Disease of Cedars

To the left is a Red Cedar infected with Kabatina.

There is presently no effective spray and cutting out the dead ends will only increase infection.

I have noticed an increase in Kabatina the last 2 years.

So far I haven't had any fungal problems with White Pine.

I have planted several species of Fir (Douglas, Fraser, Concolor & Balsam) and haven't had any problem with 7 year old specimens.

Several older Concolor Fir have become infected and died in our area of the county.
I haven't identified the culprit yet.

In 1996 I planted a row of Larch and they are one of very few decidous conifers so they lose each year's needles every fall. So far they haven't shown any signs of fungal problems.

If you are in an area that is having fungal problems and plan on planting a windbreak I would recommend that you contact your Soil Conservation District to discuss alternative trees that won't have these fungal problems.

I have seen this fungal problem driving west to Omaha, NE and east to Des Moines, IA so this problem is not just a Carroll county problem in Iowa.

1948 view

1988 view

Iron Chlorosis of Oak trees