Jay & The Americans "This Magic Moment" 1969

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The Class of 1969 cordially invites other classes, teachers, family and friends to the Manning VFW Hall FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 for an informal get-together starting at 5 pm.
Class members will meet Saturday at 5:30 pm at Trestle Park.

1969 MHS graduates: Darrel Baker, Russell Baker, Paula Beck, Stephen Carlyle, Robert Case, John Croghan, Julia Croghan, Darlis Dammann, Karen Dentlinger, James Dobler, John Dobler, Kathy Felker, Pamela Foley, Bruce Grimm, Pamela Hargens, Sandra Hass, Mark Heinicke, Paul Hiatt, Kathy Hinze, Kit Hockett, John Hornberger, Lydia Hugeback, Fred Irlbeck, Sue Irlmeier, Terry Jensen, Kathleen Joens, Lyle Karsten, David Kasperbauer, Kerry Lohrmann, Curt Long, Juan Maranon, Mark McNutt, Eddie Meiers, Dale Moeller, Larry Mohr, Greg Moore, Lois Muhlbauer, Betty Mundt, Judy Nissen, Dale Pfannkuch, Kathy Potthoff, David Rohe, JoAnn Rohe, Dennis Rowedder, David W. Schroeder, Michael Schwaller, Mark Spack, Donna Spieker, Pat Sporrer, Irene Stangl (valedictorian), Larry Stangl, Nancy Stoberl (salutatorian), Kenneth Sturm, David Taggart, Gale Tibben, Linda Turner, Sandra Vinke, Felix Vogl, Jr., David Vonnahme, Steve Walters, Myra Jean Weems, Gail Wegner, Janice Wegner, Barbara Wiese.

1969 former students: David Determann, Jackie Frahm, John Frahm, Paula Frisinger, Mary Jo Haase, Steven Heuton, Diane Hinz, Penny Hunter, Joey Irlmeier, Terry Joens, Bonnie Jurgensen, Danny Keat, Janeen Kienast, Glen Kuhl, Doug Maasen, Terry McConnell, Bonnie Meggers, Nickie Mount, Diane Muhlbauer, Sheryl Musfeldt, Alvin Nepple, Ann Pearson, Janice Pfannkuch, Marcus Popp, Lanny Porsch, Deborah Ricke, Becky Schwiesow, Mary Swander, Richard Talboy, Michael Wegner, Stephen Wittrock, Debra Wood

Trestle Park

View from trestle 2018

2018 RAGBRAI - looking north through the Iowa sculpture.

The Trestle Park project began in 2016, and the city crew just finished with the depot construction in mid-July 2019, so I now need to take pictures that show the "finished product."


Architect's design