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In 4th grade I was in our classroom play as the giant and needless to say that was the end of my acting career!
Even though my lines were few and far between, memorizing lines and then remembering them has never been my forte.
I'll never forget my teacher admonishing me in front of the whole class after the play by saying "the giant should have studied his lines better."

I was not the best at school studies and memorizing but no dummy to realize that acting and public speaking were NOT in my future.

Now fast forward to when I started video-taping school plays in the 1980s and then capturing them with digital cameras from the 1990s to present...
While I participated in sports in school and loved the structure and team effort that was involved, as far as I'm concerned, sports doesn't hold a candle to the efforts students who act in plays and musicals or the things they learn that will be needed when they go out into the world after they graduate.

So even though you probably won't know the students in this play linked below, I hope you'll take some time to look at a few of the pictures to see some of the preparation before the play and the images and sound during the usual with our school plays - these students did an excellent job.
Dave Kusel

I connected my digital audio recorder to the school sound system to see how it would work.
There will only be sound on the left side of your stereo speakers so next year I'll have to figure out if the stereo connection is not working properly, or if there is only mono output, why the sound isn't on both sides of the audio track.

I hope the extra time and effort to cut out the various audio soundbites to go along with the pictures will make this web page feature more interesting.

The Princess Who Had No Name
March 31, 2019

At the auditorium in Manning.

Click for the program

Sneak preview below...

I took over 700 photos of the play with my Nikon D5 and also connected my digital audio recorder to the school sound board to record the actors/music. I'm going to add clips of the audio to the pictures - something I've never tried before so it is going to be interesting how I can work out this process.

OOPS! my sword broke...