Almost 20 years ago I scanned the Jessie (Stribe) Nissen collection.
Every now and then I try to find time to go through and rescan things and scan things I missed during the early years of my digital scanning.
I now have professional scanners and software and with over 25 years of scanning experience, I can get much better and high resolution scans now.

I thought I would show some of the newly scanned and rescanned photos on this page and hopefully people will help with IDs.

Please e-mail me with IDs

These pictures are from an era long ago, but I think are important to show to people today so they can have a better understanding of the hard work and difficulties the Pioneers and our ancestors had back then to make a living and to survive.

Alvina (Ohrt) Stribe - Mrs. George

George Frank Stribe

Merlin Nissen

I always ask people to tell me when they see mistakes I make and for this picture above I accidentally listed it as Melvin Nissen in the file name. I have shown it in other web page features over the years but no one caught the error. When I rescanned this picture - this time I noticed that it was Merlin Nissen written on back instead of Melvin.
I wanted to confirm this so I e-mail his daughter and she confirmed this is her dad.
I think I'll use this picture of Merlin along with his other military pictures and information in the Manning Veterans' book. Very fitting that as a boy he poses patriotically and then later serves during WWII.

Orlo Nissen

Unknown lady

Alfred Nissen on the Gotch farm - later the Gerhardt Lamp farm in south Manning at 11204 318th Street.

Orlo, Jessie, Norma, Melvin - Nissen

George driving his Dodge car (Curt Stribe farm today 13879 270th Street), possibly Jessie (Stribe) Nissen in back

11 in view - #6 Alvan Hansen, #8 Amos Kusel - gap - 8 in view - #2 Orlo Nissen #3 Melvin Nissen #5 Roy Struve #8 Robert Kruse - gap - 5 in view - #1 George Campbell #5 Alvin Musfeldt
August 31, 1939 Monitor
Orlo and Melvin Nissen have a litter of spots. The pigs were farrowed about the first of March and weigh a little over two hundred pounds now. They have been raised on clean ground on a balanced ration. When the pigs were under fifty pounds the boys fed a pig meal of 50 pounds corn, 25 oats, 10 tankage, 10 soybean, 5 alfalfa meal and 1 and a half pound Moorman minerals. After the pigs reached fifty pounds the boys fed corn and protein.
The boys, Manning High Vocational students, have raised sixteen pigs from the two litters.

Billie Meggers has two litters of Hampshire hogs for his project far vocational agriculture. When the boys were studying hogs in class Billie decided that he wanted to raise Hampshires. He borrowed forty dollars from the bank and bought two gilts. He has raised thirteen fine pigs from these two gilts by putting the pigs on clean ground, feeding the sows well when suckling the pigs and feeding a balanced ration.

Earl & Arlene Stribe - Earl was Russ & Richard Stribe's dad.

Detailed Stribe history I featured on my web page last year

Unknown men and location - maybe on the Konrady side of the family

Washington No. 8 country school

Back older kids: Herbert Stribe, ??, ??, Jessie Stribe
Second4 boys: ??, Walter Stribe, ??, ??
Front: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??

1 Jessie Stribe Nissen, 2 Clara Stribe


I believe this is Jessie Stribe feeding her horse

Probably Stribe side of the family

Herman Ohrt & family in their barley field
This farm was located, north, across the RR tracks on the west side of West Street in Manning.
Later the Melvin Nissen family purchased this property.

Unknown group & location

Herbert "Bert" Stribe on the Stribe farm northeast of Manning

Lady in front of the Bert Stribe farmhouse northeast of Manning

Jessie (Stribe) Nissen

George Stribe operating the binder

Oats bundles made by the binder and then manually put into shocks by the farmer.

The oats seed heads dried for a week or so in the oats shocks, and then came the next step - hot, hard, dirty, sweaty, itchy, manual labor...

Threshing - probably the Nissen or maybe Stribe farm
So the next time you think you have it tough in life - remember our history!

I've often wondered if these other WWI soldiers were from Manning, OR buddies of Bert in the company he served with.

Herbert Stribe - back right

Herbert Stribe March 29, 1918

One thing I know for sure is our Pioneer ancestors were very patriotic...scenes like this next one are very common in old family collections.

George Schroeder

George Schroeder February 1919

George Schroeder

Peter Henry Schroeder was born in 1876 on a farm near Davenport, Iowa. His father, Jorgen Schroeder, came to that area from Schleswig, Germany when he was twenty-eight years old. He married Mary Schluntz and brought his family to Gray, Iowa about four years later.
Peter Schroeder claimed to be the first boy in Gray, but he was not the first boy born there. His father and mother operated a tavern and boarding house for five years before purchasing a farm west of Gray. His memories of the businessmen and settlers, the activities of the community, and the changes that took place were of great interest to him all of his life. He saw the train come to Gray in 1882 after the tracks were laid from Carroll to Manning and then south. In later years when the train came down for the last time, he was there to watch and remember.
Peter Schroeder (died 1966) married Mae Stribe (died 1970) in 1912. Their children are George (born 1917); Alta (born 1920-died 1954) who married John Wilson, and Verna (born 1915) who married Leroy Musfeldt. His grandchildren are Lauron, Buffalo Grove, Illinois; Ralph, Boulder, Colorado; Dale, Ankeny, Iowa; and Roger Musfeldt, Omaha, Nebraska.
Peter Schroeder's brothers were Cleve and Bismark, who live in Hawthorne, Nevada. His sister Anna, married Charles Ross; Ricka married Peter Ohrt; Doris married Fred Sievers; Rosa married Jack Moore; Greta was Jacob Carstens' wife, and Elsie was Mrs. Amos W. Carlile.
All members of Jorgen Schroeder's family are deceased except Bismark.

Verna & George Schroeder

Alta Mae Schroeder

Clara (Stribe) Konrady - sister to Herbert, Jessie...

Dean, Regilda (Stoffers), Herbert, Lowell - Stribe

Nursing calf

Orlo Nissen - hauling manure

Alfred Nissen ready to start planting

1939 Alfred Nissen ready to begin plowing

Unknown person - location

August 14, 1932

Orlo, Melvin
Norma, Mina Schroeder?
south of town where Norma Nissen was born
Present day Gerhardt Lamp farm
Formerly Herman & Alva (Smith) Gotch farm
Alva was a Music teacher at MHS.
Alva Gotch was first married to M.B. Wyatt

Gotch home

Alfred Nissen

Orlo & Melvin Nissen with their hogs - looking west from the Nissen farm
Today you would see the old M&I Dehy plant on top of the hill in the background left

1921 Alfred Nissen cultivating.

You could follow the rows and also cross-cultivate check-row planted corn.
There were NO contour rows with wire check-row planting.
So the rows would be straight and go up and down the hills. Dad would tell me that the corn was cultivated at least 2 times...the first time following the rows and the second time you crossed the rows - basically filling in the eroded ruts on the steeper sidehills. Finally they would lay-by the corn with hillers to heap soil around the base of the corn plants and prop roots.

Norma, Melvin, Orlo Nissen on the Gotch farm.

Orlo & Melvin Nissen

Alfred Nissen next to the old original hoghouse.

Rooting through the corn cobs looking for kernels of corn.

Farmer with his boar - unknown person/location

Alfred with his horses

Alfred with his horse

Alfred on the south Gotch farm

Norma Nissen - later Mrs. Bud Weems

Unknown women - location

Unknown lady - location

Unknown lady - location

Back Walt?, Jessie, Charlie
Front Herbert in center
other two sisters are Mae & Clara

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