Taking the extra time to properly document and identify the people of Manning's area history.
Whenever I walk into a building/business in Manning, I always scour the walls, shelves, and displays for old pictures that weren't there before.
I recently was in the basement of Trinity Church at the Heritage Park and saw a recently hung picture on the wall.
So I scanned it and now am trying to determine who is in this confirmation picture. I haven't had time to talk to Sam Musfeldt who volunteers to care for this structure to see if he knows who brought in this picture.

While I'm so glad whoever had it didn't just throw it away, give it to New Hope, or try to sell it but it would be helpful if some type of information was included with it.
The family name who had it would give me a very good clue to start with. Then I can look in my database at the various years and list of names to see if I can figure out which confirmation class this was.

This is what I've been doing with tens of thousands of old photos over the decades...something no one else will do or probably can do - on this level of historical preservation.

ALSO, if I don't get these old pictures identified now, they'll probably never get identified. I still have a few older people I can go to who occasionally will recognize a face, BUT in another decade there won't be anyone living who will be old enough to help.

So I'll use this picture to continue to promote my preservation projects, and encourage other Manning connected people/families to get their old pix to me to scan and document so I can properly preserve them.

Trinity Church Confirmation
From other pictures I have scanned over the years, I've identified the Pastor as Ernest Starck.
Because I have worked with Starck's great-grandson who contacted me in 2017 to share pictures and information he had and work with me on the amazing story about Pastor Starck during WWI, I know that he was pastor from 1913 through 1918.
So I looked at the confirmation classes but have run into a problem. There are only 3 confirmation classes listed for the time-frame for Pastor Starck during his time here.
The 3 classes are for 1914 (22 students), 1915 (I previously had this picture scanned and mostly identified - 13 students), 1917 (3 students)...Not sure why no 1916 students were listed - maybe it's is the students in this picture, but maybe there were no students that year - 1917 had only 3.
So I looked up the confirmation records in the official book I have scanned and Starck registered the names in 1914, 1915, and 1917.

I'm guessing that the 1918 records are missing because of the near lynching that about took Starck's life during the anti-German ancestry during WWI.

Another possibility is that there was so much chaos because of the Spanish Influenza during 1918 that Starck didn't get the names listed...but then how did they get the picture taken if this is indeed the 1918 class...
These are the types of barriers that very few if any people will take the time to overcome. They concentrate on their own personal family history and completely ignore the over-all history of the community - which is the history I'm trying to preseve before it is all gone.

I hope someone will come forward to ID some of the students.

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