This will be a shot in the dark but I'm hoping that the Porter family descendants will see this message and contact me.
I'm looking for pictures of the Porter family and specifically of Myrtle (Nesler) Porter, who was Manning's first librarian. Below is a picture of Myrtle's husband, Clarence, and his sister, Maude.

Clarence Porter

One of these gals is Maude Porter and the other is her sister-in-law.

Art Rix had identified the picture of Clarence for me - he also told me that Clarence was a good friend of his. Clarence graduated from MHS in 1927, a sister Alice in 1930 and Maude did not attend Manning schools.
The 2nd picture of Maude was part of a collection that a lady has been sending me to scan over the last 8 years from out of state.

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