Changes continue in Manning...
Dr. John Edgerton had this card printed to have some fun with the expansion of 141 from 2 lanes to 4 lanes in 1961.

Photos taken by Johannes Bunz right before 141 was changed to 4 lanes.
Sometime in the near future the State of Iowa is going to change 141 from 4 lanes to 3 lanes in the Manning city limits (world's shortest freeway), with a center turning lane. This 3 lane will be extended around a half mile up the hill to the west from West Street.

1965 Dr. Edgerton

324 Main Street

Mike Edgerton MHS 1967

Thank you from Dave Edgerton - 1961 Crownbearer

1972 "Guys & Dolls"

Dave Edgerton, Dave Crandall, I believe Mike Foley behind the hat, Lynn Mork, Mark Stangl behind Lynn, Mike Mohr, Richard Schmidt, Kirk Huldeen, Tim Weible, Dean Moeller (looking away), Karl Rutz

I don't have any picture of Darlene Jean "Shoney" (Adams) Edgerton or John Edgerton, Jr.

New Dentist in Manning
After one business backed out another came forward so Manning will now have a Dentist serving the area.
It will be located at the old location of city hall with renovation beginning April 30, 2019.

View along Third Street

view from back

The old entryway of City Hall

tearing out walls and carpet

New Mural
The Manning historic committee has been working to restore an old Coke mural on the wall of the Corner Cafe...below is the beginning of that story.
There were 2 different Coke murals. The one most people will remember was still visible during the 1970s, but the one that was decided on was on the wall during the 1940s and up to the very early 1950s...the one with the "Sprite boy."
The committee approached me about pictures of the mural and I asked them which one - they were not aware of the earlier one, so I searched through my database and found examples of both. Unfortunately I did not have unobstructed head-on views of the murals...they were in parade pictures from various collections I've scanned over the decades.

Henry Buhmann born in Germany 1869 and came to Manning in 1888.

Originally called "Eck" by the old "German" pioneers - eck meaning "corner"
Probably how later on the name Corner Cafe came about...

Pre 1915 Main Street - Dubuque Bottling mural mostly out of view.

1948 Sprite Boy mural

1955 Storz mural

1952 - I'm working on a timeline for when the 2nd Coke mural was painted on the wall.
Rutz & Ramsey cousins at Children's Day.


1962 Homecoming parade - class of 1963

Thanks to Gary Gruhn for the following Homecoming information
1959 chevy - believe it belonged to Roy Schilling
Queen candidates: Vergene Reinke & Jane Irlmeier - crown bearer is Paul Hartman
Front seat driver possibly Dave Souter and rider, Gene Wycoff

yellow Ford - queen candidates: Diane Eischeid & Sue Gaul - flower girl Jessica Zerwas
Patrick Callender is the passenger
If anyone recognizes any of the students please let me know.

By 1987 the mural was mostly faded away.

This wall was tuckpointed sometime by owner Deb Knueven, so I'll ask her when this was done which is probably when the mural was powerwashed away completely.


I don't have a clear view (or can't find one right now) of the Dubuque Bottling mural that was on the wall during the early 1900s when Henry Buhmann owned it when it had the Horseshoe bar (the longest bar west of the Mississippi), but the first picture of the building above shows a partial view and after the 1st Sprite Boy mural there was the Storz beer mural when Henry Peters had the business.

These pictures came from various collections. Most of them were from school/sports collections but as you can see, a lot of history can be found in these pictures and this is why I'm always asking people to bring me all of their scrapbooks and pictures so I can go through them.

I'll find history that you won't even realize you have!!!

So bring me your old pix and Manning connected history so I can go through them.

The Atlantic Bottling Company out of Atlantic, Iowa, is paying for this mural.
Boose Building Company is doing the mural.

April 30, 2019, Marty Boose scraping the bricks.

A scan of my picture was used to trace out the mural and projected on this plastic sheet hanging on a wall.

Next a section is cut out by Connie Boose.
It willl take her about 1 month to complete the mural.

Then it is traced with a carpenter's pencil.

The first letter is finished.

May 2, 2019

May 4, 2019

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