In the foreground are native grasses

The large spiked leaf plant in the front is a Water Iris
The large leaf plant is a Lotus It is semi-hardy and will overwinter if it is planted deep enough so the roots don't freeze

Some of the plants in the picture are Water Lilies and Iris, Fragmite, Lizards Tail, Nymphoides, Parrots feather, Sedges, etc.
This photo was taken from the top of our 70 foot grain elevator leg.

Of course there has to be fish! I was told by many people that Goldfish and especially Koi would not survive in the pond over winter.

The winter of "95-96" we had a record 133 hours of below zero air temperatures. The ice in the shallow end froze down 10 inches while the ground froze down to 4 feet. I was anxious to see the first fish in the spring and happily all but 5 survived!

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