A "Celebration of Life Memorial" for Ron McKay was held on Saturday, May 4th, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. at the Manning VFW Post.
In true Ron fashion, we will "keep it simple and keep it casual...but stay as long as you like".
Please bring your memories and stories to share with Teresa and Rich.

Teresa Vonnahme

In Memory of Ronald McKay
Ronald was inducted into the U.S.M.C. on August 23, 1982, spending 3 months in basic training. He then trained as a Combat Engineer, attaining the rank of Pfc. on February 1, 1983.
Ron was awarded Honor Graduate and promoted to Lance Corporal on February 2, 1984. He was assigned to Camp Pendleton, California for 1 year and transferred to Okinawa, Japan where he was stationed for 1 year (7 months of that time was in Korea on two operations). He finished his 4-year duty at Camp Pendleton, California, attaining the rank of Corporal.
Ron received the Good Conduct Medal, including several ribbons and was honorably discharged on August 23, 1986.

1982 MHS graduates: Richard Duane Amsden, Lynna Marie Andresen, Ken E. Bauer, Sara Mae Carter, Lyle Kevin Christensen, Julie Jeralyn Collison, Susan Crandall (salutatorian), Gerald Thomas Croghan, Owen Jerome Croghan, Jessica Sue Dammann, Mary Helen Drees, Janice Marie Eickman, Kenny Roger Eischeid, Michelle Angelique Fiddelke, Scott Edward Fielweber, Vicki Lin Frank, Robert Allen Genzen, Todd Karl Gruhn, Craig Frank Hacker, Jon Michael Hagedorn, Shelli Dee Hagedorn, Roxanne A. Halbur, Kristie Sue Haskins, Lisa Sue Hass, Donna Lea Herbers, Delia Lee Hicks, Alan R. Hinners, Jeff Houghton, Patricia Ann Hughes, Brett David Irlbeck, Jeff L. Joens, Denise Elaine Johnson, Thomas James Johnson, Lori Sue Justice, Daniel C. Kalkhoff, Annette Kinsey, Chris Elmer Langel, Trudi Margaret Lewis, Patrick Alan Lutwitze, Margaret Renee McAdams, Ron McKay, Mary Jane Miller, Julie Ann Mohr, Rebecca Renee Mohr, Rourke Francis Mullen, Edith Dawn Myer, Christopher D. Nelson, Kent E. Pfannkuch, Richard Alan Ramsey, Dean Wayne Rohe, Donna Jean Rosonke, Mary Jane Marie Rothfolk, Karla Ann Sailer, Barry Schwiesow, Julie Ann Siepker, Kevin Sporrer, Randall Lee Sturm, Wanda Jean Tank, David Scott Thompson, LaDonna Lorraine Vaughn, Kathy Linn Vollstedt, Lisa Marie Wanninger, Tim Waterbury, Carmen Beth Weets, Craig Alan Wegner, David Robert Wegner, Valerie Lynn Weller (valedictorian), Jean Marie Wiese

1982 former students: Roger Auten, David Belding, Shelley Belding, Brent Bell, Dacia Bell, Beth Brotherton, George Davis, Kevin Doyel, Theresa Epperly, John Falck, Michelle Feltner, Sheila Ferry, Laura Fischer, Todd Gerdes, Abner Hendrickson, Kimberly Karstens, Karol Klinker, Sandra Kovacevic, Karen Kruse, Michael Lamp, Susan Lee, Carla Madsen, Michelle McMillen, Keith Meeves, Rick Petersen, Dwayne Read, Todd Rix, Kimberly Ross, Michael Rowedder, Joyce Schlichte, Mary Schwaller, Ron Sevey, Tully "Buzz" Simon, Robert Vaughn, Debora Vogl, David Walsh, Lance Warnke, Duane Wilde, Susan Wittrock

Eighth grade
Back: Patrick Lutwitze, Brett Irlbeck, Bob Genzen, Scott Fielweber, Randy Sturm, Coach Dan Evans, Brent Bell, David Thompson, Jon Hagedorn, Craig Wegner, David Wegner, Lyle Christensen, Chris Langel
Front: Ron McKay, Owen Croghan, Craig Hacker, Jerry Croghan, Kenny Eischeid, Alan Hinners, Barry Schwiesow, John Falck, Danny Kalkhoff, Rick Ramsey, Jeff Joens, Dean Rohe

Back: Todd Gruhn, Chris Nelson, Ken Eischeid, Chris Langel, Alan Hinners, Jon Hagedorn, Kent Pfannkuch, Barry Schwiesow, Gerald Croghan
Front: Ron McKay, Owen Croghan, Dave Thompson, Randy Sturm, Robert Genzen, Craig Wegner, Craig Hacker, David Wegner, Rick Ramsey

Manning Fire Department name plaque

Richard Sorensen - MFD

Teresa McKay - MHS 1979

Duane Sorensen - MHS 1986
June 7, 1968 - November 21, 2012

Ronnie, Richard, Nikki, Carter Sorensen

Dawn Elizabeth Rohe 3 months, Derrick Allen Rohe 3 years
Children of Merlin Rohe and Teresa (McKay) Vonnahme

September 11, 2001, attack on the United States inspired two local young men to honor the victims through their talents...

By Ron McKay
Fallen Heroes
Only the good Lord knows why
he called you all home on that dreadful day.
His works are strange and mysterious;
He wanted it this way.

Perhaps he didn't want to take you alone.
But, rather with your friends,
who were also in the danger zone.

Yes, he took you in his hands
the moment you got off the ladder
He couldn't stand to see you be any sadder.

As Lady Liberty provided the light
to get you through the smoke and the haze,
tears ran down her cheek
as up to heaven she did gaze

With the World Trade Center still burning and
crumbling from this terrible deed,
The grass in the distance was a beautiful
green without a single weed.

September 11th, 2001 is a date we will never forget.

To all those who arrived to help-
We say Thanks
your heroism may never again be met.
Poem written by Dan Rosonke

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