Ernst Radeleff Family

Ernst Heinrich Dietrich Radeleff (1847-1938) emigrated from Damlos, Prussia, with his parents in 1855 and settled near Grand Mound. In the early 1870's, E. Heinrich bought a farm northwest of Manning near Aspinwall.

In 1876 Ernst Heinrich Radeleff married Dorathea Georgius (1851-1909), who with her parents and brothers Chris and Toennes (Dennis) and sister Elsabe (Langbehn), had emigrated from Kloetzin, Prussia in 1967. After three years in Cleveland, Ohio, and seven years in Clinton County, the Georgius settled in Crawford County about 1875.

Ernst Heinrich and Dorathea (Georgius) Radeleff had ten children: Charles (1876-1961) married Nell Jensen; Rosalie (1878-1978) married Rudolph Wiese; George (1880-1953) married Elizabeth Vogt; Francis (1882-1929) married Laura Brobst; William (1884-1972) married Juanita Clatterbuck; Charlotte (1885-1975) married Henry Henricksen; Robert (1888-1917); Dorathea (1890-1968) married Walter Schobe; Emma (1892-1917); and Anna (1894) married George Ziegler.

For ten years the Radeleffs farmed northwest of Manning. In 1884 they moved into south Manning where they operated a nursery, gravel quarry and ice business. The municipal airport is located on part of their property. E. Heinrich Radeleff was a charter member of the Schutzen Verein and his sons were active in many community activities, including the old Manning Hose Team and band.

In the early 1900's the family moved to California, where there are over a hundred descendants who have grown up on wonderful tales of the good old days in Manning.


When the whole family went to dances at the Three Mile House. We brought lunch and it was all put together there. We all danced til 11 o'clock, even the kids were out there dancing with their folks. Later on the little ones were taken to the caretaker's house and they slept while we danced.

---Louie Tank

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John LaRue Ramsey was born to Charles H. Ramsey and Bessie Maria Johnson. John's wife, Edna Margaret Pfannkuch, was born to Frank Albert Pfannkuch and Emma Margaret Voege. John (Jack) has lived in the Manning area all his life and now manages Uniongas; Edna has lived here since her family moved here in 1939.

John and Edna have four children: Keith, Manning; John Jr., Manning; Charles, Omaha, Nebraska; and Lynn, Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, where he lives with his wife Kathy and their two children, Heather and Eric.

Keith is employed by the Manning Light Company and lives here with his wife Marilyn (Vennink) and their two sons, Kent and Kurt.

John, Jr., is foreman for Manning Heating and Sheet Metal, and also lives in Manning with his wife Lois (Oakley) and their two children, Todd and Renee.


Mr. and Mrs. Julius Ranniger

Julius Ranniger was born in Iowa Township in Crawford County on a farm one mile north of Aspinwall in 1895. In 1920 he married Emma Lorenzen of Irwin. They moved to a farm two miles west and two and one-half miles north of Manning. The farm was owned by his father. Eventually they bought the farm. They farmed there until 1954, then bought a house in Manning at 304 May Street. Julius passed away in 1959. Emma still lives in the house they bought.

To this union two children were born: May Delle, who is married to Charles Engelmann and now lives in Denison, and Marian, married to Gilmore Joens and now lives near Arthur.


Louie Ranniger Farm

The fourth generation of Ranniger sons is now operating a Hayes Township farm in Crawford County.

It was the year 1923 when William Ranniger purchased the 240 acre Henry Gottsch farm. William lived a time with his son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ranniger.

In 1927, Louis bought the farm from his dad. Louis and his wife Christine (Lorenzen) lived there with their four children, Wilmer; Irene (Mrs. Harry Jansen); Wayne; and Eunice (Mrs. Ray Friedricksen). Eunice now lives in Denison, and the other three reside in the Manning area.

Louis was a charter member of the South Crawford Rural Electric Cooperative, which was successful in bringing electricity to the rural areas in 1937.

In 1948, Wilmer and his wife Vila (Cafourek) bought the farm from his dad, who had moved to Manning in 1946.

Wilmer and Vila raised a family of three girls and one boy. Joan (Mrs. Joe Scalzo) and Janet (Mrs. Robin Mitchell) now live in Council Bluffs, and Joyce (Mrs. Ed Simon) lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Russel and his wife Cynthia (Wageman) moved to the farm in 1974; they have one daughter, Jacki.

Bill Botsford Bicycle Shop

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Wm. Ranniger and granddaughter May Delle

William Ranniger was born in Holsteneindorf, Holstein, Germany on May 4, 1854. He came to the U.S. at the age of 17. He settled in the Davenport area. After a couple of years he came to this part of Iowa. Here he met and married Theresa Wunder. This union was blessed with six children of which only one lived, Emma, who later married William Nagel.

Mrs. Ranniger passed away in 1886. After a few years he married Margaret Heinrichs. Five children were born to this marriage: Louis, Julius, Anna (Mrs. Clyde Farrell), Minnie (Mrs. August Gruhn), and Leona (Mrs. Louis Koester). Mr. Ranniger passed away in 1940. Mr. Ranniger owned a quite a few acres of land northwest of Manning. Louis and Julius finally bought their farms from their father.


August Reimer was born in Germany and came to Davenport when he was a young man. He was married to Christina Luejue and moved to Mt. Joy just a short distance from Davenport where he owned and operated a wagon shop. There were three children born to this union: John, Minnie (Mrs. John Frahm) and Laura (Mrs. Herman Vogt). The family came to Manning in 1886 and August became a partner in Grundmeier and Reimer Hardware Store in the building now occupied by the Pizza Parlor. He later left that business to go into the home decorating business as painter and paper-hanger, a trade he excelled in, having been well trained in that work in Germany. August did all of the interior decorating in the first Ohde Funeral Home. He fully enjoyed working in the back room of Ohde's Furniture Store making furniture for his family and gifts for his grandchildren.

Ike Auen Dist. Co.

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Hans Reimers Family

Hans Reimers and his wife Margaretta, with their two children, John (four) and Emma (two and one-half), arrived in the United States in the spring of 1876 from Schleswig Holstein, Germany. He was employed on the Paine Ranch, where three small daughters died during the diptheria epidemic. Then he farmed six miles northwest of Aspinwall, where Herman and Betty were born. Later Hans purchased the fairgrounds in south Manning; then the couple retired in their home located at 115 Third Street.

John Reimers farmed east of Manning, had two sons, Edward and Harry, and one granddaughter, Judy Hufferd of Louisburg, Kansas.

Herman Reimers managed the Pan-American Wallpaper and Paint Store in Omaha, and was active in the Masonic Lodge; he had one daughter, (Lucille (Mrs. Donald Hill) of Omaha, and grandchildren are Robin Hill, a Union Pacific representative of Omaha, and Linda Hill, who teaches in the Bob Jones University at Greensville, S.C.

Emma Reimers spent over 60 years as a practical nurse on baby cases, later taking care of elderly people. She had a son Gerald, a graduate of Iowa State University, who died in 1935; one granddaughter Geraldine (Mrs. Norman Gernhardt) of Fall Creek, Oregon; and two greatgrandchildren, Ronald and Diane.

Betty Reimers worked for eight and one-half years in the Marten's Merchantile Store in Manning before her marriage to Harry J. Ohm, a steel worker from Chicago. After he was seriously injured in a fall at work, they returned to Manning, purchased the home of his father Carson Ohm at 424 10th Street, and three acres, which had previously been bought from Hans Reimers. She was active in the Methodist Church, Bible Readers, and Woman's Relief Corps. They had two children, Richard and Dolores. Richard R., who spent six years in the Navy during World War II and was one of the few survivors of the battleship "Marblehead," is married to Mary Jane Ohm. They have a son Michael and daughter Michele (Ohm) Pratt, and two grandchildren, Jeremy and Alyssa Pratt, who live in Sacramento, California. Dolores Ohm married Edward Ramsey, who was co-owner of the Ramsey's Transfer. They have two sons: Leonard E., owner of the Coon Rapids Locker in Coon Rapids, is married to Marlene Horbach; their children are Mary Jo (Mrs. Tim Pedersen), Douglas, Sandra Lou, Gwen, Dana, and Jon E., deceased. Dennis Ohl farms north of Manning and is married to Joan Kloewer; they have nine children: Lori (Mrs. Jon Esdohr); Cherrie (Mrs. James Mohr); Christine, Vicki, David, Richard, Daniel, Ronald and Eric.

Betty Ohm lived to see five generations in both the Leonard and Dennis Ramsey's families.


Going to my first circus, when I was about 12 or 14. The tent was set up west of the Great Western Depot, where the city's pump station is now. The second time I got to go, the circus was at the Radeleff pasture, south of the Legion Hall.

There was a parade in the forenoon, with every act displayed. Some of the things scared us so much we'd be scared a week later, and other things we couldn't get enough of.

The town tried to get a circus to come every year, but it didn't always happen. When one did come, it was quite an education for the people, both young and old.

---Herman Lamp, age 88

Coon Rapids Locker

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John P. Reinhold (1849-1928) and Sophia Lutt (1862-1932) were both born in Germany. They met and married in Crawford County, in 1888. Sophia had one son, August (1879-1947), that took his new father's name. The products of this union were John Reinhold (1890-1944), Lou Reinhold (1892-1960), and Bill Reinhold (1893-1954).

John and his family farmed and also had a hardware store. In 1908 they purchased their home at 107 Center Street, Manning.

John was a field man for German National Insurance Company (1906-1924), was a member of town council (1914-1915), and a charter member of the Manning Schuetzen Verein.

August graduated from Northwestern University School of Pharmacy. He purchased a drug store in Manning with John Lewis known as Lewis-Reinhold Drug Store. He spent 41 years in this business. August was founder of Children's Day, active on Firemen running team, and a charter member of Manning-Manilla Country Club.

John Jr. graduated from Highland Park School of Pharmacy in Des Moines and owned drug stores in Arcadia and Audubon. He was married to Gretta West, had one daughter Rhoda, living in New Orleans, and one son John, living in Hanford, California.

Lou was a farmer near Manning. He married Florence Wilson and had one daughter, Virginia, living in Costa Mesa, California. He was on the firemen running team and was a catcher on the Manning baseball team.

Bill attended business college in Omaha and then became a bank examiner in Iowa; he also served in World War I.


August and Minnie Reinke

August Reinke was born in Bordenau, Hannover, Germany, March 24, 1887. In 1912 he came to America and settled in Manning. He followed his trade as a blacksmith and became highly respected as a businessman, who owned his own shop. It was located on the corner of Main and Second Street. In 1917, he married Minnie Stumpe and they had two sons, Elmer and Harold.

Minnie Stumpe Reinke was born in Bremenhaven, Germany, February 5, 1892, the daughter of Reinhard and Caroline Boeger Stumpe. She came to America with her parents and a brother, Fred, in 1893. Her father was a tinner and worked in the shipyards in Germany. He continued his trade in Manning, working for Kuhl and Vogt Hardware. Minnie became a skilled linotype operator for the Monitor office.

August Reinke died in the flu epidemic in 1920. His young son, Elmer, died of scarlet fever.

The blacksmith shop was sold to the new Independent Light Company; the VFW Hall now occupies the site.

Harold Reinke married Elaine Petersen, daughter of Carl and Olivia Petersen, Sr. They had nine children: Roger, Mary (Mrs. Dale Segebart), Vergene (Mrs. Richard Juergens), Karen (Mrs. Dave Riesselman), Helen (Mrs. Darrell Avitt), Duane, Donna (Mrs. Allen Campbell), Dale and Diane. They also have 12 grandchildren. Harold operates a salvage business in Manning.

There are three generations of Reinkes residing in Manning.


The O-C-O Road, the "Omaha Cut-Off" because it was the shortest route to Omaha, having several telephone poles on each mile, marked with these three large white letters painted on the poles vertically. This route, starting on old U.S. Highway 30 one mile south of Arcadia, came south past our farm place, through Manning, Irwin, and on to Omaha.

---Alice Grau


When the boys won the 1948 state basketball championship. That Saturday night was wild with horns, cowbells, hats, and other things thrown into the lake by the Sportsman Club; many people never got to bed that night. Then on Sunday, when the boys came home, we had a banquet at the Club, with Omaha and Des Moines news media there.

Before the boys left for the tournament, Shorty told them they'd be the champs and he'd give each a free T-bone steak when they won. We served 18 steaks that Sunday.

--Mrs. Frank "Shorty" Sextro

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Elmer Richards Family
William, Robert, Joyce, Elvia and Elmer

Elmer (Jake) Richards, son of Herman and Augusta Kempf Richards, was born Feb. 10, 1899, in Lindsey, Nebraska. He attended the Little Red School in Albion, Neb., and in 1928 came to Iowa where he worked on farms in this area. On Nov. 24, 1930, he married Elvia Struve, the daughter of John and Ida Puck Struve, and they moved to the John Struve farm where they lived until 1971 when they moved to Manning. They had three children.

Dr. Robert E. A. Richards and wife Jewelle have four children. They are Carrie (Mrs. Michel Tate), 1958; Curtis, 1959; Clayton, 1963; Carla, 1965; and one grandson, David Tate, 1976.

Dr. William A. Richards and wife Jackie have three girls: Billie, 1970; Jacklyn (Jay-Jay), 1973) and Holly, 1975.

Joyce married Joseph Vento and lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. They have two children: Marie, 1961, and Frank, 1963. Joyce works at the CBS TV station in New York.

Dr. Robert and Dr. Wm. are chiropractors and have an office together on Jorden Lane, Huntsville, Alabama.


Hans Peter Rix Family
Back: Ted, Alfred, Harry, Art; front: Peter and Minnie

Hans Peter Rix, born November 15, 1870, received his education in Stakendorf, Germany and came to this country at the age of 17. After working as a farmhand and then farming, he came to Manning where he became publisher of Der Manning Herold, a German newspaper. He also served as postmaster under the Wilson administration. After that he purchased the Manning Monitor, combined the two physical plants, and discontinued the German paper. He remained publisher of the Monitor until his retirement in 1945.

Wilhelmina Baack, born August 24, 1877, came with her parents from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany at the age of five. They both had come to the Westside area where they were later married. They observed their golden wedding anniversary in 1945.

Their children are: Alfred, deceased, married Elsie Schroeder, and they farmed before retiring. Their children are Donald, with public utilities in Albuquerque, N.M. before retiring, and is married to Donna Stanfier; Delores, Mrs. Art Kuhn, who are now farming; Allen and Larry, both with Standard Oil service, married sisters, Beverly and Dorothy Pickle, respectively.

Harry is married to Dorothy Kuhl. He was with the Monitor a short time, then clerked in the post office after which he was employed at the First National Bank until he retired. Their children are Rose Ann, Mrs. Elmer Daiker, and she and her husband manage the Carroll County Care Facility; and Lynn, in electrical construction in Chicago.

Theodore, deceased, was in the printing business all his life. After attending Iowa University he joined his father in the Monitor. He married Florence Schelldorf. Their son, Richard, has degrees from Iowa University and Iowa State University, and is the executive director of the Northwest Oregon Health Systems. He married Carolyn Dorsey of Oregon.

Arthur, after attending Iowa University, joined the Monitor staff. He married Ila Claussen, a graduate of Drake University, who taught school here for 16 years. After the family sold the Monitor, Ted went into commercial printing and was employed in the printing department of the University of Colorado. Art purchased the J. A. Lewis interests in the Lewis-Reinhold Co. He sold to his partner, O. R. Fink, in 1974, retaining the paint and wallpaper department, from which he retired in 1978 after 50 years in business on Main Street. They have daughters Diane, Mrs. Edwin Weitz, of Council Bluffs, and Karen, Mrs. D. K. Nelson of Arvada, Colorado.

There are 26 great-grandchildren.

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Arthur Rix and Ila Claussen Rix were both born in Manning in 1908 and 1909 respectively. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rix and Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Claussen, were also Manning residents.

They both entered the Manning schools in the same class and graduated in 1926. They are members of the Order of the Eastern Star and are over 50-year members of the Presbyterian Church. After Art attended the University of Iowa for two years, he joined his father and brother Ted in the Monitor Publishing Company. Ila graduated from Drake University and went on to teach high school English and Drama.

During the summers of his last two years in high school, Art played in several dance bands. One, the Joe Bauer Paragon Orchestra of ten musicians, booked out of Manning at the same time as Pete Kuhl's band, with whom Art experienced his first dance job while in junior high. The Paragon orchestra played mostly in Nebraska and South Dakota and broadcast from WOW every Monday noon. He was also a member of Bauer's Saxophonians, a quartette that made vaudeville type appearances for various functions in this area.

Later on he played with the Royal Dragons, a band of local musicians who worked at other jobs but played for dances as a sideline. His brother, Harry, was also a member of this band.

The dance craze of the 20's and 30's was paralleled with the popularity of the home talent show type of entertainment. Ila went this direction between college years and was employed by a company in Fairfield as one of a group of young speech and drama majors to stage home talent plays throughout Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska, sponsored by organizations for benefit purposes in their communities.

They were married in 1932 and are the parents of two daughters, Diane, Mrs. Edwin Weitz of Council Bluffs, and Karen, Mrs. D. Kent Nelson of Arvada, Colorado. Diane is a principal in a Council Bluffs elementary school and her husband is a representative of the Tipper-Tie Corp. They are the parents of Elizabeth (Mrs. Roy Engelman) and Edwin Carter. Karen is an assistant instructor in psycho-educational studies in the graduate department of the University of Colorado and her husband is a supervisor for the Fashion Bar chain of department stores. They are the parents of Kristin and Marc.

Art is a charter member of the Manning-Manilla Country Club and a past president of the Country Club, the Rotary Club, and the Chamber of Commerce. He also serves as vice-president of the Manning Community Hospital association and is secretary of the Manning Community Services Corp., and is a member of Manning's Low Rent Housing Board. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and of Za-Ga-Zig Shrine.

Spies Fur Co.

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February 8, 1944, Martha Halbur, daughter of Bernard and Margaret (Steffes) Halbur of Halbur, married Vernon Rohe, son of Walter and Elizabeth (Sibbel) Rohe of Templeton. They initially farmed five miles north and one mile east of Manning until February, 1951, when they purchased 212 acres of a 332-acre farm from Mildred Lyden three miles north and one and one-half miles east of Manning, where they presently reside. At that time, Hilbert and Agnes Eischeid purchased the remaining 120 acres; in 1968, Vernon and Martha purchased these adjoining 120 acres from the Eischeids, which put the farm back to its original state.

Vernon and Martha have eight children in addition to six grandchildren. Their first son, Duane, was born January 12, 1946. He married Edna Fehlau April 30, 1971, and they have three children: Jason (six), Darron (four), and Brandon (one). Duane is an Assistant Supervisor of Systems and Procedures for Union Pacific Railroad in Omaha.

August 25, 1947, Larry was born. He married Cathie Dick August 14, 1970, and they have one son, Jeff (eight). Larry is employed at Veterans Hospital in Omaha as a Surgical Technician and lives in Council Bluffs.

JoAnn was born September 24, 1951, and married Denny Rowedder, son of Lyle and Thelma Rowedder, Manning, June 10, 1972. They have a daughter, Jennifer, two. Denny is a manager for Postal Finance Co., and JoAnn is employed as a secretary for Peter Kiewit Sons' Co. in Omaha.

January 8, 1953, Allen was born. He attended Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs and was deceased November 15, 1972.

Linda was born October 2, 1954. She married Bob Sporrer June 7, 1980, and is presently a legal secretary for McGrath-North Law Firm in Omaha.

May 6, 1956, Mary Jane was born. She married Keith Stribe, son of Dean and Marge Stribe, Manning, May 28, 1977. They have a son, Nolan, one. Keith is a coach and physical education and life science teacher in Sanborn.

Daryl was born May 6, 1958, has attended Iowa State University in Ames, and is now farming with his dad.

September 1, 1961, Janet, their youngest, was born. She is presently attending the Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny.

Vernon and Martha are members of the Sacred Heart Parish in Manning.

Manning 4-H Cadets

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The history of the Henry Rohr family in Manning dates back to 1885. Henry Rohr had come from his native home in Bredstedt, SchleswigHolstein, Germany, in 1880 and first settled at Oak Harbor, Ohio.

In 1881 he came to Irwin where he lived until coming to Manning in 1885. Here he established the first shoe repair shop, a trade he had learned in Germany. During the subsequent years, he was a section man on the railroad, a sewing machine agent, and finally a lumberman. In that capacity he served as manager of the Green Bay Lumber Company for almost 40 years before his retirement. The Green Bay Lumber Company did a flourishing business in Manning until the 1960's. The original building still remains at the northeast corner of the intersection of Third and Elm Streets.

Henry Rohr was married to Marie Sonksen in 1895 and had the following 12 children:

Frieda (Mrs. Helmuth Wenzel), deceased, lived on a farm; Jessie (Mrs. Alfred Kuhl), deceased, was a teacher and her husband was in retail hardware; Wilhelmine (Mrs. Ernest Kuhn), deceased, lived on a farm; Karl B. Rohr farmed until retiring to Manning; Alma (Mrs. Herman Pahde) of Manning taught school and her husband was in retail merchandising; Martha (Mrs. George Feiseler) of City and her husband both taught; Helene (Mrs. Victor Schultz), of Lytton, was also a teacher and her husband was with Standard Oil; Delia, killed in a car accident July 4, 1929, was also a teacher; Henry Jr., deceased, was a contractor; Elsa (Mrs. Lester Rowedder), in Retail Hardware; Maria, died in infancy; and Lucia (Mrs. Marion Lund), of Dow City, also taught and her husband is with Western retail stores and is also a square dance caller.


Walter and Letty (Frahm) Rothmeyer live in Westside. He is the son of John and Lucy Rothmeyer; the family lived in Manning from 1944 until 1947. Letty, daughter of Edward and Elma (Petersen) Frahm, was born and raised at Manning, and graduated from Manning High School.

The couple was married June 2, 1951, at the Sacred Heart Church, Manning.

Their daughter Rae is in nurses training in Boone. Another daughter Reesa was a home economics teacher at Sandhilis Public School, Dunning, Nebraska, until her death.

Letty is a granddaughter of John Frahm, who was an owner of the Horseshoe Bar, the largest bar west of the Mississippi and a gathering place for many Manning residents.


Julius and Meta Rostermundt

Julius J. Rostermundt was born in SchleswigHolstein, Germany, April 20, 1880. With his parents John and Marie Rostermundt, his two brothers Jacob and Henry, and his two sisters Margaret (Petersen) and Lena (Meggers), he came to the United States on May 16, 1893, and settled near Manilla. The family later moved to Lyons, Nebraska where they farmed. The John Rostermundts came to Manning to spend their retirement days.

Julius was married to Meta Klevemann of Leigh, Nebraska on February 22, 1911. They farmed for nine years in Nebraska before moving to Manning in 1920. To this union seven children were born: John, Marie, Elsie, and Freda at Lyons, Nebraska, and Carl, Viola and Leo in Manning. They also helped raise grandchild Merlin Rostermundt.

In 1922 they purchased the dairy farm from C. H. Pruter. The family worked together to get the milk and cream delivered in town.

After the death of Mrs. Rostermundt in April, 1939, they continued to run the dairy farm until the fall of 1944 when it was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Dave Dalgety.

He purchased a home in south Manning and lived there five years before moving to Glendale, Arizona, where his son John and daughter, Mrs. Viola Gudykunst, lived.

The last two years were spent in a nursing home in Glendale, Arizona, where he passed away June 25, 1965, at the age of 85. Services and burial were in Manning on June 28, 1965.

In 1980, the seven children were all living. John, Phoenix, Arizona; Marie (Mrs. Fred Nulle), Manning; Elsie (Mrs. John P. Mohr), Carroll; Freda (Mrs. Albert Koenck), Manning; Carl, Manilla; Viola (Mrs. Gudykunst), Glendale, Arizona; and Leo, Englewood, Colorado.

Twenty-nine grandchildren, fifty great grandchildren, and four great-great grandchildren exist.

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Mr. and Mrs. Nick Rostermundt

The history of the Rostermundts in Manning begins with the birth of Nicholas Andreas Rostermundt on June 17, 1849, in Roesshusen, Suedar Ditsmarchen, Holstein, Germany. Nicholas came to this country in 1870 and farmed near Davenport. In 1875 he followed the Northwestern Line to Westside.

Land in Crawford County looked good to him; he broke ground and erected buildings on what is now known as the Claus Bruhn farm. October 29, 1880, he was married to Miss Johanna Claussen, who came directly from Luden, Schleswig-Holstein. They moved to Manning in 1886 and resided at Fourth and Ann Streets for 49 years. He was a charter member and director of the Schuetzin Verein. Eight of the ten children born to the Rostermundts died in infancy. Their two surviving sons were John and Harry.

Tragedy struck again in May, 1921, when their eldest son, John, was killed in a gasoline explosion at the hardware store he owned in partnership with Alfred Kuhl. John left his widow Helene (nee Weideman) and two daughters: Beatrice and Maxine.

Their second son, Harry, died in February, 1974, leaving a widow Augusta (nee Von Dohlen) and four children: Dorothy, Helen, Ruth, and Robert.

Nicholas and Johanna Rostermundt celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1930. Mr. Rostermundt died in 1935 and Johanna in 1943.

All grandchildren survive; they are: Beatrice Pavis, Arlington, Virginia; Maxine Binion, San Diego, California; Dorothy Buddin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Helen Smith, Marietta, Georgia; Ruth Kulick, Stone Mountain, Georgia; and Robert Rostermundt, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Karen Rowedder of Manning is the owner and operator of Karen's Beauty Shop at 112 Main Street, at the north end of the business district.

Karen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Rowedder, lived on a farm about six and one-half miles northwest of Manning and attended the rural school there. She graduated from Manning High School in 1957 and was a clerk in the A & G Food Store and the National Food Store for approximately four years.

Karen entered Thompson's Beauty School in Des Moines in September of 1960 and received her diploma on August 21, 1961. She opened her first shop on October 5, 1961, just west of the Mc Mahon Feed Store and later purchased the late Dethlef Vinke home where she now has her shop. The home was completely remodeled, providing a shop with the most modern equipment and pleasant surroundings as well as new living quarters.

Besides her everday business, Karen also does patrons at the hospital, nursing home and in private homes for those who cannot make the trip to the shop. Each year she attends beauty seminars, beauty supply shows and clinics to help keep up on all the new trends.

The Dime Store

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LeRoy Rowedder, one of six children born to John and Ella (Mordhorst) Rowedder, was born in 1924. He was born on the same farm as his father, located seven miles northwest of Manning, and attended the same country school as his father did before him, Hayes Township No. 7. He went on to Manning High School and graduated in 1943. LeRoy was drafted into the U.S. Army during World War II. Before leaving for overseas duty in 1946, he married Winona Jochimsen, who was then working in Omaha. Her parents are Herman and Ida (Ress) Jochimsen, formerly of Manilla and now residing in Manning.

Several months after being discharged from the service, the couple started farming. After 24 years they discontinued farming, and now reside in their home at 809 12th Street in Manning and work in Manning.

LeRoy and Winona are the parents of two children. Douglas, born in 1948, graduated from Manning High School in 1967, attended trade school and later entered the National Guard for six years. In 1973 he married Lola Stammer, daughter of Leslie and Ella Stammer of rural Manning. They now reside near Denison where Douglas has been employed in the automotive field for the past 12 years.

Linda, born in 1952, graduated from Manning High School in 1970 and married David Kuhn in 1970. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kuhn, rural Manning. Linda and David have two children: Jeremy, born in 1971, and Jessi, born in 1973. Both attend the Manning Community School. Linda and David farm south of Manning.


Mr. and Mrs. William Rowedder

As a young man of 17, William Rowedder bid his family farewell, leaving a sister and brother at their home in Hamburg, Germany. The sister later married Kris Lear and they moved to Priez, Germany.
William was born June 8, 1850, and now set forth to make a new life in the U.S.A. He settled in Scott County, near Davenport; here he met Anna Kall and they were married in 1878. Anna was a native of Schleswig, Germany, born September 11, 1861. She came to this country with her parents at the age of one, locating in Scott County.

Two years after their marriage, William, Anna and their first born son moved to Crawford County, locating on a farm one-half mile south of the Five Mile House. They lived here for three years, after which they purchased a farm two miles west and five miles north of Manning.

William and Anna raised many Hereford cattle and hogs. They constructed a large barn of cottonwood lumber, milled from cottonwood trees on their farm. This same barn was in use until 1971, when it was destroyed by fire.

It was on this farm that their family grew up; the children attended the same school, known as Hayes Township No. 7.

William and Anna were parents of six sons and six daughters. Ella died in infancy.
Louie died in England in 1918 while serving his country in World War I, at the age of 22.
Lena married Harry Wiese; children are Merle, Dewey, Victor, Gertrude and Melvin.
Amelia married Herman Schroeder; children are Lewis, Merlin, Kenneth and Norman.
Hilda married Fred Hansen; children are Alvin, Melvin, Fred Orren, Billie (deceased), and Bob.
John married Ella Mordhorst; children are Gilbert, Berdine, Leonard (deceased), LeRoy, Virgil and Joan.
Herman married Katie Karsten; children are Emma, Herbert, Elsie and Ivan.
Willie married Helena Joachimsen; children are Verna, Lester, Elmer, and Ione.
Henry married Christina Joachimsen; children are Elda, Lenora, Ruvilla, Ira, Glenn, and Lyle.
Emma married William Langbehn; children are Louie, Lloyd, and Gladyce; following William's death Emma married Frederick Langbehn, and they had a son Kenneth.
Lena married Harry Wiese; children are Lewis, Merlin, Kenneth, and Norman.
Julius married Margaret Vollmer; children are Dorothy, James, and Donna.
Laura married Peter Kasperbauer, and had one child, Cleo.

William died suddenly November 12, 1908, at the age of 58. In October, 1909, Anna purchased her home in Manning at 107 Sue Street, where she resided until her death August 31, 1927. Some years later her grandson Lyle Rowedder purchased this same house and is living there at the present time.

At this time, Hilda (Rowedder) Hansen is the only surviving child.

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Emil and Bernice Ruhde and children, Roxanne Collins and Russell

Emil Ruhde was born in Manning January 31, 1917, the son of Henry and Kathryn Ruhde. He attended school here and graduated in 1935. Bernice was born in Manning January 8, 1917, the daughter of Albert and Lena Jansen. At the age of 14 months, she moved with her parents to South Dakota and attended country school there. She came back to the Manning community in 1935.

On March 4, 1938, Emil and Bernice were married at Colome, South Dakota. They farmed in South Dakota for six years and returned to the Gray community in 1944. In the fall of 1945, they moved to Manning. They were both employed at the Raebel Produce for a year. Emil then went to work for Edward Hinz in construction. In 1963, he and Lyle Jahn formed a partnership known as Ruhde and Jahn Building Service.

The Ruhde's have a daughter, Roxanne Collins, of Sergeant Bluff, and a son Russ at home. Roxanne was born December 26, 1953 and graduated from Manning High School in 1972. She received her L.P.N. training at Iowa Western in Harlan. After graduation, she worked at St. Luke's in Sioux City for several years. On May 24, 1975, she was married to Randall Collins in Sioux City. They have a son, Stuart, born August 9, 1977.

Russ was born June 28, 1961. He graduated in 1979 and is employed at Manning Motors.


Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm Ruhde

Wilhelm Nicolaus Ruhde was born in 1853 in Lunden, Holstein, Germany. He received his education in Germany as a professional cigar maker. At the age of 19, he started a three year service in the German Army, was stationed at Luebeck and served from 1873-76 in the 9th Company, 2nd Hanseatische Infantry Regiment No. 76. In 1880 he married Johanna Claussen, also of Germany. Wilhelm continued his vocation as a cigar maker. In 1881 they came to the United States to reside in Davenport. In 1886 they came to Manning, then moved to Westside where he continued his profession. Later they resided at the Three Mile House for many years, caring for the hall and preparing the meals on dance nights. Dancing began early afternoon and lasted to wee hours of the morning. Johanna and her daughters served a hot meal at six o'clock and lunch at midnight. Later they purchased a 40 acre farm one mile west and one-half mile north of the Three Mile House, and from there they moved into Manning, into a home they purchased on Center street. They were custodians of the dance hall in Manning until it was destroyed by fire. When the Opera House was built, they continued their custodial work there.

They were blessed with six children: Peter, Bertha, Emma, Johanna, Rose, and Wm. They are all deceased, but several of their children are living in the Manning area: Lester Karsten, Edna Sonksen, Florence Schroeder, Elaine Struve, Wilda David, Arlene Spack, Harold Ruhde, and Dorothy Wiese.

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Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rutz and children Harold, Margery, Amos and Burton

Johann Erdman Rutz was born April 14, 1814, in West Prussia. His wife, Wilhelmiena Labenz, was born January 2, 1827, also in West Prussia. Frederich Albert, the fourth son of seven children, was born July 31, 1860, and immigrated to New York about 1880.

Frederich was married January 21, 1883, to Karoline Bogatzke, who was born in Palmarania January 10, 1854. They moved from New York to Audubon County where they took up farming. They were charter members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Lincoln Township; later, after moving closer to Manning, they were charter members of Manning's Zion Lutheran Church. Around 1900 they moved to Babcock, Wisconsin, and remained there.

Frederich and Karoline had six children. Fred, their third, was born November 2, 1887, in Lincoln Township; he moved to Wisconsin with his family, but later returned to Manning, where he was married to Rosa Wenzel December 23, 1914. Rosa was the daughter of Carl and Wilhelmine (Schwartz) Wenzel, who farmed near Manilla; her birth date was August 30, 1886. Fred was a carpenter in the Manning area; many of his houses and buildings are still in excellent shape today.

Fred and Rosa had four children: Harold, Margery, Amos and Burton, all of whom graduated from Manning High School.

Amos, born September 18, 1920, served in the U.S. Army. He was married April 14, 1946, to Doris Ramsey, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth (Campbell) Ramsey, born November 20, 1920. Amos owned and operated the A-G Food Store in Manning until 1965. Amos and Doris had five children: Steven, Bruce, Kent, Susan and Karl, all graduates of Manning High School.

Steven, married to Marilyn Engelken, New Vienna, Iowa, is presently the assistant principal at Cascade High School, Cascade, Iowa. They have four children: Troy, Stephanie, Jill and Julie. Bruce, married to Sally Drake, Buck Grove, is a mail carrier in Dubuque. They have a son Nate. Susan married Pat Healy, Story City, and is a receptionist at American Federal Savings and Loan in Des Moines. Kent and Karl live in Manning. Kent is the director of the Manning Community Center and Karl is employed by Rasmussen Construction.

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