Marvin Delbert Gaer, son of Marvin Manley Gaer and Dolly Malinda (Bohlman) Gaer of Kirkman and Bernyce Nadine (Will) Gaer, daughter of Ernest F. Will and Evelyn (Guss) Will of Irwin, moved from Missouri to Manning in 1962, where he became employed as a police officer.

They have two daughters, Patricia (Mrs. John Doyel) of Rt. 1, Manning, and Jerri (Mrs. James Muhlbauer) of Rt. 2, Manning. The family also included five grandchildren, Matthew, Ryan and Heath Doyel and Melinda and Melissa Muhlbauer.


The Bronco sales held three or four times a year at the old Milwaukee Railroad stockyards, located on Center Street where the school buses are now kept. Two-year-olds from Cheyenne, Wyoming were brought in, and we farmers would buy them for $15 to $20 each. We'd have to break them before we could use them. This was in the 1910-1920 period.

---Ed Stuhr

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Albert Genzen Family

Back: Virgil, Robert, Ivan, Bertha, Lester, Albert; front: Odessa, LaVonne, Lucille

The Albert Genzen family began in Stralsund, Germany. Albert migrated to America at the age of seven. True to German heritage, Albert and Bertha Grimm observed the Christmas season with their marriage in Manning by Rev. J.M. Ansorge on December 1, 1909.

The Christmas festivities became the foundation for a close Christian family. The christmas season became as special to their nine children and their families as it had always been to Albert and Bertha.

Their son Lester married Irene Meggers. Their children are Phyllis Denker, Daryl, Joycelyn Koepke, Beverly Beckman, and Royce.

Elmer died at the age of two.

Virgil married Florence Hinz, and their children are Larry and Darlene Vollstedt.

Odessa, Mrs. Delbert Vinke, has four children: Shirley Schwieso, Clifford, Allen, and Sandra Lisec.

Ivan married Irene Schultz. Their children are William (Bill), Deborah Seavey, and Denise Cadwell.

Arthur died at the age of 16.

LaVonne, Mrs. Louie Gehlsen, has two daughters, Lanice Meier and LouAnn Deas.

Lucille, Mrs. Kenneth Pfannkuch, has four children: Bonnie Young, Kevin, Steven, and Kimberly.

Robert married Donna Tarvin of Bloomington, Illinois, and they have three children: Sharon Barbour, Julie, and "Little Ace" Darren to carry on the Genzen family name.

There are also 52 great-grandchildren and one great-great grandson as of 1980.

Albert and Bertha began their married life working at the Fairmont Dairy in Haverhill, Iowa. After three years, they began farming, moving back to the Manning area in 1915, where they continued farming until Albert's death on December 11, 1947.

Bertha moved to Manning, living at 621 Fifth Street, until 1961. She spent several years living with her children; then moved into the Terrace Apartments, where she lived until her death on January 7, 1977.


Lester Genzen Family
Back: Royce, Irene, Lester, Dary; front: Beverly Beckman, Joycelyn Koepke, Phyllis Denker

Lester Genzen was born in Haverhill, Iowa April 11, 1910, to Albert and Bertha (Grimm) Genzen. After spending several years there, the family moved to the Manning vicinity.

Irene Meggers was born 1/2 mile north of Westside in Carroll County, to Frank and Agnes (Soll) Meggers on November 7, 1912.

Lester and Irene were married October 25, 1933, by Pastor J.M. Ansorge in the Lutheran church in Manning. They farmed for two years 5 1/2 miles north of Manning, then 10 years 3 miles north of Manning. In 1946 they moved to the present farm owned by the late Alfred Kuhl.

Lester and Irene were confirmed in the Lutheran church, being members since 1927; their children were all baptized and confirmed in the same faith. Lester and his children all graduated from Manning High. Daryl served in the Army 1958 to 1960 and Royce spent 4 years in the Navy, 1957 to 1961.

Their children are: Phyllis (Mrs. Virgil Denker), Denison; Daryl, married to Diane Dalgety, and co-owner of Thrifty Food Inc., Manning; Joycelyn (Mrs. Roger Koepke), residing in St. Louis, Missouri; Beverly (Mrs. Larry Beckman), living in Odebolt; and Royce, married to Nancy Sparks, residing in Montclair, California.

Grandchildren are Rhonda (Denker) Cool, Deanna (Denker) Lownes, Linda (Denker) Mullenger, Lori and Lisa Denker at home; Dana, David and Dean Genzen; Stephanie, Pamela, Jodi and Douglas Koepke; Vicki Beckman; Kimberly (Beckman) Veit; Tracy and Royce Genzen Jr.; and they have one great-grandson, Brodie Veit.

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Farner Bocken

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Genzen-Vollstedt Family
Back: Karen Vollstedt, Dale Vollstedt, Darlene Vollstedt, Keith Vollstedt, Cynthia Genzen, Robert Genze, Larry Genzen; middle: Janet Genzen, Virgil Genzen, Florence Genzen, and Paula Genzen; front: Kathy Vollstedt, Kent Vollstedt, Barbar Genzen and Judith Genzen

Virgil Johann Genzen, son of Albert and Bertha Grimm Genzen, was born at Haverhill, Marshall County, Iowa in 1913. In 1916 the family moved back to a farm near Manning. He attended the rural schools and graduated from the Manning High School.

In 1935 he married Florence Elfrieda Hinz, the daughter of Jurgen and Anna Peters Hinz. They farmed northeast of Manning. They have two children, Larry and Darlene.

Larry, born in 1937, married Cynthia Peters in 1959. He graduated from Iowa State University and taught school in Hubbard for several years before moving to a farm north of Manning. He taught at Manning several years. Cynthia is nursing supervisor at the Manning General Hospital. Their five children are; Janet (1960), a nursing student at Iowa Methodist at Des Moines; Paula (1961); Robert (1963); Barbara (1967), and Judith (1969).

Darlene, born in 1939, married Dale Vollstedt in 1958. They live on a dairy farm west of Manning. They have four children: Keith (1960) a student at Morningside College at Sioux City; Karen (1962), Kathy (1962) and Kent (1968).

The families are all members of Zion Lutheran Church and all attended the Manning schools. Every member has been active in 4-H. Florence has been leader of the Manning Cadets since 1948 (31 years) and Larry of the Manning Win or Grin since 1974 (six years). Larry and Darlene were both County Presidents, in 1956 and in 1957. Darlene was a State Officer Candidate.

Janet, Keith, Paula and Karen have all served on the County 4-H Council and have also attended the 4-H Citizenship Course in Washington, D.C. Paula and Karen won a coveted trip to the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago in 1979.

Florence, Larry and Darlene were all born in the same house where the grandparents, the Jurgen Hinzes, came to from Germany in 1902; it is still home.


David Henry Gore and his wife Barbara moved to Manning in 1969. Dave worked for the telephone company for 22 years. In 1975, Dave passed away, and Barb and her family continued to live in the same house, purchasing it in 1976.

Barb's parents are Henry and Georgia Ellis, who farmed near Hillsboro when Barb was born. They now live at Keota. David's parents are Ivan and Edna Gore; his mother later remarried and he was raised by Thomas and Edna Liddle. They lived in Des Moines, later moving to Fairfield.

Darlene Kay is married to James Clark; they and their children Deanna and James live in Des Moines. David H. Gore, Jr. (born in 1955) is married to Barbara Grau and they live in Manning. Dwight Thomas "Tom" (born in 1956) and his wife Helen Turnson are graduates of Morningside College. Tom is now teaching at Sheldon, and his wife is a nurse in the hospital there. Tom and Helen have a daughter Jennifer. Dwayne Alan (born in 1958) works in Omaha. Daniel Lee (born in 1960) graduated from Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny.

Barb has worked at L.R. Nelson Manufacturing Co. for six years.

L. R. Nelson Corporation

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Willie Gottsch, born February 21, 1885, was the son of Henry and Amelia Gottsch. They lived on a farm north of Manning many years.

Emma Grimm, born November 11, 1886, was the daughter of Claus and Anna Schwiesow Grimm. Willie and Emma were married in 1910, and lived on a farm north of Manning. They had seven children.

Viola, born in 1911, married Lee Spall. Their children are William Lee, Vila Ray and Judy.

Orville, born in 1912, married Alma Taylor. Orville served in the Navy 25 years and lives in California.

Verna and Vera, twins, were born in 1913. Vera passed away at six months; Verna married George Korwes. Their children. are Danny Lee, Bernard and Lowanne. The Korwes family also lives in California.

Veronica died in infancy.

Berdine, born in 1918, is married to Forest Roth, and they live in California.

Neolene, born in 1919, married Lawrence Clark. Their children are Larry, Nedra, Rodney, Scott and Mark. They live in Waterloo.

Willie and Emma lived in town after they left the farm. Willie passed away in 1943 and Emma i n 1961.


William (Bill) Grage, born October 18, 1880, was the son of Claus and Riga Grage of Manilla. Caroline (Lena) Grimm, daughter of Claus and Anna Schwieso Grimm, was born September 5, 1884, and lived on a farm near Manning.

Bill and Lena were married March 14, 1906, and moved to a farm south of Manilla where they lived for 20 years. They moved to Manilla and Bill began working for the Milwaukee Railroad. They had nine children - Edna, Gilbert, Glen (killed in World War 11), Luella, Wilmer, Merlin, Victor, Hazel and Helen.

Edna, born in 1906, married Henry Waterbury in 1925. They lived in Manilla. Their children are: Merle, married to Leta Farley, and whose children are Roger, Robin and Roxy; Jack married Garnet Schnoor and their children are Nancy Jo, Steven and Amy; William (Bill) married Bonnie Jean Schnoor and they have three children, Debra, Vickie and Timothy; Delane and Joyce have a son Lauren; Aloha married Phillip Enenback and their children are Michael, Valarie, Vincent and Nicole; Robert and wife Betty Hoffman have five children, Michale, Monica, Marie, Michael and Malissa; Helen Belle married Bernard Higgens and they have Jamie and Theresa; Clifford married Vicki Atkins and their four children are James, Jeffrey, Jon and Joni. Candice Joyce has Crystal, Troy and Bradley.

Aloha is nurse at the Manning Plaza and Clifford has Cliff's Place in Manning.

Thrifty Food

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August Grau Family
August, Emil, Clara (Grau) Cox, Laura (Grau) Alwill, Sophia (Grau) Rothfolk, Herman, Mary (Hansen) Grau; standing: Ida (Grau) Kusel

August Frederick Grau and Mary Dorethea Hansen were born at Schleswig-Holstein, Germany in 1863. Mr. Grau immigrated to America with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Detlef Grau, at the age of six years. They came by sail ship and settled at Davenport, later moving to Wheatland and finally to Westside in 1875. Mary Grau came to America in 1881, also to the Westside area. Iowa was mostly prairie with few settlers and no fences.

Manning was first located two miles south of the present location, and August herded cattle on the prairie one mile north of Manning's present site when he was eight years of age. He continued in the farming occupation during adulthood.

August and Mary were married in 1885 and their children were Emil, Johnny, Sophia, Ida, Clara, Herman and Laura. Emil, Johnny and Sophia Rothfolk are deceased. Ida Kusel and Clara Cox reside at the Manilla Manor. Herman Grau and Laura Alwill are residents of Manning.

Wayne Alwill, son of Laura Alwill, is a fourth generation descendent of Detlef Grau.


Detlef Grau was born in the year 1800 in Bad Bramstadt, Germany. He married Elsabe Blunck in 1830.

Their son Detlef Jacob was born August 2, 1833, and married Sophia Sachleben (born September 20, 1832).

Their son Claus Henry was born October 26, 1860 in Bad Bramstadt and he married Matilde Mohr (born December 3, 1864). To this marriage 11 children were born: Caroline, Henry, Hugo, Albert, Amanda, Detlef, Emma, Edward, Julius, Elmer and Matilda.

Emma, born June 7, 1894, married Charlie Pfoltner and they had five children: Florence, who married Woodrow Flenker; Esther, who married Amos Jahn; and Alma, who married Lewis Schroeder; two died in infancy. There are nine grandchildren.


Detlef and Sophia Grau

Detlef Grau and his twin brother were born in Schleswig Holstein, Germany in 1837. There, he married Sofia Krebs (Note: this is an error in the centennial book and should be Sophia Sachleben) and to this union four sons were born. Detlef Jr., Henry and August were born in Germany and Herman in Clinton County, Iowa in 1867. Detlef Sr. was about to be drafted into the German army and this made him decide to take his family and immigrate to the U.S.A. They left Germany in a sailboat and spent seven weeks on the high seas. After arriving in Clinton County, he with other German families, decided to come to Carroll County. They crossed the state of Iowa in two prairie schooners when there were no roads, a raft had to be built to cross the river and prairie grass was as high as the wagon wheels. He purchased 400 acres of land-north of Manning and became one of the earliest settlers in this vicinity. He helped to construct one of the first school houses so that his children could be educated, and continued to live on the farm until his retirement.

Upon the marriage of his sons, each was set up on a 160 acre farm. Detlef Jr. lived near Lake View. August's farm was located one mile northwest of the town of Manning; he had six children, Sophia, Ida, Clara, Emil and Herman. Herman, the youngest, stayed on the farm until his parents' retirement. After moving into town Herman went to work for P.B. Stouffer's Drug Store, which became Lewis, Grau and Metzgar Drug Store. Later the partnership dissolved and Herman opened his own store known as the Grau Pharmacy. He married Emma Kracht of Westside and they had three sons, Walter, A. Herman, and Robert. Walter graduated from Manning High with the class of 1915. His parents moved to Denison and Walter entered the service in 1916 and served until 1919. He married Nettie Moore of Botna and they had one son, Walter Charles. Nettie, his wife, has died and Walter has retired and lives in California.

Herman, his wife Emma and Nettie are buried on the family lot in the Manning Cemetery.

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Manning Heat & Sheet Metal

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Emil Grau, son of August and Marie (Hansen) Grau, was born November 8, 1885. He farmed with his brother Herman on a farm one mile north and one mile east of Manning.

In 1924 he married Magda Holm, daughter of Karl and Fredia (Belkin) Holm, who came from Flensburg, Germany, in 1923. They resided on the farm northeast of Manning.

They had seven children. Leora (Mrs. Joe Nemecek) lives in Omaha; she has two children, Michael, who has a son and Alys, both of Omaha. Rose is married to Edward Collins and lives in Chicago; she has two children, Doctor Mark Collins and Joy, both residents of Chicago. Louise is married to Hans Troeh and lives in Chicago. Alfred married Joan Roenau of Denison and lives in Denison; they have five children; David, Denver, has two daughters; Dawn, Alta, has a son; Douglas is a Lt. in the USN stationed in Florida; Randy, Denver, and Donavan, Denison. Irwin married Carol Schmidt of Ida Grove, where he now lives on a farm; they have two boys, Daniel and Scott. Thomas married Ann Littell of Manning and they have seven children: Barbara, Manning, is married; Dean, Early, is married, has a son; Thomas, Ames; Bob, Ankeny, is married; Nancy, Florida, is married, has a son; Lester, Ankeny, and Steven, Manning. Emil married Patricia Birk of Manilla; they farmed northeast of Manning and later moved to Manning where Emil died in 1972; they had three children, Deborah, Ankeny, Lonnie and Bruce, both of Manning.

Mrs. Magda Grau still resides in Manning.


A Lincoln Township farm in Audubon County has been under Grau ownership since 1891. August D. Grau and his wife Mary (Hansen) first purchased the land. A son, Emil D. Grau, and his wife Magda (Holm) later purchased the farm.

Thomas D. Grau, a son of Emil and Magda, and his wife Ann (Littell) presently reside on the family farm. Their children are Barbara (Mrs. David Gore), Dean D., Thomas Jr., Robert, Nancy (Mrs. Jay Houghton), Lester and Steven. Dean and his wife Cindy (Leinen) have a son Shaun D.; Robert is married to Audrey Steeve; and Nancy and Jay have a son Jason.


Back: Marilyn Rostermundt and Craig Grau; front: Alice and Fred Grau

Fred W. Grau, son of Henry D. and Clara Spies Grau, was born in 1901, on the family farm north of town in Washington Township, Carroll County. In 1917 his father died and in 1920 Fred and his mother moved to Manning.

Fred then attended Sweeny Auto School in Kansas City and later worked in Manning, including at the Dultmeier Mfg. Co.

Fred and Alice Lohmeier were married in 1926. They farmed the family farm until 1969, when Back: Marilyn Rostermundt and Craig Grau; they moved back to Manning; they observed their 50th wedding anniversary in 1976. Fred died in 1979.

Alice Lohmeier's parents were John and Mary Lohmeier. She was born in Warren township in 1907 (later named Ewoldt Township). She worked in the Rober-Wehrmann store after graduating in 1924 and later taught in rural schools for several years.

Both their children are Manning graduates, Marilyn in 1948 and Craig in 1965.

Marilyn Grau and Merlin Rostermundt were married in 1950 and live in Ireton, Iowa. He was a member of the 1948 State basketball champions, and graduated that year. He has been a high school coach, elementary principal, and is now Vice-president of the Security Savings Bank in Ireton. Their children are Mrs. Monica Verros, Mrs. Mona Lewis, and Matthew Rostermundt, and grandchildren are Jeremy and Jason Verros and Jessica Lewis.

Craig Grau and Leslee Christensen were married in 1969 and live in Verona, Wisconsin. They have two children, Travis and Thea. Craig is an assistant professor in the Plant Pathology Department of the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He previously had the same position at the University of North Carolina in Raleigh.

Halbur Construction

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John Grelck and Maggie Grube-Boyson Grelck

John Grelck was born December 31, 1863, in Holstein, Germany. He received his education there, coming to this country while still young. He entered the clothing store of John T. Jay as an inexperienced clerk in 1890. In a short time he was promoted to manager. In May 1898, he purchased an interest in the store; the firm name became Jay and Grelck. This store was located where Grimm's Place is now. He married Margaret Grube, adopted daughter of Henry and Ida Kusel Grube, and to this marriage were born two children, Henry in 1898 and Ida in 1902. Ida died as a result of the Kuhl and Vogt explosion of 1921.

John Grelck was a member of the Manning Lodge of Modern Woodmen, the Manning Schuetzen Verein, the Manning Hose and Fire Company and served on a Grand Lodge Committeeship of the Knights of Pythias. In 1908, John Grelck sold his interest in the clothing store, then called Grelck and Fonken's, and moved to Carroll as County Clerk. He died January 12, 1913. Mrs. Grelck died in 1951.

Henry Grelck still resides in Manning, at 206 Center, the family home. He was married to Blanche Hays. Blanche died September 8, 1973. Henry was a carpenter, and served on the Town Council and for the local Fire Department for many years. Their one daughter, Betty Jane, married Clousie Henry Grimm, son of Edward and Dorothea Grimm, June 29, 1947. Clousie was in the tavern business, and served as mayor of Manning for three terms. Betty served in the U.S. Navy during W.W. II, and later worked for Knudsen Implement, Manning Implement, The Manning Monitor, and since her husband's death in 1972, has operated Grimm's Place.

Betty and Clousie had three children: Sharon Lee attended I.S.U. and the University of Nebraska in Nutrition and Management, married Thomas MacDonald-Williams of Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland, March 1, 1975 and returned to Manning. The Williamses now own and operate the Corner Cafe. John Michael has lived in Denison since his high school graduation. He is employed by Bryan Electric, and is active in Lions Club and the National Rifle Association. Susan Marie married Philip Neil Slutts of Keokuk July 22, 1978. She is attending Morningside College and majoring in Accounting.


Back: Emma Goettsch, Ed, Lena Grage, John, Bertha Genzen, Henry, Ida Wiese; front: Mrs. Grimm, Anne Ewoldt, Claus Grimm

Claus Henry Grimm was born in the Schleswig Holstein area of Germany in 1856 and was raised and educated there. He had a brother, Peter, who died in Germany. In 1875, he and his parents came to America and settled in the vicinity of Manning.

Anna Schwieso was born in 1860 in Pomerania, Germany. She came to America with her parents in 1867, crossing the ocean in a sail boat which took 11 weeks. She had five brothers and three sisters; Charley, John, William, August, Albert, Mary Peterson, Lena Wenzel, and Riga.

June 20, 1880, Claus Grimm and Anna Schwieso were married and lived on the farm in the Manning area. They had nine children, with a son Julius dying in infancy.

Edward, born in 1901, married Dorothea Vinke; they had 13 children, Edwin, Leona Schroeder, Paul, Melvin, Ernest, Dorothy Mohr, Claus, George, Willis, Doloris Balukoff and three who died in infancy.

John, born in 1882, married Caroline Petersen; their children are Naemi Schroeder and Blondina Carstens.

Caroline, born in 1884, married Bill Grage; they had nine children, Edna Waterbury, Gilbert, Glen, Luella, Wilmer, Merlin, Victor, Hazel Dowling and Helen Keetle.

Emma, born in 1886, married Willie Gottsch, and their children were Viola Spall, Orville, Verna Korwes, Vera (twins), Veronica, Berdine Roth

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and Neolene Clark. Vera and Veronica died as infants.

Bertha, born in 1888, married Albert Genzen, and their children were Lester, Elmer, Virgil, Odessa Vinke, Ivan, Arther, LaVonne Gehlsen, Lucille Pfankuch and Robert.

Henry, born in 1890, married Florence Stahl and had a son Raymond.

Ida, born in 1894, married William (Bill) Wiese and they had two children, Rockley and Eunice Meggers.

Anne, born in 1901, married Henry Ewoldt and had a son Kenneth.

They retired to their home in Manning where Claus took care of the Manning Stock Yards. When he passed away in 1926, at the age of 70, his wife lived with Anne and Hank Ewoldt and their son Kenneth, until Anne's death in 1932. Kenneth Ewoldt married Anne Rains in 1959, and their children are Phyllis and Paula Ewoldt and Terri and Randy Ranes.

Most of the children, their 41 grandchildren and many of the great-great grandchildren of Claus and Anna Grimm settled in the Manning area.


Edward and Dorothea Grimm

Edward Henry Grimm, the oldest son of Claus Henry Grimm and Anna Schwiesow, was born April 28, 1881, in Crawford County. June 14, 1901, he married Dorothea Vinke, who was born May 2, 1880. Their first years together were spent in farming, part of this at the "Three Mile House"; they then moved to Manning. Edward worked at various jobs; for the town of Manning, for Ed Wiese, operating a "steam rig threshing machine", and as a bartender at the "Corner Saloon" and the famed Horseshoe Bar. He was killed in an automobile accident near Templeton in 1925.

Thirteen children were born to Edward and Dorothea. The first three, Henry, Julius, and Edna, died in infancy. The other 10 children's lives are detailed below.

Leona married Herbert Schroeder. and taught country school for many years; they have three children, Fred, Cleone, and Marilyn.

Edwin married Helen Schmidt, was active in farming near Manilla until retiring to Manning in 1969; they have four children, Robert, Sylvia, Jeanette, and Virgene.

Paul married Grace Petersen. After serving in World War II, he worked for John Deere Plow Works in Moline, Illinois, for 25 years.

Melvin married Florence Stangl. After serving in W.W.II, he worked for Dultmeier Mfg. and for M.J.M. Enterprises until poor health forced him to retire. They have a daughter, LaDonna.

Ernest married Elberta Hagedorn. After working at Hastings, Nebraska, in defense during W.W.II, he returned to Manning, and has been a carpenter ever since. They have two children, Dennis and Frances.

Dorothy married Ray Mohr. After working on a farm for the late Chas. Kuhl, they have lived in Manning since 1954. They have a son, Donald.

Clousie married Betty Grelck. After serving in W.W.II, he worked for Dultmeier Mfg., the U.S. Postal Service, and went into partnership in the tavern business. He served as Manning's mayor for three terms. They have three children, Sharon, Jon and Susan.

George married Virginia Glemming. He enlisted in the Marines in 1941 and served with the Corps for more than 28 years. Now retired, they live in Pine Bluff, North Carolina; their children are Cheryl, Cindy, Patrick and Wendy.

Doloris married John Balukoff. John served with the Seabees during W.W. II. They made their home in Dedham, and had two children, Jan and Gay Lynne. Doloris now lives in Manning.

Willis married Muriel Eickman. After serving in W.W. II, he worked as a butcher, and owned his own meat market in Missouri Valley. He has retired due to illness, but still lives in Missouri Valley. They have five children, Jeff, Sally, Kathy, Chad and Amy.

Dorothea Grimm was honored during W.W. II for the fact that she had five sons serving the Nation at one time. She died June 30, 1956.

Danny E. Anderson

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Naemi Schroeder, Blondina Karsten, John and Caroline Grimm

Johann Frederick Grimm was born October 6, 1882, in Crawford County. He was the son of Claus Henry Grimm, who was born in Holstein, Germany, and Anna Schwieso Grimm, born in Pommarnia, Germany. He had three brothers and five sisters. One brother Julius, died in infancy.

He was married to Caroline Christine Petersen, who was born October 12, 1888, by Rev. J.M. Ansorge, November 3, 1909. They had two daughters, Naemi (Mrs. Julius Schroeder) and Blondina (Mrs. Harry Carstens). There are seven grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

They are: Myra (Mrs. Robert Mohr), and whose children are Randy (married April Rollins), Rick (married Judy Winkleman), Monica, Mark, Robin, and Marcy, all of Oakland; Gary Schroeder (married Joyce Obmann) and whose children are Denise and Gaylan, all of Manning; Gloria (Mrs. Ed Higgins), whose children are Scott, Shari, Stacy and Shonda, all of Omaha, Nebraska; Delora Schroeder of Omaha, Nebraska; Karen (Mrs. Robert Weibers), whose children are Gregory and Ryan of Hudson, Iowa; Lenus Carstens (married Cheryl Hill Leuth) whose daughter is Jill, of Council Bluffs; Kenard Carstens (married Vicki Gray) of Harlan.

John and Caroline farmed in the Manning community for 15 years. They moved to Manning in 1925, where he worked for Dultmeier Manufacturing Co. He was a talented musician and loved to play his accordian to entertain people for parties in their homes and at dances.

He was a member of Zion Lutheran Church in Manning. He passed away March 10, 1941, at the Manning General Hospital.

Hornberger Agency

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Henry and Florence Stahl Grimm were both born near Manning. They farmed in the Manning vicinity all their lives. They had one son Raymond. Henry passed away in 1961 and Florence in 1977.

Back: Bruce, Curtis, Dean; front: Connie, Ila, Raymond and Alan

Raymond was born in Ewoldt Township near Manning and attended the rural schools and Manning High School. September 18, 1940, he married Ila Jahn, who is the daughter of J.R. Wm. Jahn and Martha Peper Jahn. They have five children, Dean, Curtis, Connie, Bruce and Alan.

Dean served in the armed forces for three years Two years of this time was in Korea where he met and married Oya To (Peggy). They live on a farm near Long Prairie, Minnesota.

Curtis served in the National Guard for seven years. He is married to Nancy Hacker and is a block layer in construction.

Bruce, a computer operator, married Mary Naberhaus and has a son Jamie Edward. They live at Carroll.

Connie works in Omaha as a loan financier.

Alan, at home, works as a tinner.

Ray and Ila farmed south and east of Manning until moving to town in 1977. All the children were active in 4-H work and Ila served as a leader for several years.


Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gruhn, March 23, 1945

Fred Gruhn, born April 8, 1867, at Wallersdorf, Germany, came to this country in 1892, settling in this vicinity. He married Amanda Asmus March 23, 1895. Amanda, daughter of John and Anna Heuer Asmus, was born at Plainview November 20, 1875. She came to Manning at the age of 17.

After their marriage, they settled on a farm 21/2 miles south of Manning. In 1907, they moved to a farm in Shelby County, where they lived for 37 years. After their retirement they lived in their home at 610 4th St. Mr. Gruhn died March 1, 1948, and Mrs. Gruhn September 30, 1953.

They were the parents of 10 children: a daughter, Emma, died in infancy; Lena (Mrs. Albert Jansen), Manning; Ella (Mrs. Grover Steen), Manning; Henry, Manning; Alma Thompsen Custer, Harlan; Frieda (Mrs. Henry Langbehn), Columbus, Georgia; Anna (Mrs. Alfred Mahnke), Albert City; Edward, deceased, married Hazel Juels and lived in Mesa, Arizona; Ida (Mrs. Gilmer Anthony), Denison; Helen (Mrs. Lenus Anderson), Denison.

A nephew, Gottfried Gruhn, arrived from Germany at the age of 14 and made his home with the family.

Third and fourth generations living in this area include Henry's son Fred and his wife, Mary. They farm southwest of Manning and are the parents of Mike, Lisa, Sue, Matthew, John and Rebecca. Fred also works at Farmland in Denison.

Ella's daughter, Velma Kruse, farms with her husband Robert southwest of Manning.

Ida's daughter, Lois, and her husband Lowell Stribe farm north of Manning. Their daughters are Lisa and Sue Ann. Their son Allen and his wife Carlys farm north of Manning.

Lena's daughter, Bernice, married Emil Ruhde. They and their son, Russell live in Manning. Mr. Ruhde is in the carpentry business and Mrs. Ruhde is employed at Ohde Funeral Home. Russell works at Manning Motor Company.

Lena's son, Leroy, and his wife Helen live in Manning. Leroy works for Manning Motor Company.

Milo Clark & Sons Angus Cattle

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Back: Marlyn, Delton, Jeanette, Wilma; front: Wilhelmina and Harry

Harry (Charlie) Gruhn was born in Kirkman in 1895, and grew up on several farms east of Manning. Around 1912 he moved with his parents, William and Dorothea, who came to this country from Germany, to a farm 21/2 miles east of Manning. His brothers and sisters are William Jr., Augusta, Fred, Paul, Dora, Max and Elvira.

In 1923, he married Wilhelmina Meggers, whose sisters and brothers are William, Ed, Anna, Edna. Charlie and Wilhelmina farmed northeast of Manning for a few years before they moved to the farm 21/z miles east of Manning where their son Delton now lives. The farm has been in the Gruhn name since 1912. In 1963 they built a home in south Manning.

Three of their children live in the Manning area.

Wilma, former rural school teacher and deputy recorder, is married to Melvin (Tom) Wolfe of Manning. Tom, a native of Manning, owned the Manning Welding Shop, and had 45 years of experience in blacksmithing and welding before retirement in 1977. Their daughter Ginger married Jim Thorn and is now living in Carroll.

Jeanette who lives at Golden, Colorado, is married to Norman Meyer, an engineer of Adolph Coors Co. The son, Christian, goes to Wheat Ridge High School.

Delton married Janet Schultz of Battle Creek, a former Manning school teacher. Their four children; Dwight, Todd, Craig and Dale, are all students of the Manning schools.

Marlyn married Charles Fielweber a native of Manning and they own the Town and Country Lumber Yard. They have three children; Clyde, Nevada, Iowa, a computer programmer; Gwen, manager of a GAP store, Des Moines; and Scott, a student at Manning High School.


When every home in Manning had a stable, just like today they have a garage. Everyone had his own horse.

---Herb Hinze


Max Gruhn Golden Wedding Anniversary, 1979
Back: ReAnn and Gary Gruhn, Luella Terry and Charles Segebart; middle: Randy Gruhn, Carol Ann Segebart, Max; front: Ryan Gruhn and Becky Segebart

Max Gruhn, son of William and Dorothea (Klauthe) Gruhn, was born June 13, 1903. His parents had come from Waltersdorf Kreis, Mohrungen, Germany in 1892. Max was born on a farm near Manning and attended the rural schools. January 16, 1929, he married Luella Gruhn.

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She was the daughter of Jurgen and Anna Peters Hinz who had also come from the Schleswig Holstein area of Germany in 1902.

The Gruhns had three children, Carol Ann, Gary and Rosemary. They farmed east of town until moving to their home in Manning where Luella worked in a dress shop.

Carol Ann, born December 25, 1936, married Charles Segebart September 26, 1954. Their children are Terry (1964) and Becky (1967. Charles was in the Army and served in Germany for two years; he now works for Farm Service Co-op at Manilla.

Gary, born November 20, 1944, married Reanne Johnston August 10, 1969. Their children are Ryan (1971) and Randy (1975). Gary is manager of Farm Service Co-op at Marcus. He served in the Army and .was in Vietnam for two years. Reanne is a music teacher.

Rosemary Hinz Heuton, born June 18, 1932, died at the age of 32. She was the daughter of Walter Hinz and a niece of the Gruhns; they took her into their home at the age of eight months, after the death of her mother, and the Gruhns raised her as their own. Her children are Steven and Michael.

They are all members of the Lutheran Church.


Clarence Frederick Grundmeier, son of Hugo and Kate (Koepke) Grundmeier, and Hulda Margaretha Jensen, daughter of Anton and Anna (Jepsen) Jensen, were married Christmas Eve, 1919. They farmed southwest of Halbur, where their first son Grant was born.

Clarence began working for Armour Creamery Co. and the family moved to Manning, where a daughter Lorraine was born. As Clarence set up buying stations for Armour, the family moved around a great deal. A second daughter, Joanne, was born in Ute, followed by Shirley and Gerald, born in Logan. They also lived in Denison, Woodbine and Mapleton.

In 1942, Clarence started a hatchery business in Manning. At first the hatching was seasonal but in 1948, expanded to broiler hatching the year round. Grundmeier Hatchery continued business until 1962.

Their two sons were also in the hatchery business, Grant in Northwood, Iowa and Gerald in Yucapia, California. Grant and his wife Pat (Lawbaugh) Grundmeier have three children, Sigfred, Gary and Patrick, and make their home in Northwood where he is now a photographer. Gerald lives in Yucapia with his wife Judy (Howard) Grundmeier. The couple has five children, Cory, Guy, Laura (Mrs. Racey Hayes), Tammy and Mark.

Shirley married Elvin (Mac) McConnell and lives in Coon Rapids, where they are both employed, Shirley at Community Grain and Mac at Thomas Rest Haven. They have six children, Becky (Mrs. Jim Kugler), Terry, Tom, Jim, Bev (Mrs. Rick McCurdy), and Shannon.

Lorraine and Joanne both make Manning their home. Joanne and her husband Gale Moore operate Manning Anhydrous. Their daughter Jackie (Mrs. Butch Spieker) lives in Colorado and son Chuck and family live south of Manning. Lorraine and her husband Merlin "Buzz" Hargens both work in Manning; Lorraine at the Hospital and Buzz at Manning Anhydrous. Three of the couple's four children and their families live in Manning; Doug, Paul and Jeff. Their daughter Peggy (Mrs. Larry Frank) lives in Kansas.

Grant Grundmeier Family
Shirley Grundmeier McConnell, Joanne Moore, Grant Grundmeier, Lorraine Grundmeier Hargens and Gerald Grundmeier


When peddlers came to the farms to sell magazine subscriptions, pans, and a variety of other items. Often, the peddlers would accept chickens as payment for their wares. The chickens were put in a coop fastened to the running boards of their cars.

---Helene Heithoff

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