I received a small collection from the Kuhse family out of town and need to get them scanned so I can return them.
Here is another picture I've never seen from the 1931 50th Anniversary of Manning. I have scanned quite a few pictures taken at this location by Lyden Studio but this is a new one to me. There are names on back and I'm hoping to confirm they were written left to right, so if someone recognizes their parent/aunt/grandmother please let me know.

Bernice Kuhse, Dorothy Bartels, Eldora Meggers, LaVerne Kuhse, Helath Chopion, Florence Karsten, Iona Derner, Vera Juels, Eunice Lamp, Louise Ossenkop, Maxine Kuhse, Rosalie Bueltel, Arlene Jensen, Ilna Ramsey

I've compared the various letters to make sure I have the correct spelling but 3 of the names I'm not quite sure of so if you know the correct spelling please let me know.
I haven't had time to look up obituaries to see if I can find their names in one of their siblings write-ups.

Here is a threshing picture taken circa 1940.

Back 7: Amos Kusel #1, Harold Schroeder #3, Emil Opperman #4, George Opperman #7
Middle7: dark face probably George Kuhse, hidden face #2, ??, Henry Vinke #4, Hugo Hansen #5, John Musfeldt, Jr. #7
Front 3: Alvin Kuhse, Glenn Kuhse, ?Lyle Hansen?

No cell phones, no tweeting or facebook, just good ole fashioned hard work and comradery where the men and some boys would accomplish something productive and at the same time communicated directly to each other...even though it was HOT, ITCHY, DUSTY, and plain ole hard work, they also had fun. The women slaved over hot cook stoves (probably in a summer kitchen) and prepared a meal and lunches.

During the lunch/meal everyone would talk about the topics of the day and the youngsters could hear stories about the past.

This would go on over several days to a week, where the threshing crew would go from one neighbor to the next to finish the oats season.

When you think how hard you work today, you need to be thankful you don't have to endure the day to day challenges the generations like this were dealt.
After a hard day of threshing, they had to go home to do chores, feed their horses and livestock and probably do other things too.

We need to be so thankful for how easy we have it today!

And to those protestors we see on a daily basis around the world - you need to be thankful too, because if you lived back during these days you wouldn't have any time to SIT around and protest whatever you favorite pet peeve is...if you did you probably would have starved to death.
People back then would not have put up with your lazy, everything is owed me, I've got it so tough, attitude.

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