In Memory Ronald H. Peters
September 4, 1938 - June 17, 2019

Betty & Ronnie Peters - good friends of Elke Bunz who had this picture in her collection.

Ron Peters, born September 4, 1938, passed away on June 17, 2019, after a long battle with Parkinson's Disease and Multiple System Atrophy. Ron grew up in Manning Iowa, the son of Henry and Esther (Vetter) Peters. He and his sister Betty helped his parents in what started as the Peters Tavern and eventually became the Corner Café - the same structure that was a historically prominent tavern, first owned by the Buhmann brothers and then Voss & Frahm, which had the longest bar (horseshoe shaped) west of the Mississippi.

He met his future wife Jeanette" Jen" Hugg while in high school, as he captured her heart with his infectious smile and pretty blue eyes. The high school sweethearts married after Jen finished her degree at AIB and looked forward to their new life together.

The first in his family to attend college, Ron attended the University of Iowa where he completed both his undergrad and graduate work in Physiological Psychology. Upon graduation he received an offer to teach at Iowa State. They moved to Ames and into their first little home on Arizona Avenue in 1963. Though they had their first daughter Kris, the one that looks like her Mom, while still in Iowa City, they welcomed their second daughter Kari in Ames. And she is the one that looks like her Dad.

The family flourished while in Ames. Ron and Jen built the home that they would live in for the next 50 years on Northbrook Circle while their girls attended Ames schools and eventually Iowa State. Both girls had their Dad for Psych 101 but that was about as far as it went with passing down the scientific gene. Ron loved his research and teaching and his students loved him. He received many awards during his 45 years teaching at Iowa State. Avid Cyclone fans, they held season tickets to both football and basketball games until just recently. With a wonderful group of friends they had the best tailgate one could find under the C6 sign in the Hilton parking lot. Ron and the family loved spending their summer vacation camping and fishing in the mountains of Colorado or Wyoming or wherever their trailer might take them. He was an enthusiastic fly fisherman and spent many a day on the river with his favorite fishing buddy. The same buddy who helped him perfect their famous margarita recipe. He was also particularly fond of his granddaughter, Emme, who Kris had adopted in 1999 from Kazakhstan. He morphed into the role of Papa easily and she loved him dearly.

Due to Ron's illness, he and Jen chose to move to Green Hills Retirement Community in 2017. They have enjoyed the new friends they have met there and appreciate the care that all the wonderful staff has provided for both of them. Jen, Kris, Kari, and Emme will miss their favorite Papa greatly but are so grateful for the wonderful husband, father and grandfather he was and how he took such good care of "his girls."

There will be a small family burial in the Iowa State University Cemetery and a Celebration of Life will be held at a later date. Expressions of sympathy can be sent to 2205 Green Hills Drive, #1205, Ames, IA 50014.
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Ron Peters MHS 1956

1956 MHS graduates: Janice Ahrendsen (salutatorian), Gordon Anthony, Carol Antone, Roger Barten, Gerald Beck, Robert Beisch, Dorothea Brus, Karen Carstens, Virginia Dammann, Deanna Donaghu, Delores Eckholdt, Roselle Ehlers, Mardella Friedrichsen, Robert Froyd, Beverly Genzen, Larry Genzen, Emil Grau, Roger Hagedorn, Allen Hargens, Roger Hinz, Larry Hodne, Darryl Jahn, Roger Joens, Roger Koepke, Janet Kuhl (valedictorian), Janice Laurinat, Shannon Mahnke, Allen Mohr, Joyce Nulle, Cynthia Peters, Ronald Peters, Janice Petersen, Dennis Ramsey, Noreen Kay Ramsey, Myrene Rowedder, Merlene Saunders, Raymond Thielen, Constance Trella, Eleanor Trella, Janice Vehrs, LeRoy Venteicher, Marcella Wanninger, Richard Wellendorf, Larry Witt

1956 former students: Erwin Barkalow, Nancy Dales, Larry Daugherty, Richard Enenbach, Verna Ford, Alan Friedrichsen, Rosemary Fritz, Art Fuller, Charles Fuss, Edwin Groppe, Jr., Ione Hicks, Roy Hinze, Michael Kellogg, Marlene Kinney, Sandra Lacy, Roger Littell, Paul Malven, Charlene McLaughlin, James McMahon, Sandra Mishler, Lila Nulle, Bill Porter, Jimmy Rohovit, Norma Rostermundt, Joyce Spence, Roy Stark, Brian Travis, Bobby Welker, Charles White, Dorothy Wiemann, William Wyatt

School information about the Peters & Huggs

Check out Ronnie's most embarrassing moment during a junior high basketball game...

1955 Back: Coach John Beach, Warren Puck, Student Manager; Vernon Wagner, Robert Horbach, Ronnie Peters, Larry Genzen, Larry Nielsen, Eugene Haberl, Gary Koon, Tom Koon, Dale Jansen, Larry Zerwas, Larry Witt, Phil Knaack, Robert Beisch, Coach Ray Standerwick
Second: Victor Schwiesow, Allen Muhlbauer, Larry Lohrmann, Ronnie Hodne, Bob Froyd, Roger Hagedorn, Royce Genzen, Dennis Saunders, Bob Laverty, Carl Saunders, Allen Laurinat, Ray Fink
Front: Billy Genzen, Ronnie Mohr, Hans "Junior" Bonnesen, Larry Rowedder, Gary Monson, Keith Pfannkuch, Dennis Grimm, Dick Bowers, Richard Brockelsby, Keith Hass, Allan Fonken, David Peters

Heinie Dethlefs mowing in back - Roger Koepke and we think Ron Peters on right.

1956 Betty Peters on Main Street after eating noon lunch at the old grade school and heading back to the high school.

1955 Jeanette Hugg

Karen Rix & Jeanette Hugg

Dance band

Back 3: Joycelyn Genzen, Roger Koepke, Sylvia Vollstedt
Second 5: Jon Groteluschen, Warren Puck, Dwayne Mickelson (band instructor), Jack Hansen, Richard Wellendorf
Front 5: Dale Jansen, Darlene Genzen, Karen Rix, Robert Beisch, Rae Lynn Wycoff
On piano: Jeanette Hugg with Kay Ramsey (looking at camera) assisting

Junior Senior Banquet: Judy Hugg & Barbara Vollmer

Back: Gerald Beck, Larry Wilson, Dennis Ramsey, Larry Genzen, Alan Friedrichsen
Front: Larry Nielsen, Jon Groteluschen, Bobby Laverty, Ronnie Peters, Roger Littell, Coach Bill Anderson

Homecoming 1952

Junior High float: 4 boys on hayrack Ron Peters, ??, ??, ??
then Coach & Jr High Principal Anderson, Roger Littell, Rob Horbach, Bob Froyd

Did you KNOW???

1950 new addition proposal - the existing gym and high school noted in back.



Children's Day - Henry Peters Tavern in the background

Children's Day 1948
note that this Coke Mural is different than the one recently painted on the Corner Cafe wall.

Some history of the Horseshoe bar

Henry Buhmann's place

John Frahm - the large ice house in back

1915 John Frahm, Carl Voss, Henry Buhmann, Henry Graves, Jack Junge, ? Ruhde, Charles Kempf, ?Bill Buhmann?, Carl Hagedorn, Bob Mutom, Henry Frahm

View looking west across the bar to Main Street

Sometime after the 1916 Iowa Prohibition "Temperance movement"

Kleespies Brothers now in the north half of the building - Voss & Frahm Soft Drink Parlor in the south part.

1950s Manning Food Market on the north half and Corner Cafe in the south.

THE CORNER CAFE - 1981 Manning Centennial book
The building now housing the Corner Cafe at the northeast corner of Fourth and Main, has had a long and interesting history of serving the public. The building was, of course, once wooden, and there were a succession of businesses at the location before 1891.
By 1891, the property belonged to John Albert and was being used as a saloon. May 8, 1891, a terrible fire destroyed the entire block, including the Albert Saloon. Only one pool table was saved. As a result of the fire, the building was rebuilt by Mr. Albert as a two story brick. He did not live to see the property completed, however, and it passed into the hands of Honnas Wunder who continued to rent out the premises as a saloon.
It was occupied in succession by A.L. McEnturff, Graves and Mreau, Claus Edens, and John Hansen (1898). The 1900 Business Directory lists Henry Buhmann as a bartender for John Hansen. Henry and Bill Buhmann were later the proprietors of the ''Eck (Corner) Saloon."
The saloon gained fame as the "Horseshoe Bar", touted by the Dubuque Brewing and Malting Co., brewers of Banquet Beer, as the longest bar west of the Mississippi River. The bar was of solid mahogany, was 120 feet long and took eight bartenders to service. The bar had a solid marble kickplate, part of which is still in the cafe basement.
This saloon was one of 13 in existence in Manning when a law passed by Iowa's 33rd General Assembly (1909) limited the number of bars in a town the size of Manning to only one. A Gentlemen's Agreement between the saloon owners gave the license for the one saloon to John Frahm at this location, on December 28, 1911. This license cost $4,200. he then hired many of the other saloon owners as bartenders. When Iowa went dry in 1916, the very colorful history of this property as a saloon ended abruptly.
The building's life of serving the public did not end, however. The business came to be known as the Voss-Frahm Soft Drink Parlour, and in 1932, was the Henry Albert Temperance Parlour.
In 1940, Henry Peters took over and ran a very successful tavern and cafe venture until 1975.

Henry and Esther Peters - 2006 Manning Quasquicentennial history book
Henry and Esther Peters served the Manning community for nearly 35 years as proprietors of first, Peters Tavern, and then the Corner Cafe (now Deb's Corner Cafe) on Main Street. They spent endless hours preparing home-cooked meals (ham on rye, soups, hamburgers, pies) six days a week. They began this line of work in Westside and moved to Manning in 1940. Their first home in Manning was on Fourth Street, then at 710 First Street until 1952, when they moved to their new brick home at 409 Second Street. This move also brought a telephone and a television set to their family home.
Henry was born on December 25, 1895, in Hamburg, Germany. He first worked in Omaha after arriving from Germany in 1912 as a young man of sixteen. He then stayed with relatives around Manning and Arcadia and learned the farming trade. His first marriage was to Celia Bauer in 1917. To this union were born four children: Vernon, now of Wall Lake, Lester (deceased October 20, 1997), Arlene Noack (deceased January 23, 2002) and Ray (deceased May 4, 1978). Celia died on October 22, 1934. Henry died on April 24, 1982 after retiring at the age of seventy-nine.
Esther Vetter and Henry were married in Yankton, South Dakota, in 1938. Esther was born on October 5, 1906, in Carroll County. Her parents were August and Minnie (Noelck) Vetter. Her mother and siblings moved to Manning from a farm near Halbur in 1940, after the death of her father, August. Her mother, Minnie, and Paul, Frank, and Martha lived at 122 Third Street. She also had another brother, Louis, and a sister, Alice (Young). Esther was a life-long partner with Henry in the tavern and cafe business. She passed away on September 13, 1998.
Ronald Henry (September 4, 1938) and Betty Jean (November 22, 1939) were born to this union. Both Ron and Betty attended school in Manning until their graduations in 1956 and 1957, respectively. Ron went to the University of Iowa where he received his doctorate in psychology in 1963. He married Jeanette Hugg of Westside on June 22, 1958. Two daughters, Kristin (Ames) and Karin (Chicago), completed their family. Kristin adopted an infant girl from Kazakhstan so they have one granddaughter, Emmerson, who was born on July 20, 1999. Ron retired as Professor of Psychology from Iowa State University in Ames where he spent his entire career of 40 years. Jen also retired as an administrative specialist for the psychology department. They have always enjoyed traveling in their recreation vehicles.
Betty obtained her Bachelor's Degree from the Iowa State Teacher's College in Cedar Falls (UNI) in 1961 with a double major, upper elementary and library science. She married Donald Nobiling on June 25, 1961. She first taught sixth grade at Ar-We-Va in Arcadia; then seventh and eighth grade reading in Carroll, did 15 years of substituting and, finally, was at Manilla (IKM) where she served for 23 years as Title I Reading teacher and school librarian before retiring in 2002. She continues to be the City Librarian at Westside since 1971. The Nobilings have three sons: Scott (Roseville, Illinois), Brad (Polk City, Iowa) and Craig (Chadron, Nebraska). They have nine grandchildren. Don retired after being with the Crawford County Secondary Highway Department for 15 years.

2006 Manning Quasquicentennial history book

Martha Vetter

Paul Vetter
The Vetters have lived at 122 Third Street in Manning for over 60 years. Mrs. August Vetter, Frank, Paul, and Martha had been the occupants of this two-story home since their move from the farm near Halbur in February 1942. August had passed away on the farm on April 3, 1931. Minnie and her three children began a new life for themselves in the city setting of Manning. Living there now are Paul, who turned ninety-five in March of 2005 and Martha, who was ninety-three in September of 2005. Frank passed away in February of 1997 and their mother, Minnie (Noelck), died in March of 1977.
The house has basically remained the same except for an enlargement of the much-used porch on the street side and the changes made to the back, which gave another entrance to the home. The stairs to the basement were moved to give more room to the kitchen, but much of the house is the same. These were projects that were completed by Paul and Frank over the years. This house was once occupied for a short time by Reverend Ansorge in 1907.
Martha retired from her years of working at and eventually owning the Corner Cafe on Main Street. She did a lot of the baking and cooking. The homemade rye bread was her specialty. She also recalls the many years of working at the egg drying plant during WWII where hours of breaking and separating eggs occupied many hours of the week.
Paul was drafted in 1943 at the age of thirty-four. He served with the U.S. Army in the Philippines until 1945. Paul was employed by the Ohde Funeral Home for more than 25 years. He helped with the yard work, drove to surrounding hospitals to get the deceased, assisted at funerals, helped to put up the endless feet of lights for the annual Christmas display, and was a general all-around “handy man.” After retirement from Ohdes, he continued doing summer yard work and winter snow removal with his brother Frank for many years.
The Vetters are long-time members of the Zion Lutheran Church in Manning. They were both baptized and confirmed at Zion in Arcadia by the Reverend Tews. Deceased family members include Esther (Mrs. Henry Peters), Frank, Louis, Alice (Mrs. Francis Young), and August (as an infant).

Paul Vetter WWII

I have very little information for the Hugg family.
These 2 aerial photos are from my great-uncle Frank Ehrichs' collection which he used as a weekly contest in the Denison newspaper to promote his grocery store in Aspinwall.
Any help with the Hugg family would be appreciated.

Henry Hugg farm
Crawford County

Howard Hugg farm

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