More from the Koester/Lamp box of negatives

"Hi Yo Silver, Away!"
Louie Koester with "Teddy"

5 unknown men - Probably Willys Wunder on far right
The 4th man from the left sure looks like someone I should know.
The first man on the left has a wooden mallet by his feet.
So they were doing something on the farm that required a wooden mallet.

Unknown baby

Here is a positive scan of one of the 3.5x4 inch negatives.

CO "Clarence" Lamp, Lucille (Lamp) Boell, Darlene Lamp, possibly a Boell boy?
Gerhardt Lamp's jeep behind.

When I was working on the Manning Schools history book in 2007-09, I was looking for pictures of Manning area country schools. I found this first image in the box of negatives of mostly Koester family members so I checked to see which school they attended and it was Iowa No. 2.
So went to my Iowa No. 2 database folder to see if I had any full view pictures of this school...I did not but I have 3 close-ups that I think confirm the negative is of Iowa No. 2.

Iowa No. 2
I'm assuming a coal box on back left corner of picture.

Pictures of Iowa No. 2 from other sources

Back: Elsie (Boyens) Wiese, Nora Collins - teacher, Elsie Pruter, Ida Wunder
Middle: Elnora Rix, Lizzie (Boyens) Dammann, Elsie (Kuhl) Wilhelm, Florence (Georgius) Ewoldt, Caroline (Stammer) Clark, Milda Schwiesow, Goldie (Stammer) Meeves
Front: Edward Rix, Herman Koester, Louie Koester, Johnnie Schwiesow, Andrew Boyens
Now in this picture you see limestone footings but is an older picture than the first one on top.
So at first it would suggest the top picture is not No. 2 with concrete block footings.

1949-50 Back: Allan Lamaack, Daryle Rowedder, Edna Rowedder (teacher) - Far left: Calvin Stammer
Second: Linda Meggers, Virginia (Dammann) Johnson, Deloris Schroeder, Margaret Schroeder, Myrene Rowedder, Marla Lamaack, Donna Kuhl, Clifford Stammer, Bill Sharp
Front: Betty Saunders, Dale Dammann, Gary Rowedder, Valda Lamaack, Carol Sharp, Betty Dammann
Front view of school with concrete block footings, which looks very similar to the top picture.

Circa 1934 - Back: Melvin Hass, Bennie Otto, Lucille Lamp, Helen Hass, Laverne Hass, Gladys Boyens, Eunice Lamp, Kathryn (Kuhl) Vollstedt (teacher)
Middle: Elmer Otto, Lester Hass, Billy Meggers, Willys Wunder, Malinda Otto, Elverda Lamp
Front: Lois Wilhelm (visitor), Edward Meggers, Merlin Hass, Milda Otto.
This picture shows the coal box (note arrow on right) on the same corner as the top picture.
So I'm 99.9% sure the negative is of this school.

Just think if I hadn't worked on Manning country schools and gathered pictures and information, now 10+ years later I wouldn't be able to determine for sure the location of this school, OR show you pictures of students that are identified.
A lot of people who submitted these old pictures are no longer living...I wonder what happened to the pictures they brought to me to scan???

Based on 40 years of trying to save Manning history - I'd say a lot of those country school pictures are gone...and the ones that are still with a family member would not be identified, because most of the pictures I scanned had no IDs, but I worked with the family member to get them identified.

Now if you have country school pictures that were never submitted to me for scanning, I'd sure gladly accept them even now to scan and add to the Manning Historical Preservation Database.
That way they'll be preserved long after we are all gone and your pictures will get thrown away by the next generation who inherits them and won't have the slightest clue or care in the least, as to who the students are or where the school was located.
Simply send me an e-mail and we'll work out the details so I can get them from you to scan and then return them...

Another long-term project I'm working on is to find and scan senior pictures for as many Manning graduates as I can...for display in a hopeful future Manning Museum.
I usually will find at least one senior picture in family collections, and this Koester set of negatives is no exception.
Another reason why I need to go through people's collections. I'll find all kinds of Manning history they won't realize I want or that they even have.

Willys Wunder MHS 1943
This is the first school picture I've run into for Willys.

I think this is a young Willys Wunder

Same kid and location on far right as above - Willys Wunder

Another first for me in scanning horse drawn equipment - what a great picture of a horse-drawn harrow.

While this farming technology is only one generation removed from my farming experiences, as my dad farmed with horses, it could just as well be a hundred generations for most of the people living in the US today. Other than the rural farming/ranching areas of the US, most people 60 and under today are multiple generations removed from agriculture where one of their ancestors actually used horses or this era technology to grow food, make a living with it, and help feed the people in the US.

Now we have politicians that think the farmer/rancher is no longer needed in some areas of the food supply and they also think we can go back to something resembling the picture above.

Before these politicians speak they first need to pick up a pitch fork and find out what real physically hard work is...see how long their "dainty" hands and uncallused fingers will last.

Having used a pitch fork many times in my youth, it gives you a very different outlook on life - trust me!

"Fence sitting"

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