that another one of my new Internet helpers is looking for information and pictures to help with her research.

She sent me 3 obituaries I didn't have: Wilhelmina Biehl, Hans Gosch, and Ella Kroeger, and they are now posted on my obituary web page.
I'm searching my database and figuring out who she is related to. I'll be showing some pictures over the next few days I have that connect to her direct family, but I haven't determined how she is related to other people with the same last names of pictures I have.
It takes time doing this, so if anyone else is related to these families and can help us - please e-mail me.

Remember, I'm not related to these families - at least nothing close, so please don't e-mail me and leave off first/last names or write grandmother/grandfather, etc., but list their full names.

Wilhelmina "Minnie" (Ohrt) and Henry Biehl
Minnie was known as "Grandma Biehl" to everyone in the neighborhood.
The Biehls lived at 104 Center Street
This picture came from the Ohrt collection I worked with in 2017/18.

1945 John & Lena (Biehl) Oeser from the Amanda (Mundt) Puck collection
Not sure if/how Lena is connected to these other Biehls.

Please realize that while I'm constantly proofing and trying to make sure I have the correct information, if you find errors or a picture misidentified, please let me know.

The starting point is with the Kroeger family for my new contact, and then the other names married into the Kroeger family.
I also found out that Orville Kroeger is a cousin to my new contacts dad, so I'll start with the Kroeger name in my database.

Identified as Henry Kroeger, Orville Kroeger's dad
Above/below from the Virgene Kroeger collection

Inez, Gilbert, Orville Kroeger

Orville's baptism certificate

Virgene (Kruse) Kroeger beauty shop in Westside
Virgene & Orville Kroeger - basement of First National
1500 cookies were served December 1986 Weihnachtsfest

From Dora to her sister, Anna (Mrs. Fred Kroeger)

Postcard from E-bay

There were several Kroegers who attended MHS: Dorine former 1941, Verna 1944, and Marlene 1951.
I know that Dorine is connected to the family above (will go into that more later), but I'm not sure about Verna & Marlene at this point...

Marlene Kroeger & Robert Genzen - 1949 Homecoming in the old Manning high school gym.

Dorine was a classmate of my mother who graduated in 1941

Dorine Kroeger - former member of MHS 1941
From the Bernice (Karstens) Schroeder collection

Dorine was the daughter of Otto and Ella Kroeger
stepdaughter of the late Rose (Brandt) Kroeger
Dorine was raised by her grandmother Minnie Biehl in Manning, after her mother died at an early age.

Ninth Grade Graduation 1938 on the steps of the old grade school

Edwin Perrin Lynn (Principal) and Rosemary Gleason (Class Sponsor)
Back: Elmer Meyers, Virtus Hargens, Norman Rothfolk, Wayne Witt, Burdette Schroeder, Dorothy Dethlefs, Lyle Hoffmann, Dorothy Ehrichs, Frank Bliefert, Ruth Schelldorf, Alice Musfeldt, Lucille Lamp, Pauline Cramer, Mary Campbell
4th: Roy Struve, Gene Strathman, George Wegner, Elvin McConnell, Betty Grelck, Norma Dietz, Anetha Graves, Viola Rostermundt, Lorraine Kuhl, Patricia Lawbaugh, Leola Keat, Phyllis Witt
3rd: Harold Neal, Robert Rostermundt, Marjorie Kuhn, Virginia Vandeman, Rozora Kuhn, Dorine Kroeger, Mary Jane Fritz, Joyce Jensen, Virginia Greteman, Deloris Wood, Marian Arp
2nd: Robert Kuhse, Warren Wegner, Dale Bingham, Leone Conklin, Leola Fairchild, Helen Kampen, Marion Ranniger, Velma Steen, Deloris Kuhse, Maxine Joens, Genevieve Blum
Front: Leonard Frahm, Keith Wunder, Marjorie Stangl, Lyle Eich, Louise Kuhl, Daryl Mohr, Donavieve Anderson, Warren Petersen, Joyce Hunter

Now I'll go into the Gosch family.
In 2003, I was contacted by Norman Gosch. Never met him in person, but we e-mailed back and forth quite a bit...a very friendly person, and he was willing to share with me. He was a Veteran so he sent me his military story and a picture. He also didn't know a lot about his dad's (Emil) side, because he was 10 years old when Emil died. But he sent me this information that I compiled.
There is reference to Bernice (Mundt) Spiese which I'll go into more below.

Emil Gosch picture is in Bernice Spiese folder.
There is an Elsie Ohrt, daughter of Hans Ohrt also in Bernice's folder.

Norman Gosch believes that Bernice's picture of Emil Gosch is his father.
Norman was about 10 years old when Emil died.
Emil Herbert Gosch married Mamie Wegner.
Mamie is sister of Helen Petersen and Milda Peters.

Emil was born April 1, 1901 in Manilla and died July 18, 1935
Emil's parents were Hans Gosch who was married to Minnie Ohrt
Hans died in 1903. But before he died they had 4 children:
Emil born 4-10-1901
Ella born in 1898
John born in 1892
Otto born in 1896

Minnie (Ohrt) later went on to marry Henry Biehl after Hans died.

So we are not sure who Elsie Ohrt might be and I haven't tried to pull up her picture yet on your website.

Emil is the father of Norman Gosch.

Emil & Mamie worked on the Hassler farmstead then later on moved to a farm northwest of Manning which was owned by Minnie & Henry Biehl.

Emil Herbert Gosch and Mamie Dorothy Wegner were Norm's parents.

Emil Gosch from the Bernice Spiese collection
Norman had never seen this picture of his dad until I showed it to him.

Elsie Ohrt, daughter of Hans Ohrt from the Bernice Spiese collection

Now we'll go back to more Gosch pictures I have in my database.
Norman Gosch
Picture from the Wegner/Genzen collection

Norman was drafted into the army on February 6, 1946. After basic training he was on a ship heading out to what was rumored to be Okinawa, but ended up in Korea. He served with the 31st Infantry, serviced, operated and made minor repairs on 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 ton military trucks. He also transported equipment and supplies in varying weather conditions on all kinds of roads as well as performing guard duty. He was discharged on April 1, 1947, with the rank of Private First Class.
He then married Manning native, Patricia Siem, daughter of Pete and Elsie Siem.

In 2014, one of Norman's daughters e-mailed me after finding my web page. So I asked her about more pictures and information about her family and she sent me quite a few pictures to scan.

Norman Gosch on the left
from Norman's daughter
This next item also came from his daughter. Like so many Veterans, they are very humble and don't think their story is all that important and only give just the basic information if they agree to submit something.
Well fortunately, his daughter sent me this time-line of Norman's service - unfortunately he never finished it, but it gives more specifics on his service than the version he sent me.
NOW I want to be CLEAR!!! I'm not criticizing Norman, but trying to encourage other Manning Veterans to submit more details, specifics, pictures, and information about their service.

Their service is certainly as important as this Kroeger genealogy feature and look at how much I'm showing about it...

Norman's hand-written military diary

SS Marine Devil - troop transport that Norman references in his diary.

Here are some Gosch/Siem/Wegner family pictures

Norman's brother Roger Gosch - from the Wegner/Genzen collection

Norman Gosch from the Wegner/Genzen collection

George & Milda (Wegner) Peters from the Wegner/Genzen collection

Emil Gosch and George Peters from the Wegner/Genzen collection
The carriage house at the Manning Heritage Park

Emil & Mamie (Wegner) Gosch from the Wegner/Genzen collection

Milda (Wegner) Peters & Mamie (Wegner) Gosch from the Wegner/Genzen collection

Mamie Gosch with Norman from the Wegner/Genzen collection

Patricia (Siem) and Norman Gosch from the Wegner/Genzen & Peters/Wilhelm collection

Patricia Siem from the Wegner/Genzen & Peters/Wilhelm collection

Patricia Siem with her brother Lester Siem from Norman Gosch's daughter

Pete & Elsie Siem from Norman Gosch's daughter

Patricia & Geraldine Siem at 103 Sue Street from Norman's daughter
Note the old grade school across Sue Street to the east

Now we'll go back to more Ohrt pictures I have in my database.
Minnie Biehl, Hans Ohrt, Katherine Fonken from the Ohrt collection I worked with in 2017/18

Katie Ohrt, Katherine Fonken from the Ohrt collection

Elsie Ohrt & Herb Kroeger from the Ohrt collection

Ohrt family

Back: John, Hulda, Julius, Katie (Frahm)
Front: Lillian as born July 1898
from the Kuhse/Mackin collection

Ohrt family older

Back: Hulda, Julius, Lillian
Front: John, Mildred, Katie
from the Ohrt collection

Lillian Ohrt baptism certificate from the Kuhse/Mackin collection

Lillian Kuhse, Katie Ohrt, Mildred Plummer from the Ohrt collection I worked with in 2017/18

Nellie Mohr & Julius Ohrt from the Ohrt collection

Back: ??, ??
Front: Lillie Ohrt, Hulda Ruhde from the Ohrt collection

Mildred (Ohrt) Plummer from the Ohrt collection

Possibly Hulda (Ohrt) Ruhde from the Ohrt collection

Gladys (Ohrt) Sonksen from the Ohrt collection

Clarence Kuhse who married Lillian Ohrt from the Kuhse/Mackin collection

Julius Ohrt on the farm just northwest of the Milwaukee RR tracks in Manning from the Ohrt collection

Leonard Ohrt farm from the Frank Ehrichs collection
Not sure who Leonard was and where the farm was

February 11, 1931 Lyle Joens on the Henry Ohrt farm from the Gehlsen/Joens collection
Henry Ohrt married Emelia Hagge

from the Fonken/Cook collection

Back: Hico Fonken, Anna Fonken, Anna Flenker, Grace Martens, Dick Fonken, Herman Fonken, George Fonken, John Fonken, ??
Front: Albert Fonken, Katherine Fonken holding Grace Fonken, Albert Fonken, Grandma Geske (Bunjer), Grandpa John, Lizzie Fonken, William Fonken, August Fonken, John Fonken
All of the Herman Fonken children were born in this home on the farm 5 miles north of Manning.

I have a lot more Ohrt pictures but they are another generation or two younger.

If anyone can help with IDs, connections, has more pictures and information for these families, please e-mail me.

I hope this will encourage more people with Manning (especially military/Veteran) connected pictures and history to get it to me so I can scan it with my professional hardware and software and 23 years experience digitizing things.

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