One is the loneliest number!!!
I was recently contacted by a lady who is trying to find her blood relatives. After several e-mails back and forth, we now know that she is actually a distant cousin of mine.
She determined through DNA tests that my third cousin and third cousin, twice removed are in her blood line…two different branches of my Kusel/Friedrichsen tree.
Below is some information about which Friedrichsen branches she connected to but at this point is not able to determine the exact branch she comes from.

Julie, born in 1971 in Des Moines, is looking for help in finding out what her family bloodline is.
Her adoptive parents are deceased and the hospital where she was born apparently destroyed the archival records...courthouse records do not exist.
She recently took a DNA test and found 2 matches in the Henry & Rosa (Kusel) Friedrichsen family tree.
One specific match was in the Edward Friedrichsen line and the other match was in the Herman Friedrichsen line so it appears she does descend from one of the Henry & Rosa Friedrichsen lines.

Like so many people who were adopted out, Julie would like to know where she comes from and who her living relatives are, and hopefully get to know some of her long-lost "cousins."
She is not out to judge anyone or look for any type of compensation...just searching for family connections.
Most secrets in small communities are never 100% secret, and generally when an adoption occurs, other family members and neighbors have some knowledge of these if you can help Julie with her quest in finding out which specific branch she comes from - she would be very grateful.

These are the children of Henry & Rosa Friedrichsen: Clara (Friedrichsen) Wiese, William, Helena (Friedrichsen) David, Julia (Friedrichsen) Borkowski, Flora (Friedrichsen) Polzien who had no children - only step-children, Edward, Emil who was never married.

I can appreciate the privacy of situations like this. Over the last 20+ years I have actually helped several other adopted or born out of wedlock individuals make contact with their biological family members...all of which turned out great with happy reunions.
I also can understand that this knowledge might upset some of the family members, which is not my goal, nor that of Julie.
But having worked on Manning family history for over 40 years, I have come to understand how very important "family" is to most people.

I have pictures of some of my great-great-grandparents and pictures of all my great-grandparents and under, along with a lot of family information and history, so I am fortunate and cannot fathom how difficult it must be for someone who knows basically nothing about their family ancestry.

All families have divorce, out of wedlock births, and adoption somewhere in their family tree. This is nothing to be ashamed of or judgmental about, but a fact of human existence.

So if you can help Julie, please send me an e-mail and I will forward her your information.
IF you choose to be anonymous to Julie, but still willing to provide me with the information, I will maintain your privacy and forward the other information to her.
If you want to remain completely anonymous, you can fill out the form on The Manning Exchange linked on the left side frame and submit it.
You can put in a fake name and don't have to add your e-mail address.

Just fill in the required information, answer the security questions, and then submit the information.
I control what/when information is actually posted, so I'll just copy your information and then delete the won't get posted.


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