In Memory of Merlene Thompson
April 10, 1935 - June 11, 2019

Merlene MHS 1953

Merlene J. "Tom" Thompson

VISITATION: Monday, June 17th from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. at West Hills Church, Omaha, Nebraska, followed by SERVICES AT 10 a.m. Interment: Monday, June 17th at 3pm, Manning, Iowa. Memorials are suggested to West Hills Church.

Preceded in death by daughter, Sheri Lynn Thompson; sisters, Joyce Lathrop and Alys McMunn. Survived by wife, Carol L. Thompson; son, Tomas M. Thompson (Tracy); grandchildren: Jenny Gollehon (Chris), Michael Thompson (Alyson), Erin Pulec (Tyler), and Becca Best; great-grandchildren: Tomas, Andrew, James, Timothy, Brooklynn, and Jay; sister, Virginia Drath; brothers-in-law, Bill Sander (Marge) and Burton Sander (Jean).

Merlene, Tom, Tommy, Senior, Grandpa, and Papa are just a few of the names that Tom would answer to over the years. He was raised on a farm in Manning, Iowa, with three older sisters, Virginia, Joyce, and Alys; children of Merlene and Laura Thompson. Tom was lucky to be the baby boy of the family and was not lacking motherly love!

His sisters, Virginia and Joyce also doubled as his teachers at country school during his elementary years at Jefferson No. 1 in Crawford County.

When Tom graduated from high school in 1953, he left Manning and headed east to Chicago where he attended DeVry University and from which he graduated two years later. In 1955, Tom moved to Ralston, Nebraska, where he was hired at Radiosmith as a radio and TV technician. Little did he know he would later go on to own Radiosmith and spend the rest of his working years in that very same store.

After starting his new job, he found Carol Sander (the main reason he moved to Nebraska to begin with) and they were married on December 29, 1956. The love he had for Carol was the type of love that everyone dreams of finding - pure, faithful and unconditional. When Tom and Carol were married, Tom also gained something he had never had before…brothers! Carol's brothers Bill (Marge) and Burton (Jean) have been a big part of Tom and Carol's life; whether they were traveling together, golfing together, or just sitting around the dinner table, there was never a shortage of conversation or laughter. Tom and Carol welcomed to the world their son, Tomas, on January 13, 1958 and just a few years later their daughter, Sheri was born on December 12, 1961.

Tom was a loving father who led by example with a life of integrity, honor and humor. Tom felt great heartache when Sheri passed away on October 21, 2013. His love for his family was never doubted as he went out of his way to make each person feel special. This love only grew deeper when his grandchildren Jenny and Mike were born, and then again with the expansion of his family in 2010 when Tom and Tracy were married and Erin (Tyler) and Becca joined the family. He always looked forward to spending time with his great-grandchildren: Tomas, Andrew, James, Timothy, Brooklynn, and Jay. He loved having the kids around-you could just see his eyes light up when they'd find the coins that he had hidden in the couch cushions for them. Tom loved to play golf, spend time with his family, and spice things up every now and then with a practical joke. He was loved and admired by many and will be missed greatly, but we know that he is saving a place for each one of us in Heaven and we will see him again. We will think of you, Grandpa, when we make that tough shot on the golf course or hear a witty joke because we know that you are smiling down on us as we walk through each day of our lives.

School information about Merlene

MHS 1953: Vera Ahrenholtz, Marlene Anthony, Glenn Branning, Phyllis Branning, Claus Bunz, Margene Drees, Allan Eich, Mary Lou Foley, Daryl Genzen, Loyce Gray, David Grundmeier, Dorothy Hammer, Marlene Hargens, Marlene Jahn, Wilbur Jahn, William Jensen, Ardella Joens, Donna Joens, Barbara Knaack, Dareld Kracht, Gene Kuhl, Gene Martens, Roland Meeves, David Muhlbauer, Robert Neubaum, Pete Petersen, Lewis Puck, Merlin Ramsey, Patricia Ramsey, Richard Rix, Corrine Sander, Cleone Schroeder, Colleen Schwiesow, Maxine Sextro, Ruth Sextro, Shirley Sextro, Glenn Singsank, Melvin Sinow, Donna Spies, Norbert Stoberl, Betty Stuhr, Merlene Thompson, Allen Vennink, Shirley Vinke, Roger Vollstedt, Shirley Watson, Myra Weinbrandt, James Wingrove, Phyllis Zerwas

Former members: Dean Aden, Janet Asmus, Carol Bliefert, Joseph Bringleson, Jr., Mary Bringleson, Janet Dau, James Davenport, Michael Farmer, Jack Fuller, Howard Gilman, Roger Hansen, Mary Ann Hass, Richard Henriksen, Mary Ann Holme, Donald Lerssen, Caroline Louisfield, Roger Mentzer, Ramon Meyers, Leo Miller, Charlotte Mishler, Patricia Pare, Janice Popp, JoAnn Ramsey, Betty Remmes, James Rostermundt, Darrel Sander, Lois Sander, Everett Slechta, Arlo Stein, Michael Sullivan, Nadine Walters, Jon Wiemann Virginia Thompson MHS 1938
Joyce Thompson MHS 1939
Alys Thompson MHS 1944

Ninth Grade Graduation
Back: Billy Jensen, Richard Rix, Melvin Sinow, Pete Petersen, Gene Martens, Glen Branning, Dareld Kracht, Louis Puck Middle: Marlene Jahn, Maxine Sextro, Ruth Sextro, Merlene Thompson, Allen Vennink, Phyllis Zerwas, Shirley Vinke, Norbert Stoberl, Roger Mentzer Front: Myra Weinbrandt, Barbara Knaack, Shirley Sextro, Patty Ramsey, Nadine Walters, Margene Drees, Shirley Watson, Mary Foley

Page 129 of the Manning Schools history book

Lonely and abandonded - now gone - just like most of the family histories of the area.

1 Victor Schwiesow, 2 Nancy Dales, 3 LeRoy Doyel, 4 Joyce Nulle, 5 Catherine Nulle, 6 Roselle Ehlers, 7 Roger Barten, 8 Loyce Gray, 9 Janet Asmus, 10 Merlene Thompson, 11 Orrin Dee Asmus, 12 Bob Wycoff, 13 Donald Gray, 14 Colleen Schwiesow, 15 Gene Dales, 16 Joy (Moore) Doyle, 17 Iona Gray, 18 Ruth Schwiesow

Carol Sander MHS 1954

Burton Sander MHS 1955

Herbert & Erna (Wunder) Sander

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